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interact plus mad mimi

With Interact, it’s easy to integrate your Mad Mimi account to start funneling new leads into your system. To get started, pick a quiz category and specific quiz that matches your needs. This just takes a couple of steps as outline in the image below. Modify the quiz to match your writing style for best results.

part 1

Once you’ve got your quiz set up, it’s time to connect with Mad Mimi. We’ve simplified the process to just a couple of steps for convenience. In the quiz-creation process there is a step to connect with your email list. Select Mad Mimi from this list and click ‘sign in.’ You’ll be prompted to enter some information that can be found within the api section of your Mad Mimi account.

how to find your mad mimi api key

That’s it! It takes just a few minutes to get all set up with Mad Mimi and Interact, you can now start collecting leads that will funnel directly into your Mad Mimi list of choice!

If you have questions please contact for prompt service. Get started with your first quiz at

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