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Create your own quiz using Interact Quiz Builder

Quizzes can do amazing things. Drive traffic, generate new leads, increase your social presence – just to name a few. Here are Interact we get lots of queries from marketers who have heard about these great things but want to know how it all works. Quizzes are not the most simple form of content, they are probably the most complicated to be honest. In this post I’l be answering some of the big questions about the basics of quizzes – namely how the scoring system works, how you go about embedding quizzes into a website, and how quizzes get shared through social media.

Part 1: How the whole scoring thing works

One of the most difficult parts of quizzes is setting up a scoring system that works. Spoiler alert – quizzes (specifically with personality quiz – remember when Ellen didn’t get herself on a queen of comedy quiz?) Even so, here’s a quick explanation of how the scoring works.

For personality quizzes.

With personality quizzes you start by writing the different personality types. Once you’ve got them created, it’s time to create the questions. For each question there will be several answers. Each answer will add one point to a different personality type. At the end of the quiz, the personality type that got the most points will get shown.

For example.

My different results are:




Question 1 is:

How fast can you run?

A. Basically the same speed as a bullet (cheetah)

B. Not that fast, but I can still beat you up (lion)

C. Pretty fast, but I also have the reflexes of a cat (tiger)

Each question in the rest of the quiz would be set up like question one, and at the end whichever big cat got the most points from answers would get shown as the result. here’s what that will look like when it’s all said and done.


Scored quizzes (definitive answer)

These quizzes are morel like the kind of quizzes you had in school (but hopefully that aren’t so dang difficult). The scoring for these is much simpler. Each question has several answers, and one of those answers is correct. When you are creating the quiz, all you have to do is check the box for whichever answer is right.

The results will display a score as well as which answers you got right and wrong (that part’s optional) Check out an example below.

results scored

How they get onto your website

The next part of quizzes that gets confusing is how you go about embedding them into your site. If you’ve worked with wordpress to a large extent or done work with embed codes before, disregard this section – if not, welcome.

To help paint the picture of what’s happening when you add a quiz to your site, let me explain what’s actually going on. When you embed a quiz on your site, it’s actually taking a web page that’s hosted on our servers and adding it into the middle of your page. (don’t worry, we can’t take over your site or anything weird like that).

So what happens is you grab a piece of code that looks like the one below, then copy and paste it into your site as html. In wordpress, you press the “text” button at the top of the post or page builder, and most content management systems will have an option to copy in html.

embed code

How they get shared on social media

Unless you’re not on Facebook (I applaud your effort if you aren’t), you’ve seen someone posting quiz results that look like this.

banana cake



These quizzes have officially infested social media, if there existed a task force for social media pandemics, now would be the time to call on them. The “secret” behind why these quiz results get shared so dang much is much simpler than you’d think. Really there are two reason; first, each result is specifically about the quiz taker and we like sharing things that are about us, it makes us feel good. Second, each time a result gets shared, it also encourages other people to go and take the quiz themselves since the quiz title is like a self-contained call to action.

Setting this up when you create your quiz is really simple, what ends up getting shared goes like this “I got (my result)(title of the quiz)” all you have to do is come up with clever ways to name your results.

So that’s it, I did my best to answer some questions that I get asked a lot. Hopefully this cleared some things up for you about how quizzes work and you’ll be able to get up and running with your own quizzes soon.

Create your own quiz usingĀ Interact Quiz Builder



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