How Art of Tea Optimizes Conversions in their Opt-In

Many points of the quiz funnel matter to the conversion, but getting people to actually enter their email address is the most important part. Email addresses are your most important online identification. It’s the window to everyone online. Today, we’ll cover how Art of Tea optimizes conversions in the opt-in form of their quiz!

The Art of Tea is a small business based in Tasmania, Australia. They were established in 2000 and are now one of the most long-established tea companies in Australia.

Let’s jump in!

Hot Quiz: Which Breakfast Tea is for You?

The Art of Tea’s quiz, “Which breakfast tea is for you?” lives on their website as an announcement bar. Once you click “Take this one-minute quiz,” it comes on the screen as a popup. 

Most people prefer this to regular popups because it’s less invasive to the website visitor. This also allows for your website branding to remain in the background.

The quiz is four questions long and takes about one minute to complete. The questions focus on your tea preferences to give you an accurate result. Before getting your result, you’re asked to opt in to get your result.

Then, you receive your recommended breakfast tea in your results! Each result shows a breakdown of your recommended breakfast tea and how to prepare it. Further down the page, Samantha Brown (owner of Art of Tea) introduces herself and her business.

At the bottom of the results page, you’ll find a Call to Action that leads to the actual product page for that specific tea so you can purchase it.

Why We Love This Quiz

Art of Tea’s quiz is quick to take with questions that focus on your preferences. If you’re new to breakfast tea, each question briefly explains why it matters so you can make the best choice. 

The main conversion point is in the opt-in form. Many quizzes can lose people in this spot if they don’t give a reason to enter an email address. Here you’ll find the opt-in form explains:

  1. Why are you asking for an email?
  2. What is the email address used for?
  3. How often will you send emails?
  4. What kind of emails are you sending?
  5. When can someone unsubscribe?

Lastly, when you get your result for recommended tea, it explains the contents of that type of tea and why it fits the quiz-taker’s needs. Furthermore, the direct Call to Action to the product page for this tea. This makes it an easy conversion from subscriber to immediate customer.

How to Optimize Conversions in Your Opt-in

Most quizzes leave the opt-in form untouched. However, this is the main point of subscribing a lead to a new subscriber! It’s important to optimize the language on this form to show the value of entering an email address so you can contact your new subscriber.

You can customize your opt-in form and have it conversion-ready in a few easy steps. Ask yourself the following questions when you get to this stage:

  1. Why should someone give you their email? What value are you offering?
  2. What is this for, and how often will you email?
  3. What are you sending, and when can someone unsubscribe?

Once you have the answer to these questions, you can craft your opt-in form copy. This can be edited and updated at any time if you find you’re experiencing drop-offs at this point.

Wrap Up

Email addresses are your most important online identification. Getting leads to become new subscribers by entering their email address is the most important part. This is why your opt-in form language in your quiz matters and how Art of Tea optimizes conversions in their quiz.

Art of Tea’s quiz accomplishes quick conversions by being quick to take with questions that focus on your preferences. Then they include specific language in their opt-in form to entice new leads to enter their email. This can be replicated by understanding the value you offer and why that matters to your audience. Plus, be transparent with what they’re getting and how they can opt out.

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