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Adding a pop up quiz to Squarespace is a straightforward process using interact + Squarespace. It’s a matter of adding the interact promotions script into Squarespace under the header area so the pop up will run.

Note: If you haven’t created a quiz yet, go to interact quiz maker to do that before starting this guide

1. In Squarespace, navigate to “settings”

The process starts in Squarespace, where you’ll need to go into the menu and select “settings” to begin


2. Then Click “Advanced”

“Settings” will open a sub-menu and from there you will click on advanced


3. Click on “Code Injection”

You may need to scroll down to see it


4. Now you’ll open a “Code Injection” dialogue box inside of Squarespace


5. Navigate to “Use as Popup on your Website”


6. Copy the promotions script from interact


7. Paste the promotions script from interact into the Squarespace Code Injection box


8. Now your pop up is live on Squarespace!

It will run according to your settings as stipulated inside of interact


For customizing the look of your pop up and also choosing what pages of your site to show it on, click here for our guide on interact pop ups

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