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Make a quiz for your brand at tryinteract.com

Quizzes are viral. Buzzfeed, Zimbio, and The New York Times have all shown that you can bring in 100′s of millions of visitors with quizzes, and they continue to dominate social feeds. However, I’m going to argue that all that traffic is useless if you don’t do something with it.

Today we’re going to look at exactly how YOU can create a quiz for your company and use it to bring in qualified sales leads and actually sell products. This is great stuff, check it out.

Part 1. Design it to match your company

Using third-party tools to create content (like quizzes) can be scary if you work for a corporation because of the fear that you won’t be able to abide by brand guidelines. That’s why we’ve built interact to be customizable to your style needs.

branded design quiz


a. Branding

With Interact you can put your own logo in your quiz, effectively making it white-labeled. This is crucial for any brand continuity to exist.

b. Style

You can also customize the colors of the quiz to match the overall look and feel of your site. A little freebie – if you use a picture of one person as the cover photo you’ll be in a bracket with quizzes that get twice as many hits, on average.

Part 2. Create content to engage the audience

The way you title your quiz and write the questions has a huge impact on how well it ends up performing, let’s look at the important elements.

a. Title:

The title is the deciding factor for 80% of people when they are considering whether or not to check out your quiz. Take it seriously, follow these templates.

1. “Which (blank) are you?”

For example “Which Dog are You?” titles that contain the three words “which” “are” and “you” (like this one) get more than twice the hits on average, in a study of 1,400 quizzes made with interact.

2. “The Celebrity Title”

Like “Which Celebrity Should You Marry?” Quizzes with the word “celebrity” in the title get 10x the hits of an average quiz. This is partially due to the fact that a lot of entertainment and news sites make these types of quizzes, but it’s still telling.

3. “How much do you Actually Know About?”

Like “How Much do You Actually Know About Iran?” Adding the word “Actually” yields a 50% boost in hits on average. This template is perfect for any multiple choice quiz.

b. Questions:

The questions of a quiz are magical. You get to have a real (albeit scripted) conversation with every single potential customer, where else do you get that opportunity? Nowhere, that’s where. Here are three tips on writing good quiz questions.

quiz image question

1. Inject personality

We, again, did a study, and found that using words like “you” “I” and “we” in your quiz results is highly correlated with getting more visits and shares. That’s because we use words like that in our real lives, so it makes sense to use them in a quiz.

2. Use Images

All 100 of the top 100 quizzes created with interact have at least one image question in them. That’s pretty telling that you definitely want to have images in your questions.

3. 6-10 Questions

Our online attention spans are two minutes (I know, a bit sad right?) but that means you want 6-10 questions in your quiz, which is the amount someone can answer in two minutes.

Make a quiz for your brand at tryinteract.com

3. Set up lead capture to drive value

Quizzes going viral is great, but if you want to build lasting value from your quiz, include a lead capture form. With interact, this form comes up between the questions and the results, and can be either optional or required. This form has an average opt-in of 50% across all of our quizzes, and we’ve helped brands bring in more than 1,500,000 leads with quizzes, here are three tips to get in on that action.

quiz lead capture

a. Offer Value

Yes, you are “gating” the results of your quiz with the lead capture form, but you should also offer some other form of value. This can be an exclusive discount, a free download, or personalized advice.

b. Tell people how you’ll be contacting them

Give your new contacts an exact picture of how often you’ll be contacting them and how. This build some trust first and foremost so the relationship gets off to a good start.

c. Integrate with your marketing automation system

Interact integrates with all the major marketing automation and email marketing programs. Connect your up so the follow-up happens automatically.

4. Craft results to increase your reach

Quiz results are where you get the opportunity to go viral by having your audience share their personality and get friends to take your quiz. Here are the three things to get right on the results.

quiz results


a. Be nice without lying

75% of the tweets originating from quizzes contain positive trigger words like “great” “awesome” “innovative” etc. People like to share things that make them look good, that’s called the “self-serving bias” and it’s a proven psychological principal. Be careful though, don’t lie to people or it’ll be obvious.

b. Use great images

Quiz results get shared like “I got (my result)(title of the quiz)” with the image from the particular result included in the share. Make sure you have great images in your results. (and shares with images get clicked on 18% more :)

c. Include personalized calls-to-action

Personalized calls-to-action convert 42% better than regular ones, use that to your advantage and include a link in each quiz result to learn more about your personality or purchase products based on your interests.

5. Follow-up to close sales

Once you collect emails with your quiz, you can use automation to follow-up in a personal way to each person based on the personality your quiz recommended for them. Here’s an ideal sequence for that.

a. The “Thank You” email (immediately)

The first thing to send out for brand new subscribers who came in through a quiz is a simple “Welcome” or “Thank You” or just an acknowledgement of who the person is by their personality.


b. Send out personalized suggestions (3-5 days in)

A few days after you collect a person’s information, send another email with personalized suggestions for them based on their personality from the quiz.


quiz emails

c. Tell people why you exist (7-10 days in)

The third email should be a story of one of your customers or of the founding of your company and why it exists and what your core mission is.

d. Call to action – close the sale (12-17 days in)

About two weeks after collecting information, send an email with a call-to-action to make a purchase, bonus points if you personalize this based on their personality.

quiz follow-up


That’s all you have to do to make a quiz

We know they are popular and viral and all that good stuff, but this guide shows exactly how to harness that popularity and turn it into something that actually generates leads and sales for your company. Give it a try and don’t be surprised if the results shock you.

Make a quiz for your brand at tryinteract.com

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