How some real estate agents are winning at lead generation using quizzes

Lead generation is tough in any industry, but especially real estate. Find out how real estate agents are using quizzes to generate leads!

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Competition for leads in the Real Estate space is ridiculous. A friend of mine (who is one of the most friendly people I know) decided she wanted to become a real estate agent and got her license. I was sure she’d instantly be successful and be a top agent, but after about six months she gave up and moved on.

I don’t know the exact reasons for her lack of success, but I do know that if she couldn’t pull it off it must be extremely difficult to find qualified leads in Real Estate.

Her story is my inspiration for creating this guide. You see, we’ve had several real estate companies achieve amazing results using quizzes to generate leads, and I want to walk through an example with you so you can use the same method to bring in hot leads for your real estate business.

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Each of the brands listed above used an Interact quiz to bring in qualified sales leads, and given how new and exciting quizzes are, this gave them a distinct advantage over the competition. One of the major reasons for the success of these quizzes is their strong affinity for being shared on social media. It’s pretty difficult to make lead generating content that is worthy of sharing, but quizzes pull off that combination with ease.

Without further ado, let’s look at an example from Million Dollar Listing’s Josh Flagg. His quiz brought in 3400 new leads in the form of email subscribers who could be nurtured along into long-term customers – we’ll break down the exact method used here so you can do that same thing.

How to make a lead generation quiz for Real Estate

1. Make it interesting and useful

Remember the part about these quizzes getting shared on social media? The key to making that happen is a topic people really care about and find useful. For Real Estate, you can basically use the same exact quiz all the time.

“What’s your (blank) style?”

So you could do “What Kind of Home Buyer are You?” “What’s Your Home Style?” “What’s Your Business Style?” the thing to think about is what your potential customers are into. Now Josh Flagg knows that his audience is really into business, so making a quiz about business style is perfect. The quiz done by Century 21, however was “What’s Your Home Style?” which fits in better with a broad home buying audience.

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2. Establish a connection

Inside a quiz you can have a conversation with people. This is absolutely unique to the quiz format, and a beautiful thing when done right. The main thing you want to get right here is just sounding human. Sometimes that means being a bit goofy, sometimes that means being a little crass, whatever it you have to do to establish a connection with the quiz taker, do it.

The questions of a quiz are where you have to build up enough of a relationship with the person taking the quiz to justify asking for an email address at the end of the quiz. Since you have very little time that’s why I recommend being almost overly friendly.

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3. Be straightforward when asking for information

Now we get to the good part where you actually bring in contact information for people who can turn into customers. There are exactly three keys to a strong lead capture form within a quiz.

  • Tell them why to subscribe. “to see your results and become a real estate guru” this is pretty compelling. If I’m trying to learn from Josh Flagg and his quiz tells me that he’ll teach me if I opt-in, I’ll want to opt-in.
  • Tell them what you’ll be sending.¬†This opt-in form tells me I’ll get one email a week, which is much better than not saying anything at all. One email per week is not that much, and if I’m interested in the content I’ll happily subscribe, but if you don’t say anything at all I will wonder when you are going to email me and how often.
  • Tell them it’s optional.¬†There’s an obvious skip option here, which is critical to your success. If you force opt-ins that opens up all kinds of issues, but if you let people skip, you know that anyone who subscribes is really interested in getting your emails.

real estate lead capture form

4. Illicit an emotional response

Extensive study has shown that we basically just share things that we have an emotional response to. Those emotions could be fear, happiness, elation, surprise, or a bunch of others. The key is to make people feel something when they are interacting with your content and that will lead to more sharing.

The absolute easiest way to do this with quizzes is by making people happy. Since you are giving the quiz taker an assessment and at the end are writing a paragraph or two about that person, you have the power to make them happy, sad, or downtrodden based on what you say about them.

It seems a bit ridiculous, why would anyone care that much about a quiz result? However, look no further than the string of comments right here for some *very* strong reactions to quiz results.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 6.23.12 PM

People are furious about the results they got on this quiz, which is just a silly and fun piece of content. The point I’m trying to make here is that quizzes have the power to make people respond with emotion, and you can use that for good. Take for example, the Real Estate quiz we are following, here’s a short excerpt “You don’t stop until the job is done. Your clients appreciate that you don’t stop until you’ve made the sale (or purchase).” Wow! that feels really good, even if you don’t really know me, you said kind things about me.

The key to getting more social shares is to be really nice. The results of this quiz were shared more than 600 times, and that’s not by accident.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 2.14.24 PM

5. Follow up to continue the conversation 

A quiz is a conversation, but a short one, and on the internet people forget conversations as quickly as they have them. that’s why it’s absolutely crucial to follow up via email shortly after the person takes the quiz and continue the conversation.

That’s exactly what Josh Flagg did with his quiz, a few minutes after I took the quiz he sent me an email asking what kind of Business Personality I had, and it was a great continuation of the quiz.

Screen Shot 2015-04-08 at 5.41.22 PM

Real Estate is a tough business, if my friend couldn’t make it, I wouldn’t even dare try – but to those of you who are brave enough to stick it out and be successful, I salute you and hopefully this guide provides some actionable help so you can make your own lead generating real estate quiz.

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