How to Create a Jewelry Quiz with a Template

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Looking to give your online jewelry business a boost? There’s a quiz for that! 

But seriously, creating a jewelry quiz could be the perfect way for you to generate leads, sell more products, and build your email list. You can also use a quiz to make product recommendations and link directly to your e-commerce website. 

With this step-by-step guide, you’ll be well on your way to creating a jewelry quiz that will take your business to new heights! Let’s take a look. 

Table of contents:

Step 1: Choose a jewelry quiz template and copy it into the Interact builder

The beauty of creating a quiz with Interact is that you never have to worry about creating a quiz entirely from scratch! Unless, of course, you’re into that, then by all means, let your creative juices flow. 

In this case, to keep things simple, let’s create a quiz using one of our 150 industry-specific quizzes. If you’re just beginning, click on the Quiz Templates feature on the homepage, toggle over to Jewelry Quizzes, and start browsing. From there, get a feel for which one might be the best fit for you to work from. 

Once you’ve chosen a template, head to the Interact builder, toggle over to the left, where it says, “What industry are you in?” and select “Jewelry.” Then, click “Use this template” to load the pre-built Jewelry quiz template to your Interact account.

For this tutorial, let’s use the quiz template, “What style of ring do you need on your finger?” 

Pretty simple so far, right?! Now, let’s take a look at customizing your quiz to match your brand or business. 

Choose a quiz template

Recommend your products and sell more jewelry with a quiz

Step 2: Customize the quiz template 

Now that you’ve selected a quiz template, it’s time to customize it to fit your brand! 

There are a number of ways you can customize your quiz—from colors to fonts and everything in between. 

When it comes to editing the template to fit your business or brand, consider: 

  • changing the background color to match your website or brand colors 
  • adding your logo (if you’re on the growth plan, this is an option!) 
  • swapping the cover image to match one that fits your business
  • updating the fonts to match your website or social media collateral 

How are you feeling so far?! Still a piece of cake? Now that you’ve customized your quiz template to match your unique brand, let’s get down to the nitty-gritty and edit your quiz questions. 

Step 3: Edit your questions and correlations 

Depending on the nature of your jewelry business, you may need to make some changes to the template questions. For example, in this case, maybe you sell sunglasses and not rings—you’ll want to tweak the questions and logic so that they make more sense for your product. 

Here’s an example of a segmentation question you might change to match your business: 

Hot tip: You can easily customize inside the builder. Simply hover over the text fields and swap with your chosen content. 

And remember, depending on how you tweak the questions, you may need to change your correlations so they pair with the right result. Below is an example of how this looks inside the builder: 

Make sense so far? Remember, you can always add questions and omit anything that doesn’t quite align. We typically recommend 7 to 10 questions for personality quizzes, consisting of 4 to 7 situational and engaging questions and 2 to 3 segmentation questions. If you need a little refresher on adding questions to your quiz, refer to this section of The Quiz Course

Okay, you’re on track here! Now that you’ve edited your questions, you’re ready to modify your results. Let’s dive in.

Step 4: Modify your results to match your brand 

The next step to customizing your jewelry quiz is to modify your results to match your brand. This part is arguably the most important (and fun) part of the process—you’re letting your audience know who you are and what you’re offering. It’s also where you can embed links to your products and make specific recommendations based on a quiz-taker’s results. 

Once inside the results, you’ll want to do the following: 

  • Edit the resources and freebies so they match your own (or you can omit this part altogether). 
  • Edit the bio to let your audience know who’s behind your extraordinary jewelry business! 
  • Add tags to your products or embed links to your e-commerce store or additional landing pages where you want your customers to go. 

And remember: your results should accurately reflect the quiz-takers’ answers. The results are where your audience goes to feel seen and validated, so make sure your copy reflects that! If you need a little extra support in writing your results, refer back to this section of The Quiz Course!

So, what’s left!? You’ve done the hard work of customizing your jewelry quiz to match your brand; now it’s time to build that list and generate some leads! Let’s connect your quiz to your email marketing platform! 

Step 5: Connect your email integration

This is where the magic happens! Now that your quiz is complete, you can integrate it with your chosen mailer. 

Interact integrates with over thirty different email marketing platforms, so your quiz leads can be automatically added to your existing system. This makes it a piece of cake to segment leads based on which quiz result people get, and it allows you to get that much more specific with product recommendations. Win-win! 

How do you integrate with your chosen platform? Easy! Simply toggle over to “lead generation” inside the builder and switch it to “on.” Then you’ll be prompted to customize your opt-in form and connect to your chosen mailer.

And don’t worry if you’re scratching your head on how to set up your mailer; there’s a whole section inside The Quiz Course to help you get through it without breaking a sweat. 

There you have it, folks. If you’re looking to drive traffic to your e-commerce site, generate leads, and boost jewelry sales, a quiz is an excellent way to do it. Remember to have fun with it! Let your personality shine and keep it light so your audience has an experience they’ll remember. Let us know how it goes!

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