How to Create a Digital Product Quiz with ChatGPT

If you’ve been following Interact’s most recent content, you know that we’ve been creating a variety of new quizzes with ChatGPT. This blog will show you how to create a digital product qui with ChatGPT! 

This step-by-step guide will help you engage your audience and elevate your marketing strategy using a fun, interactive, and informative quiz. 

Let’s get started! 

Getting Your Digital Product Quiz Prompts 

To get started on creating a quiz using ChatGPT, you’ll want to start with the correct prompts. We know that prompt design is an important aspect of making the process seamless and faster. And we have already designed prompts for our readers to help you create a digital product quiz with ChatGPT!

We recommend copying and pasting the prompts from the blog post each time you make a quiz because we update the prompts based on the latest version of ChatGPT.

Once you scroll down in the blog, select the type of quiz you want to make:

We’re making a personality quiz because the different answers that someone selects in the quiz will relate to a specific quiz result. Once you click on “Personality Quizzes,” you’ll see all the prompts you need in order:

The prompts are in the purple blocks, and the highlighted text within the purple block is a modifier. Replace the content with your own information to make your quiz. 

Using the Prompts in ChatGPT to Create Your Digital Product Quiz

Adjusting the OpenAI Playground Settings

Once you are in OpenAI playground, adjust your setting to the following: 

Inserting Your Quiz Title 

On the left—in the “system” section—is where you should paste the prompts from the blog post:

This is where we tell AI the title of the quiz. 

Digital Product Quiz Outcomes 

Paste the prompts one at a time, and then submit the prompt. AI will give you the output and quiz content in the middle of the screen—this is the “assistant section.” 

These are the outcomes or results that people would receive from this quiz. For this quiz, we get three possible outcomes: 

  1. Online Course Creator 
  2. Digital Content Producer 
  3. Membership Site Owner 

Asking Your Digital Product Quiz Questions 

After you have your results, you’ll ask the quiz questions. The prompt will look like this: 

Now, you can absolutely change the number of questions you ask in your quiz. You can also change the number of answers each question has—this is the multiple choice your quiz-takers will select from.

We recommend having the same number of answers per question as the results that you have in your quiz. There are three results in this case, so there are three answers per question.

Quick Note: To reiterate, these prompts can be copied and pasted from our blog post: Make a Quiz with AI (ChatGPT 4)

In the assistant section of ChatGPT, here is what the quiz question output will look like:

The answer score in this output comes into play when you create your quiz logic in your Interact account. With a personality quiz, you want to correlate the answer someone chooses to the result they should get. 

ChatGPT will tell you what that correlation looks like. If someone chooses Answer A, then they should go to the result “Online Course Creator.” If someone chooses Answer B, they should go to the result “Digital Content Producer.” If someone chooses Answer C, they should go to the result “Membership Site Owner.” 

Writing Your Opt-In Form Information 

After you have all your quiz questions, ask ChatGPT for your opt-in form information. When someone finishes taking your quiz, they will see an opt-in form where they can subscribe to your list. You want the content on the opt-in form to compel quiz-takers to subscribe.

Here is the prompt for the opt-in form: 

Here is the output from ChatGPT: 

Let your customer know what they should expect by signing up. Ideally, your customers will sign up because they want to receive content from you. This specific quiz is for somebody looking to make more passive income and turn their passion into profits. 

The quiz will give that person three different ways to achieve their goal. If you’re telling them in the opt-in form to join your email list for tips and resources to make more money online during their digital product journey, then the right people looking to do that will want to subscribe. 

Let’s take a look at the final prompt! 

Summarizing the Quiz Into a Short Description 

Now that ChatGPT has written your entire quiz, you want to summarize the quiz into a brief

description. This will go on your quiz cover and explains why somebody should take

this quiz.

Here is what you will receive from ChatGPT: 

Adding Your Own Voice to the Quiz 

If any of the AI-generated content doesn’t sound like you, exercise your creative muscle and edit the text. You can replace specific questions and answers with better options you know your customers want. For example, if you know asking your audience a certain question will help you understand them better, go ahead and include it. 

Even though AI can write an entire quiz for you, feel free to embellish and update it based on how you talk—you know best what you want to get out of your quiz. However, you shouldn’t spend too much time doing this, because when used correctly, AI will do an excellent job of writing in your voice. 

Let’s take a quick look at another outcome: 

You can totally let ChatGPT get you started, and then embellish the content to match your voice. This is how you can get your quiz directly related to your brand. When you add your own language in the “system” section of the playground, AI will write out the entire quiz in a way that aligns with how you talk and write. 

Key Takeaway: We encourage you to add your own spin and flair to the outputs from ChatGPT. However, if you do this in the earlier prompts of the quiz-making process, AI will do a really great job of writing the entire quiz in your voice.

Building Out Your Quiz in Interact 

Once you’ve followed all the ChatGPT prompts from the Interact blog post, the next step is to add this information to your Interact account so you can start using this quiz. You’ll need to know what to copy and paste and where and how to set up the logic for this quiz.

Once you add all the information into your Interact account, your quiz cover page will look like below: 

The opt-in form appears after the quiz-taker answers all the questions: 

Below is where someone will subscribe, and afterward, they will see their result: 

This result explains why they got “An Online Course!” but we highly encourage you to add the next steps for them, so the quiz creates a relationship you can keep growing. 

Ask yourself, What would you like the person who got this result to do next?

Your job is to guide them in that direction. This can be as simple as adding context on your results page and telling them to check their email because you just sent some resources.

Wrap Up on How to Create a Digital Product Quiz with ChatGPT

If you’d rather Interact make a quiz for you, head over to our new AI Quiz tool and add your website and any quiz ideas you already have. Type in your email and hit “Make my quiz,” and we will be in touch with a quiz for your business!

Editor’s note: This article was originally a transcript reworked by Sophia Stone, Interact Marketing Intern.

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