How to come up with a great quiz

Looking to make a great quiz that people want to take? Check out these tips from AFAR magazine on how they make great quizzes!

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On, quizzes have proved to be a strong tool to engage and develop our audience. This engagement, of course, can only work if you have a captivating quiz idea that speaks to your audience’s interests.

In order to keep topics relevant and fresh for readers, we often look to content already being created for our print magazine. The best examples of this can be seen in our Where You Should Go In 2015 & What’s Your Spirit City quizzes.

where to go quiz

The “Where to Go in 2015” package ran in the Jan/Feb 2015 issue of AFAR Magazine. This content was already being created for the magazine and, and it’s a reliably strong performer each year, so we thought that repackaging it in quiz form was a good strategy.

First we looked at all the content in the “Where to Go” package. Our editors handpicked 32 must-visit destinations around the world for travelers this year, so we selected six of the features with strong, diverse themes to use in a personality quiz:

Food in Osaka, Japan

Adventure in Indonesia

Off-the-grid trip in Maasai Mara, Kenya

Family trip to Chicago

Art trip to Paris

Wellness retreat in India

destinations quiz result

I built the quiz with those specific destinations in mind as the end point. Each question was broad enough to appeal to a wide audience, but specific enough that people could relate to each answer; ultimately leading them to their destination. I wanted to make sure people could answer the questions without having to think too hard, or feel like they were being interrogated. Questions like “My dream travel companion is:” or “Your idea of a perfect day includes:” allowed us to narrow down exactly what the user likes and dislikes.

Within the results, I then added links back to the content on Because users were already excited and captivated by where they should travel in the upcoming year, this allowed them to explore their results deeper. They could even start using our online trip planning tools to plan their 2015 trip (or be inspired by a different destination on our list). 

This quiz, although first created for the Jan/Feb issue, is still very popular on social media, generating more leads and page views than we originally expected.

In addition to quizzes related to magazine content, we have a series of trivia-based quizzes, with topics like currencyairport codes, and what you can carry-on to a plane.

For these quizzes, we brainstorm topics that test travelers’ knowledge, like what city corresponds to which airport code, or what country uses a certain currency note. We found great success with these quizzes because they are short, fun, and allow people to boast about their travel smarts. We also analyze how the quiz performs and track comments on social shares because listening to our audience helps us build good content. For example, when we launched our first airport code quiz, we heard from many of our fans that they wished it was international, so, naturally, we created one with international airports next.

The best way to ensure your quiz will do well, is to

  1.  Choose an exciting/enticing topic
  2. Make sure the topic is relevant to your audience
  3. Give people results with helpful information (and ways to learn more)


4.  Add pretty pictures to help captivate your audience!


Create a Great Quiz Now