How To Create A Coffee Quiz: Generate Leads And Personalize Your Product

Looking to create a coffee quiz for your business? Learn how to generate leads and personalize your product in this post!

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 It is one of my goals in life to become one of those coffee connoisseurs who knows the difference between Brazilian and Guatemalan beans, but for now I rely on other people to tell me what coffee to buy. There are 130 million coffee drinkers in the USA alone. That means there are millions of other clueless coffee consumers out there like me. Us confused coffee lovers need guidance, and that is where your quiz comes in. A quiz on your website turns these bewildered buyers into confident clients.


A quiz will serve you in two major ways. First, it will personalize your product for customers which has been proved to significantly increasing sales; second, it is a quick and simple way to generate leads. It is ridiculously easy to create a quiz that will cater to your goals; there are just 13 simple steps you can follow to produce a witty, entertaining, and highly effective quiz for your website.

Creating Your Quiz: The Process

Step 1: What Kind Of Quiz Do You Want?

You have two options, multiple choice or personality. “How much do you actually know about coffee?” is an example of a multiple choice quiz; and “Which coffee should you actually be drinking?” is an example of a personality quiz. With witty questions and positive well thought out results either style of quiz can be highly successful.


Step 2: Choose Background And Font

It is important to put some thought into background and font color. We have all had the unfortunate experience of visiting a website that thought that yellow font on a orange background was a good idea. The goal in this step is to make your quiz look simple and appealing to the eye. A light background should be paired with a dark font color, and vice versa. You can also strategize with color combinations. I chose a light yellow background and a black font, these are two colors that work together to create an easy to read quiz.


Step 3: Upload A Cover Photo

Choosing a cover image can be tricky. To make sure the image is clear, it is recommended that the image is 900×400 pixels. You also want to pick an image that matches with the content of your quiz. I chose a picture of smiling coffee because it made me happy; and also because it tells whoever is going to take my quiz that it is about coffee and it will be fun to take.screenshot3

Step 4: Insert Your Logo

Putting a logo on the quiz is a easy way to increase your company’s visibility.


Step 5: Come Up With a Catchy Title And Description

You get to have a little fun with this, so try not to overthink it or make it too serious. Using a short quippy description tells people that your quiz is light hearted and intriguing. The title, “Which coffee should you actually be drinking?”, tells you exactly why you should take the quiz (you could be drinking the wrong coffee!) and what you will get from taking the quiz (someone telling you the right coffee to drink). Quizzes are everywhere, it is the quality of a quiz title and description that will set it apart and pull people in.


Step 6: Write Fun Questions

Come up with 8-12 unique questions to keep people interested in your quiz. Good questions will be the motivation for people to share the quiz with friends. For a coffee personality quiz questions such as “How many cups of coffee do you drink a day?” will be easy to correlate with accurate results. Image questions should be mixed in with text questions to keep the quiz from becoming boring. Pick a pattern, color, flower questions can be used sparingly to add a fun fluffy question to the experience.


Step 7: Create Specific Results

Here is where you get to match customers with products to increase sales. A quiz for a company that specializes in coffee has an advantage because most people are like me- they love coffee and want to learn more about what is available to them. With each result include an image of the matching product (recommended size 700×400 pixels). In the description, write a brief summary for the product and why the customer fits this specific item. Add a link to the item at the end of the description.


Step 8: Correlate Questions To Results

If a person answers that they need caffeine to survive, match that answer with a strongly caffeinated coffee blend. If the person taking the quiz is honest with themselves while taking the quiz they should be matched with a result that they agree with, which is really a fun experience for everyone. From personal experience, I am much more likely to share a quiz with my friend if my result was scarily accurate.


Step 9: Use Quiz To Generate Leads

Select a provider to send collected emails to. You can also opt to download Excel spreadsheet containing collected emails.


Step 10: Customize Your Call To Action

Here is where you decide what information you want from customers and how you are going to get them to give it to you. “Enter your email to see your results!” is a straightforward heading. For your subheading you can add any bonus that a person will receive if they type in their email; free newsletters, access to the latest deals, or coupons for new products are the perfect things to put in your subheading. If I just spent three minutes taking a quiz and it won’t let me see my results without putting in an email, I will probably just exit the tab and move on. That is why you want to give people the option to skip this step, this creates trust between them and your company and they will be much more likely to take the few seconds to put in their email.


Step 11: Edit Social Share Settings

This function allows you to control where people are directed to from your quiz.


Step 12: Embed Your Quiz

Select your desired height and width for your quiz and use the generated code to embed your quiz into any site.


Step 13: Follow Up Communication Is Key

If you are one of those people who cannot stand lists that end in uneven numbers, you are out of luck because this is the final step; however, it is also the step that takes the most strategy and time. Turning a list of emails into a list of paying customers is a daunting task; but it is possible, and it can be simple. Using the results customers received to personalize their follow up email will show your customer that they are being treated like an individual, not like a name on a mass email list. If a customer received the result “You Are Supposed To Be Drinking Dark Roast Coffee”, you can send them coupons for dark roast products, links to blog posts on your website about the difference between dark and light roast, the list could go on and on. And when you finally run out of ideas, you can use this article that gives you 71 (free, awesome, and actually usable ideas) and get creative with your lead follow up.


If you are still having trouble visualizing what the quizzes look like in action, a coffee company based in Norway has created a quiz that is a perfect example. Fun fact about Norway: in 2008, they knighted a penguin. The quiz is titled, “Hvilken type kaffe er du?”, which means “What type of coffee are you?”. The quiz has questions like “How do you start your day?” and “What is your personality type?”. Based on your answers it gives a result plus their phone number, email, and a link to their website.

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The hardest part of success is taking the first step (or something like that). To take your first step in creating leads and then turning those leads into paying customers, make your quiz now!

Make a Coffee Quiz For Free!