How To Come Up With A Quiz Idea For Your Business

Need help coming up with the best quiz for your business? Here you go!

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99.9% of interact customers have never made a quiz before.

One of the biggest questions is “What Do I Make A Quiz About?”

I’m going to walk you through the most basic method for setting up an effective quiz for pure beginners.

We’ll go in steps (no skipping, you must go in order).

Step 1: Who is your audience? Describe them in 1-2 words. 

I’m not talking about what kind of companies you sell to or what industry you’re in, I want to know who the people are that you sell to. I’ll give some examples.

1. A B2B Software Company: “Marketers” – if you sell into the marketing department

2. A Fashion Company: “Fashionistas” – if you sell to high fashion folks

3. A Boutique Digital Agency: “Business Owners” – if you sell to small businesses

4. A Travel Magazine: “Travelers” – duh

5. An Enterprise Security Software Firm – “IT Workers” – if you sell into the IT department

What you have to do here is put yourself into your customers’ shoes, who are they? Marketers, Fashionistas, Business Owners, Travelers, IT Workers, the list goes on.

Don’t move forward until you have this nailed down and it’s two words or less. No skipping.

Step 2: Craft your quiz title

The template is “What’s Type Of (Blank) Are You?” where the (Blank) is your audience description from step one.

Let’s try it.

1. What Type Of Marketer Are You?

2. What Type Of Fashionista Are You?

3. What Type Of Business Owner Are You?

4. What Type Of Traveler Are You?

5. What Type Of IT Worker Are You?

These are all really appealing quizzes, and they reach your target audience, and they draw people in, they are perfect.

Sometimes you’ll need to adjust the ordering of words so they make sense, but this workflow guarantees you get a quiz that attracts the right audience, every time.

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Josh Haynam

Josh Haynam is the co-founder of Interact, a place for creating beautiful and engaging quizzes that generate email leads. Outside of Interact Josh is an outdoor enthusiast, is very into health/fitness, and enjoys spending time with his community in San Francisco.

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