How Teacher Career Coach’s Compassionate Quiz Captures an Audience

Leaving the profession you spent years getting a degree in can feel challenging. That’s why we love Teacher Career Coach’s compassionate Quiz, “What career outside of the classroom is right for you?” This article highlights how compassion, understanding, and genuine helpfulness can help you get conversions.

Daphne Gomez is the owner and coach of Teacher Career Coach. She is a former teacher turned instructional designer, podcaster, and career coach. Daphne works with a team of former teachers and HR experts to bring teachers actionable advice and career transition tips.

Let’s take a closer look at how Teacher Career Coach’s compassionate quiz captures an audience!

Hot Quiz: What Career Outside of the Classroom Is Right for You?

teacher career coach's quiz on home page

Daphne’s quiz is front and center on her home page, so it’s one of the first things people see. The quiz is titled, “What career outside of the classroom is right for you?” and promises “a breakdown of your strengths plus career recommendations based on your answers.”

The career quiz is embedded into a landing page and includes nine questions about skill strengths. Each question is clear and relatable and resonates with its target audience. Daphne does a great job at being helpful before selling her services, making her quiz friendly and approachable. 

The opt-in form copy is terrific with the confirmation, “Your Potential Career Path Is In!” and includes a reminder that you can opt-out anytime. This reminder helps ease quiz-takers into entering their email address. 

Daphne’s results page is redirected and starts by thanking quiz-takers for sharing their email address and taking the quiz. Her approach is to be helpful before making a sale; however, she has a low-ticket offer at the bottom of the results page for quiz-takers ready to get started. 

Why We Love this Compassionate Quiz

When thinking about how Teacher Career Coach’s compassionate quiz captures an audience, consider how Daphne’s career quiz takes a different approach from other career quizzes we’ve seen. It helps a niche audience transitioning or looking to transition to other careers. It’s a sensitive topic that needs special care, and Daphne’s quiz handles it well. 

Her quiz focuses on understanding her clients’ skills before making suggestions by: 

  1. Taking the position of being helpful before making a sale;
  2. Being friendly and approachable;
  3. Allowing quiz-takers to answer complex questions by prioritizing only one answer;
  4. Asking relatable segmentation questions that help determine the outcome without being obvious

When suggesting major transformations, like career changes, your quiz should be clear and concise. Daphne’s quiz does a fantastic job of relating the answer choices to skills that characterize alternative options. It remains helpful and understanding (not judgemental). 

The quiz is also well displayed on the front page of her site, which is imperative when the quiz functions as the lead magnet to the sales funnel. It’s branded perfectly to her colors and fonts, making the process seamless and integrated. 

How to Create a Compassionate Quiz for an Instant Conversion

how to use compassion and helpfulness in your quiz graphic

When working with a sensitive topic in your industry, it’s essential to consider the customer first. Think about your customers’ struggles and anticipate their needs before marketing your offer. Instead of “How can my offering change my client’s life,” consider “How does my client’s life change when they work with me?” This change in perspective puts your audience at the forefront of everything you do. 

For your quiz, start with inviting messaging. Daphne reminds her audience frequently that they don’t have to go through a career change alone. Ask relevant questions that focus on core meaning. In this case, Daphne focuses on skillsets to figure out potential career changes for her audience by tapping into their feelings to understand where they are coming from. 

Lastly, be concise. Draft a quiz that is straightforward throughout the entire experience, from the quiz questions to the results page. Don’t use confusing language or pushy “sales” tactics. 

Wrapping Up

Showing compassion in a quiz is easy and will help your audience. Use an approach that puts your customer at the forefront of everything you do—especially in your lead-generating quiz. 

Daphne does this in her quiz by focusing on her client’s skillset before making any suggestions. And when she does offer a suggestion in her results, she helps her audience before marketing a low-ticket offer at the end. 

Draft a quiz that helps your audience with their transformations with inviting and relevant language! 

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