How agencies use Interact to create quizzes for clients

So one of your clients requests a quiz to be made, and then another and another. You look into building each quiz from scratch and all the feature requests start adding up to a huge project. That’s when you go searching for another solution on Google and (hopefully) find this article. Here at interact we’ve […]

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So one of your clients requests a quiz to be made, and then another and another. You look into building each quiz from scratch and all the feature requests start adding up to a huge project. That’s when you go searching for another solution on Google and (hopefully) find this article.

Here at interact we’ve worked with a bunch of agencies who have created hundreds of quizzes for their clients, each one as unique as the brand it’s made for. In this guide I’ll walk through the exact steps agencies use to successfully create excellent quizzes that put a smile on clients’ faces.

Part 1: Setting up an account

With Interact, you can set up an account as the agency and then create individual quiz campaigns for each client. Every campaign can have its own branding and design so it will be completely unique to the client it’s made for.

Choosing an account will depend on how much traffic your clients are receiving, make sure to account for the whole portfolio as you don’t want to go over the limit.

Once you have an account setup, you’ll get a dashboard view like the one pictured below that will give you quick stats on your whole portfolio of quizzes as well as individual quiz stats to keep your clients updated on how well things are going with their campaigns.

create quiz

Once you’ve got your own account, just click the “create new quiz” button to get started with each campaign.

Part 2: Creating a quiz

Interact supports the creation of two types of quizzes, multiple choice and personality. Multiple choice is going to be your standard “How much do you know about?” quiz and personality is your typical “Which (blank) are you?” quiz. We have guides on making those (click here for personality) (click here for multiple choice). For now though, we’ll focus on the most important features that are applicable to making quizzes for your clients.

Step 1, branding. The main thing clients want is brand continuity (we know, we used to be an agency). That means their quiz must carry their logo and branding or else it just won’t fly. That’s why we created the Interact quiz builder so you can edit all the main design and branding elements on each quiz individually (so it can be unique for each client).



This screenshot shows the design editor. You’ll have control over the logo (that’s in the bottom right corner), as well as the background color, font color, and the color of the big button that says “take quiz”. Check out the example below of a quiz made by an agency for that uses the design editor to make a landscaping-style design.

landscape 1

Step 2, content.

The second thing clients want control over is their quiz content. A good quiz can get hundreds of thousands of views and it’s very important to get the content just right so the client has a great experience with their quiz. With the Interact quiz builder, it’s easy to log in and out and edit the content until it is perfect. All you have to do is type in your questions and results.

quiz resuilts


This picture is a screenshot of the results portion of your quiz. As you can see each result or personality type can be edited with its own image and description. Interact supports image questions and image answers as well as images in the results. We’ve found that having relevant pictures makes a huge difference when it comes to social traffic and shares so you can make a quiz that chock-full of images.

bluehouse 2


This example created by BlueHouse for ColoreScience shows how to use images effectively in a quiz. They have one image that aligns with each quiz question and then use simple text answers to there’s not too much going on at once. This makes for a really fun but professional feel, which is exactly what the ColorScience brand is.

Step 3, linking out. 

A third thing clients find very important is the ability to have quizzes link back to their main websites. Quizzes get a majority of their traffic from social channels, and links get spread around, so it’s important to link back to the source so quiz takers have an opportunity to connect with the brand who created the quiz.

redalien 3


This example, created by Red Alien group for Kiss Communications has a link back to the Kiss website in each quiz result. For even better results, you can ask the client to provide a separate link for each quiz result so you can provide quiz takers with a personalized link depending on which result they get.

Part 3: Sharing and embedding for your client

This is the most important issue for nearly all of the clients we’ve worked with making quizzes. When quizzes get shared, it’s important that all the traffic from social shares etc. ends up on the root domain of your client. For example, if you are working with you want all the social share traffic to point back to a blog post or page on that domain where the quiz is embedded.

That way, when people are done taking the quiz they are right where they need to be to make a purchase, sign up for a newsletter, or continue checking out the brand.

In Interact, it’s easy to embed quizzes into any webpage (click here for a guide on that). Once you’ve done that you’ll need to change the link that gets shared on social sites to be that page where your quiz is embedded on the client site.

social link


Just paste the link into your Interact dashboard and it’s done. This can be repeated for every individual client. The end result will be that social shares point to a blog post on the clients’ website that has the quiz embedded. Just like this one below.

social redirect


Interact was built with agencies in mind, we work with many of the world’s top design and advertising groups and together we make clients happy with beautiful and custom-designed quizzes. As the agency you can sign up using our self-serve platform starting at $49 a month and provide a quiz service that looks like it costs thousands a month.

To get started, head to

Make Your Own Quiz For Free

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