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GetResponse is a great platform for sending off newsletters to your customers or subscribers. Let’s walk though how you can connect your Interact account to GetRresponse so you can automatically send your leads to GetResponse to send them emails right away.

Connecting Interact to GetResponse

Open up the quiz in Interact that you want to connect to GetResponse. In the ‘Email’ section, select ‘Yes’ when Interact asks if you would like to use the quiz to collect emails.


After clicking ‘Sign In’ you’ll be prompted to give your API key.


Getting Your API Key

1. From your GetResponse Dashboard, navigate to “My account” -> “Account Details”


2. Click on “GetResponse API” on the left side menu and copy field labelled “My secret API key”


Disabling Double Opt-in

1. From your GetResponse Dashboard click the settings icon in the top right next to “Your current campaign”


2. Select “Permission” from the left side menu and make sure the checkbox labelled “API subscriptions” is unselected


Once you have your API key, go ahead and input it in the box back in Interact and click Connect API.


After you click, you’ll be sent back to Interact and you’ll see a list of Get Response lists. Select the one you want to connect to the quiz.



Once you select your list, you’ll see it as connected above your Email form editor!



Now that you have your list connected, let’s see what that looks like on the Get Response end.

In your dashboard, you’ll see how many subscribers are in your list, and stats on your latest email.



If you head over to ‘Messages’ up in the top navigation and click on ‘My Newsletters’ you’ll see your recent newsletters and have the option to see other stats about your emails that are sending out.



If you click on the title, you can see even more options on things you can you do with your newsletter.



Now that your Interact account is connected and feeding leads into your GetResponse newsletters, run some other A/B test options that they give you and experiment a bit to see what can drive you the most customers!


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