How Esker dialed product market fit with a body skin type quiz

Esker is a skin care brand for “the skin below the chin” and they created a body skin type quiz to recommend products to their website visitors and social followers. The quiz accomplishes the goal of increasing list growth and sales by providing a personalized experience to every visitor. But it also gathers important data to inform product market fit.

body skin quiz esker

How the quiz gets emails and sales

Esker features their quiz on their website in the top menu and also as a button on the home page. This lets people who are curious to know their body skin type see the quiz and not have to go digging for it.

quiz call out on website

They also feature the quiz on their Instagram link in bio so any of their followers who are curious can see the quiz as well.

Esker quiz link in instagram bio

If a visitor or follower chooses to take the quiz, they are asked 6 questions to determine their body skin type. The questions are the same questions that Esker would ask people in person to find out their type.

body skin quiz question esker

After the 6 questions there is an opt-in form if people would like to join Esker’s email list. This opt-in form integrates with Klaviyo so leads are automatically added and segmented.

body skin quiz opt in form esker

Then the quiz taker gets an explanation of their body skin type and a button to view products that match their type.

body skin quiz results esker

When the quiz taker clicks the button to see products they see a full selection of products for their skin type.

body skin quiz product recommendations esker

A few key takeaways from this Esker body skin type quiz

  • Personalized product recommendations convert 288% better on average
  • Customers who are recommended a product are 78% more likely to repeat a purchase
  • 68% of people who start a quiz finish it in on average

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How the quiz dials in product market fit

For Esker in particular, they used their product quiz to dial in product market fit. The first question of the quiz is “What’s your age group?” and where they initially though most people would be younger, it turns out their audience skewed on the older side.

body skin quiz age group question esker

This was super valuable information, and changed the products that Esker developed and who they were marketing to. The best part is people wanted to answer that question and were incentivized to answer honestly so they could see their quiz result.

Conclusion: Product quizzes = Growth + Data

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