How To Create A Quiz Opt-in On Your Website

Using a quiz as the main opt-in on your website is a new and incredibly high converting way to get your website visitors into your marketing funnel and turn them from strangers into paying customers. We created this guide to take the mystery out of how you can create your own quiz opt-in on your website.

Introduction: Creating A Quiz Opt-in on Your Website

I had an amazing conversation with an interact customer yesterday about how to set up a quiz as the main opt-in on her website and connect it up to all of her marketing materials in order to bring in new leads but more importantly create a marketing funnel that drives sales calls for her business. I was inspired by it and decided to write this post to outline how you can set up a quiz to be the main opt-in on your website and use it to build your list, segment your audience, and in time drive sales.

Below is a graphic of what we’ll cover and then we’ll break down each step with instructions for what to do.

Adding A “Take Quiz” Button On Your Website

The standard for using a quiz on your website is to place a button front and center that links to the quiz which you’ll embed on another page within your website.

In the example to the right, the pink button says “Take My Free Quiz”

Now let’s pause for a moment and talk about the strategy behind your quiz opt-in. What you’re actually doing is providing an abbreviated version of your new customer consultation (if you’ve been in business for any amount of time you have had a bunch of these consultative calls where you talk with a potential new customer and figure out how you can best help them).

However, no one wants to click a button that says “Take my consultation quiz” so what you do instead is translate your consulation into a personality quiz. I wrote a full post on coming up with a quiz idea but I’ll give you the cliffnotes here.

So let’s do a hypothetical. Let’s say you’re a business consultant to creative entrepreneurs. Your typical onboarding consultation consists of you asking a bunch of questions about what stage of business the person is in and what their current biggest struggles are.

You would then make a quiz titled “What Type of Creative Entrepreneur Are You?” (side note: every opt-in quiz should fit into the format of “What Kind of (Blank) Are You?”). In that quiz you’d ask the same consultative questions you would if you were talking to a potential new client for the first time, but instead of showing quiz results that directly say what you can do to help them, you figure out what their entrepreneurial personality is based on their tendencies. (For example, if you ask a question like “What’s Your Biggest Fear? and someone answers “security” then that means they’re more of the “Calculated” personality type)

Then, once you’ve shown someone their personality type you can show “strengths” and “weaknesses” which is where you put in the “results” of your consultation, the ways in which you can help this person.

So it’s a personality quiz but in the personality types you point out ways you can help each personality type. 

Creating Quiz Questions Like A Mini Consultation

What kinds of questions do you ask on your quiz opt-in? You ask personality questions like “What’s Your Ideal Work Environment?” or “What Color Best Represents Your Personality?”

How in the heck do those relate back to offering a useful consultation to your potential new clients?

Here’s how you can connect seemingly useless personality-type questions back to real consultative usefulness.

Let’s do an example. Say you ask “What Color Best Represents Your Personality?” on a quiz called “What’s Your Creative Entrepreneur Type?” now you know that brighter colors are probably more outspoken type of people and you know that darker colors are more reserved. You’d connect the brighter colors to the more outgoing personalities and the darker colors to the more laid-back personalities.

Now in your personality outcomes you’d know that if someone is more outspoken they might need more assistance with administrative tasks or with creating content, the types of things that take more personal time and individual efforts. On the other hand, someone who is more reserved might need more assistance with tips on networking and sales.

Based on what you learn about someone’s personality type you can offer personalized suggestions for ways you can be of assistance.


-You should write 5-10 questions for your quiz opt-in

List of Quiz Questions

How to Write Quiz Questions

Setting up an Opt-in form before the quiz results

At the end of the quiz, before you reveal what personality type someone has, you can present an opt-in form that asks for information to see the quiz results.

This form should say two things.

1. Enter Your Email to See Your (Blank) Type

2. And Get Perosonalized Resources On How To Maximize The Potential Of Your Personality

That is it, no more no less, the purpose of this form is to tell people that if they opt-in you will not just show them their personality type now, but also help them make improvements in the future based on which personality type they have. This is exactly what you are going to do, and exactly how you eventually bring your quiz takers on as clients, and it’s also the thing that people want – personalized advice to solve the problems they struggle with on a daily basis.


Writing an opt-in form that converts at 50%

Showing Quiz Results Right on Your Website

Once someone opts-in through your quiz a lot comes into play.

The first step is to show them their quiz results right away, and we recommend redirecting from the quiz to your own landing pages (other pages on your site where you create the quiz results).

The reason we recommend this for opt-in quizzes on your site is that you can provide much more thorough and in-depth results using your own landing pages instead of directly in the quiz results.

On these results pages you do the work to translate from a personality type back to the ways in which you can be of assistance to each type of personality based on the answers to your consultation questions.

To do this you can present “challenges” the person may face, strengths and weaknesses they might have, and the ways in which you can be of assistance based on those results.

I have a quick acronym for writing quiz results.

S: Specific – be specific and use the answers to the consultation questions to make the results more personal

P: Positive – make everything a good thing, even if you’re lacking in some areas for each result

F: Funny – don’t be too serious, you can deliver the same message without being over-bearing and it will be much more well-received


How to Write Quiz Results

Segmenting Your Email List Based on Someone’s Result

In the background, as you are showing people their quiz results on their website, you can set up an integration with your email marketing system so new opt-ins go straight to your list and are segmented based on which quiz result they get.

What you end up with is something like the illustration to the right where each result type (personality) gets put on a different list or sequence or is tagged based on their quiz outcome.

Setting up your quiz to segment your audience this way will allow you to continue a personalized approach to your marketing funnel as you continue with your automation sequence and sales pitch to each person.

Personalized email marketing has an ROI of 122% according to emarketer, and segmenting based on quiz results certainly counts as personalized email marketing.

Email Automation Campaigns Unique To Each Result

After you get the opt-in you send a personalized automation campaign that’s unique to each quiz result/personality type.

These emails do the work of nurturing your new leads and showing that you really can be helpful to people after they opt-in.

We have a recommended follow up email sequence for quiz leads

It goes like this:

1. Send their personality type by email right after someone opts-in

2. Send the other personality types by email along with a resource for the personality type you are*

3. Send tips for the personality type you are*

4. Send a call to action (sales) email to book a consultation or buy something

*For these “personalized” resources what you can do if you don’t want to spend the time creating all new content for each personality type is simply pitch existing resources you already have created in the context of the personality type someone got.

For example, if you have a “Resource Guide For Creative Entrepreneurs” that you want to send out for the “Artistic Entrepreneur” you don’t have to create an entirely new resource, you can simply focus on the parts of the resource that apply to Artistic Entrpreneurs and link to the Resource For Creative Entrepreneurs.

Pitch Your Sale to Each Result Type in A Unique Way 

In the fourth email of your sequence you make the “Sale” which can be for a full consultation with you, a strategy session, or to actually make a purchase – whatever the next step in your process is.

You will personalize the sales email to each personality type so you are addressing people based on their type and explaining how you can be useful to them in their own world.

This is the end of your quiz opt-in marketing funnel but you can continue nurturing leads that have not converted at this point with regular newsletter or email marketing.

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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