How a Health Coach Engages Her Target Audience with a Quiz

Gaylene Gomez, health coach and owner of Compass Rose Nutrition, shares how implementing a quiz as a lead magnet has revolutionized her business. Discover how this personalized quiz helps professional women in their forties navigate the overwhelming amount of health information online while providing them with a customized plan for improved health. The quiz engages and warms up the audience, generating higher interest and conversion rates for Gaylene’s coaching programs. 

Join Compass Rose Nutrition on their quiz-powered journey to success!

Tell me about your quiz and what purpose it serves in your business.

I designed my quiz to help women get through the overwhelm of all the mixed health information online and to get clear on their best next steps. My quiz gives them a three-step personalized plan to gain energy and take charge of their health. 

Key Takeaway: Using a quiz can be a powerful tool in providing personalized and actionable recommendations for your consumers.

Who is your target audience, and how are they reflected in your quiz?

I work with professional women in their forties. They have tried lots of diets and are ready to build stronger health foundations and healthier long-term habits. 

Why a quiz? What problem has it solved for your business? 

I have other lead magnets that have worked well, but there is so much information online, I felt that offering another free resource with even more information wouldn’t help women in the way I wanted to. 

A quiz personalizes the results to what quiz-takers need at that moment. Plus, it makes the process more fun and allows quiz-takers and I to learn more about each other and see if they are a good fit for my coaching programs. 

Take a look at Gaylene’s results below! 

Key Takeaway: A personalized quiz can provide your customers with a tailored plan, helping them cut through the noise and take meaningful action toward improving their health. 

What challenges did you face during the quiz-making process that worked out or encouraged you to take a different perspective? 

My main challenge was being creative with the questions and figuring out how to map a plan that guided quiz-takers to the best result. Getting support and feedback was very helpful to get an outside perspective. 

Key Takeaway: Interact provides ample support for quiz-makers struggling with creativity. Don’t be shy to ask for help in the quiz-making process!

How has your business evolved since launching your quiz? 

My quiz has really helped warm up my audience. It’s not just another free thing—my extensive results pages give women something they can work toward, and they are eager to learn more from me and my programs. 

Key Takeaway: Implementing a quiz in your business can help warm up your audience and generate interest in your coaching programs. 

If we were to quote you on the Interact website, how would you describe what Interact has done for your business?

Using Interact for my quiz has allowed me to create something fun, professional, and well-organized that is easy for me and my clients to use. It sets me apart from other freebies on the internet by offering quiz-takers a personalized plan through an enjoyable process. Thousands of women have taken my quiz, and I would not have been able to do that without Interact!

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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