Here’s Why Quizzes are So Insanely Popular

You know quizzes are popular, but do you know why quizzes are so insanely popular? Find out the reasons that people love quizzes!

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Lately I’ve had the distinct privilege of being a guest on several podcasts based around marketing. One of the questions I always get on these shows is “What makes quizzes so popular? why do people love taking them so much?”

At this point I have an answer that not only makes rational sense, but is actually backed by a lot of scientific research. There are two things that quizzes do which we cannot get enough of, and they are the things that keep us coming back time and time again.

#1 Quizzes let you answer questions about yourself – self expression

#2 Quizzes let you learn about yourself – self improvement

Let’s dig in and look at these.

First, the self expression point. TIME Inc did a study on our speech patterns, and found that 40% of the words we say in our lives are about ourselves. Additionally, we actually release a chemical called serotonin in our brains when we talk about ourselves, so in other words we get a “high” when we talk about ourselves.

Now if we take a step back and look at marketing in general, the tactics that most brands use (blogging, ebooks, videos, webinars, infographics, etc.) all of those methods don’t give an opportunity to people to talk about themselves, in fact it’s the opposite, with those channels you are being talked AT rather than talking about yourself. A quiz has the distinct ability to let people answer questions about themselves that are often quiz personal, and make us feel good.

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On to our second point, the fact that quizzes give you some information about yourself that is almost always positive is the second aspect that keeps us so enthralled. When we learn about ourselves it delivers the same positive feelings that we get when we talk about ourselves (there’s some narcissism involved here, you may have noticed).

When someone completes a quiz and their personality type or score is revealed, it is a self-reflective moment and an opportunity to know something additional about yourself.

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