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Mail Chimp is an excellent platform for blasting emails to subscribers to your newsletter. Let’s talk about how you can connect the leads you gained from your Interact quiz to your Mail Chimp account and use them to send emails to potential buyers or users of your product.

Connecting Mail Chimp to Interact

After I’m done creating my quiz, Interact will ask if you want to use your quiz to collect emails. Select Yes.

In the top left, you’ll see the Mail Chimp Icon, go ahead and click on it, and then click ‘Sign In’


You’ll be directed to Mail Chimp’s website where you’ll be prompted to sign in with your Mail Chimp credentials. Go ahead and do that, then click ‘Log In.’

NOTE: Make sure you have a list already set up in your Mail Chimp account that will be assigned to this quiz.


You’ll be taken back to Interact after you login, and you’ll see a list of ‘your lists’ from Mail Chimp. Choose the one you want to send your leads to.


After you select your list, you’ll see it come up above the email editor form within your quiz editor.


After that you can continue editing your quiz to share and collect leads!

Of call the things you can do with Mail Chimp, we think it’s a great idea to set up campaigns to email your new leads as they sign up, and set up follow up emails that are automatically sent to them after a certain amount of time. We advise companies to explore the different options they have to follow up with leads, so get exploring and see how far your leads from Interact can really go!


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