How to Brainstorm Your Quiz Strategy

Ready to start on your quiz? Check out this method of how to brainstorm your quiz strategy to make a quiz that works for your business!

Make a Quiz that Works Now

If you’re anything like me, you like to know exactly what you’re getting into before investing any of your time to a new project. This post is written to simplify they way a quiz gets created and lay out the pieces so you can use your creativity to build your own quiz rather than thinking about how it gets set up.

Here we go.

1. Starting Place: Decide who your audience is

The first thing you need is to know who you are trying to reach with your quiz. If you are a sales consultant, you sell to salespeople, if you are a jewelry store, you sell to jewelry buyers, if you are a coffee shop you sell to coffee drinkers.

2. Figure out what the different personalities of your audience are

There are always different personalities within your audience. If you’re dealing in fashion this is the difference between the classical fashion person and the eccentric individual, if you’re selling to salespeople this is the difference between the networker and the social media guru. You want to determine 4 distinct personalities within your audience that will be the results of your quiz.

3. Write your title

It goes in the format of “What Kind of (Insert Audience Name) Are You?” So “What Kind of Salesperson are You?” or “What’s Your Jewelry Style?” the title changes slightly based on grammar but the concept stays the same.

4. Create 7 Questions with one answer choice for each of your audience personalities

Now write seven questions designed to filter people into the right personality depending on how they answer the questions. Each question should have one answer choice that matches with each of your audience personalities (the results of the quiz.) That way when you create the corellations for your quiz you will be matching the answer choices to the results directly, which is how personality quiz scoring works in the interact system.

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Make a Quiz that Works Now

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