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Interact is a platform for creating quizzes, but those quizzes are really a means to an end, and the end is a new contact your business can sell to. The quiz is simply a medium that attracts attention and keeps attention in order for you to generate a qualified lead who has agreed to receive communications from you.

Interact effectively turns strangers into contacts, so you can reasonable get in touch with people who have opted in through your quiz. This step is vital to business success because opted-in contacts are 28 times more likely to continue communication with you than cold contacts are to start communication with you. In other words, getting someone’s permission to start sending messages makes a massive difference.

That part, getting permission to send marketing communications, is exactly what Interact quizzes excel at. We take strangers who have never heard of you and turn them into acquaintances who are interested in learning more.

The graph below shows how exactly our product integrates into your marketing funnel. Most people use Facebook ads or Google ads to drive people into a quiz, and the use marketing automation to follow up with leads that opt-in through the quiz. We integrated with both the ad platforms and marketing automation systems so you can simply plug in the quiz to start getting results.

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