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Connect your Interact account to Hootsuite so a stream of all the apps you create in Interact is available at your fingertips for sharing via Hootsuite. This guide will step you through adding the Interact stream to your Hootsuite account:

Install the Interact Hootsuite App

1. In your Hootsuite dashboard navigate to “App Directory” located in the left sidebar:



2. Search for “Interact” and when you have found the app that is shown below click “Install App”



3. After installation, select the “Interact Apps” stream to add to your Hootsuite dashboard.


Connecting Your Interact Account

1. Once you have added the Interact Apps stream to your Hootsuite dashboard you will be prompted to login with your Interact credentials. If you do not already have an Interact account, you can click “Create one now” to sign up for an Interact account:



2. Once you have successfully logged in, you will be shown a stream of your Interact apps! It is that easy!


Share Your Interact Apps via Hootsuite

1. Once you have successfully connected to the Interact stream, you can now share any app instantly by hovering over an app and clicking the icon shown below:



2. The app title and share URL will be populated into the Hootsuite Message composer which you can then use to send your app to any of your connected social networks! You can even schedule them to be sent at a future date!


As always, feel free to reach out to if you have any further questions.

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