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1. Add a new blog post or page to your Squarespace site

The gist of what you’re going to be doing is adding the giveaway embed code from interact into a code block inside of a blog post or page on your Squarespace website. You can add it to either a post or a page, for the purpose of this tutorial I’m going to show you how to add the giveaway as a code block to a Squarespace blog post.

squarespace 1

2. Copy the Giveaway embed code from Interact

Our giveaways embed through an iframe. At this point in the setup process you’ll need to navigate to Interact and copy the embed code from the giveaway you wish to embed into your Squarespace page or post.

squarespace 2

3. Add a code block to your Squarespace blog post or page

Now go to your new page or post and select the “code” block

squarespace 3

4. Paste the Giveaway embed code into the code block

Paste in the Giveaway embed code you copied from Interact into the page or post in Squarespace.

squarespace 4

5. Publish the Blog Post or Page for the Giveaway to be live on your Squarespace site

Now publish the page or post and the giveaway is live!

squarespace 5


Create a giveaway for Squarespace at

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