How to Create a Relationship Quiz—and Generate a TON of Leads

Have you ever wanted to create a relationship quiz? 

Good news—you’re in the right place! Relationship quizzes are a fun way to find your strengths, weaknesses, and wants in a relationship. You can make one for your business or just for fun. 

Plus, they’re classic! Who else remembers taking a relationship quiz in Seventeen magazine? 

Relationship quizzes are here to stay. In this guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about them—what they are, why you should make one, and how to do it. 

Are you in? Great! Let’s get started. 

Table of contents: 

What’s a relationship quiz? 

A relationship quiz asks a bunch of questions about your current, past, or future romantic relationships. Most of them look something like below: 

image13 21

So why do we take them? 

Let’s face it: We, as a society, are obsessed with love. For example, single people may want to find out who their future partner is; people in relationships might want to know if they’re meant to be with their partner; married people might want to learn how to keep their relationship in tip-top shape. 

Sure, these quizzes are about your partner or future partner— but they’re also about you. Relationship quizzes help you discover who you are as a partner and what kind of person you should be with. 

Now do you understand why relationship quizzes are so popular? They help people in all stages become aware of their habits. 

So, why should you create one? 

Why should you create a relationship quiz? 

If you’re a life coach, marriage counselor, or anything in between, then a relationship quiz will help you reach certain business goals, like: 

Attracting more clients—Nobody likes to feel pressured to do something, right? The last thing you want to do is push people to buy your services right away. 

This is where your relationship quiz comes in. A quiz is a friendly approach to finding new clients. When a new user takes your quiz, they’ll learn something about themselves AND look at you as a reliable source. 

Getting more web traffic—One of the most important parts about ranking high on Google search is standing out from the crowd. What makes you different from others in your industry? And why should an online user click on your website over the others? 

Your quiz will differentiate you from everyone else because it will focus on your audience. You get to share your insights in a fun, quick, and creative way. 

Selling more services—The more leads you generate with your quiz, the more services you’ll sell. You can even create a quiz marketing funnel and guide your quiz-takers to your service. 

And if you want to create a relationship quiz for fun, that’s cool, too! Our Interactive quiz software offers a risk-free trial, so it’s easy to make a quiz for your partner or friends. 

So now you might be wondering, how do I choose a relationship quiz topic? 

How to choose your relationship quiz topic 

If you google “Relationship quizzes,” you’ll see a long list of lovey-dovey quizzes. But which kind of relationship quiz should you create? 

Some of you might already have a topic in mind, but others might be thinking, I have NO clue where to start!

Here’s the thing: Your relationship quiz is a marketing strategy. You’re using it to reach your goals, and your quiz topic should reflect that! 

To get started, ask yourself the following three questions about your quiz strategy. 

1. Who’s your targeted quiz audience?  

The first answer to pop up in your head might be your standard target audience. But your standard audience is different from your quiz audience. 

Your standard audience knows who you are, what you sell, and why you sell it. But your quiz-takers don’t know much about you at all. This is why you’re creating a quiz in the first place: to introduce people to your business. 

So when brainstorming topics for your relationship quiz, consider what will attract your quiz audience. What questions do they need answered? How can you organize these questions into a quiz? 

Once you answer these questions, it’ll be easier for you to narrow down your list of potential topics. 

2. What do you want to get out of this quiz? 

Keep your end-goal in mind when you make your quiz. You might want your quiz-takers to download an e-book. Or maybe your goal is to schedule 100 consultation calls. 

For example, let’s say you’re a mental health coach, and you want to help your clients improve their outlook on relationships with a new online course

In this case, a quiz about relationship patterns and habits would work better than a short Buzzfeed-like quiz

3. How long will your quiz be available? 

If you’re creating a quiz to boost a sales launch, choose a topic that specifically relates to your launch. If you want to create a long-term quiz for your website, choose a broader topic related to your services in general. 

Let’s go back to the mental health coach example. 

Let’s say you want to promote an online course about improving relationships. You could create a quiz called “What habits should you break in relationships?” But if you wanted to promote your entire mental health coaching business, your quiz should more broadly cover self-improvement. 

If you’re having trouble choosing a relationship quiz topic, check out our list of topics below! 

Types of relationship quizzes 

We get it: there are so many types of relationship quizzes out there, narrowing one down can be confusing. We went ahead and listed a few ideas for inspiration.   

Relationship quiz ideas for couples  

Here are a few different types of quizzes you can create for couples: 

Compatibility—This is a popular quiz topic for new couples. But it’s also good for anyone who wants to learn more about their partner. 

Some types of compatibility quizzes you could create are: 

  • How compatible are you and your partner? 
  • What type of couple are you? 
  • How well do you know your partner? 

Relationship-growth—If you’re a relationship coach or therapist, this quiz topic is perfect for your audience. 

Relationship-growth quizzes help couples learn more about each other’s habits, triggers, and desires in a romantic setting. 

Some relationship-growth quizzes you could create are: 

Buzzfeed-like quiz—Buzzfeed quizzes are simple and light-hearted. In other words, they don’t cover serious topics.

image14 20

They’re also social media magnets. Buzzfeed’s catchy headlines and questions are shareable and trendy. There’s a lot you can learn from Buzzfeed quizzes

So, if you want to boost your social media game, then a Buzzfeed-style relationship quiz is the way to go. 

Some types of Buzzfeed-like quizzes are: 

  • Will you and your boo stay together in 2021? 
  • What’s your and your partner’s love score? 
  • We know what the future holds for you and your love 

Relationship quiz ideas for singles 

That’s right, singles want to improve their relationships, too! Whether they’re brand new to the dating scene or re-entering it after a breakup, a singles quiz will help people learn more about themselves in a relationship setting. 

Self-growth—Similar to a relationship-growth quiz, a self-growth quiz helps users improve their outlook on relationships. This topic identifies healthy (and unhealthy) relationship patterns and habits.  

As a relationship coach or therapist, you can use a self-growth quiz to reach out to single clients. 

Some types of self-growth quizzes are: 

  • How well do you communicate in relationships? 
  • Are you ready for a serious relationship? 
  • What do you desire in a relationship? 

Buzzfeed-like quiz—Since we already talked about what Buzzfeed quizzes are, here are a few ideas of Buzzfeed-type quizzes for singles: 

  • What type of partner do you attract? 
  • This quiz will tell you how you’ll meet your future love 
  • Why are you an AMAZING person to date? 

If you’re still not quite sure what type of relationship quiz you want to create, check out Interact’s free relationship quiz templates

And now let’s get to the best part . . . creating your relationship quiz! 

How to create a relationship quiz with Interact 

The best way to create a relationship quiz is with our Interact quiz-maker. Our software makes it easy to create any type of relationship quiz. 

When you use our quiz-making software, you can: 

  • Match your quiz with your brand colors and voice 
  • Add conditional logic 
  • Build an email opt-in form 
  • Track quiz conversions 
  • Promote your quiz on social media 
  • And more!

To get started, go ahead and create an account with us. From here, follow our step-by-step instructions to create your best relationship quiz yet. Or, have one of our certified consultants make one for you! 

Table of contents: 

1. Choose a template 
2. Design your quiz 
3. Create your cover page 
4. Write your quiz questions
5. Design your results page 
6. Correlate your answers and results 

Now that you’re all signed up, click Create New Quiz

image30 3 2

And let’s get to it! 

1. Choose a template 

After you click Create New Quiz, you’ll see a page with our templates. We’ll choose one of our relationship quiz templates for this tutorial. 

But first, go to the All Quiz Types dropdown menu and click Personality Quiz

image23 7 2

Choose whichever template you like best. We’ll use the template “What’s your abundant love archetype?” for this tutorial.

image10 21 2

2. Design your quiz 

While you’re free to leave the template as is, we suggest customizing the colors, font, and logo to your brand. This way, your quiz-takers will connect your quiz with your brand. 

Use the menu at the top to customize your quiz design colors, font, and logo. 

image28 12

Take a look at the below quick tips for designing your quiz. If you need more help, check out our complete guide to quiz design

Use your brand colors—If you have a brand color scheme, use it! You want your audience to think of your business as they take your quiz. And quiz colors are a great way to represent your brand without coming off too strong. 

Make sure your font is readable—It’s hard to take a quiz if you can’t read it. Try to choose a font anyone can understand.

Add your logo—Your logo represents your brand. Plus, it keeps others from stealing your quiz. 

All done? Great! Let’s get to the next step. 

3. Create your cover page 

The cover page is the first thing your quiz-takers will see, so make it memorable! Our templates already have the cover page set up for you, but we’ll go through each section. 

image16 17

Quiz title—As you probably already know, your title should describe your quiz. But it should also offer your quiz-takers a little something more. 

The title “What’s your abundant love archetype?” tells users exactly what they can expect from your quiz while also reaching out to your audience. 

Cover image—When you click Edit cover image, you’ll see a gallery of professional images. Feel free to go through them and pick the right image for your quiz. 

Quiz description—This section is similar to your title, but it’s not the same. Don’t be tempted to copy and paste your quiz title here. 

Instead, further describe what your quiz is about and what’s in it for your audience. Make it short and sweet. 

Call to action—Your call to action is the most important part of your quiz. What will convince your audience to take your quiz? 

A CTA like “Take the quiz” is fine, but it doesn’t target your specific quiz-taker. We would change this call to action to something like: 

  • Find Your Archetype 
  • Improve Your Love Life 

Once you’re finished with your cover page, head over to your questions. 

4. Write your quiz questions 

You’ll find your quiz questions in the toolbar on the left. 

image27 12

When you build each question page, keep the following tips in mind: 

Your intention—In other words, why are you asking this question? Maybe you want to get to know your user. Or maybe you’d like to segment your answers into email lists. 

And don’t forget about your quiz-taker! All of your questions should engage your audience. Keep them interested with insightful and exciting questions. 

We have a complete guide on relationship quiz questions you might want to check out. 

Question format—Feel free to use exclamation marks, capitalization, and other fun punctuation or language to make your questions interesting. 

Just make sure they’re easy to understand. The last thing a user wants to do is read your question over and over. 

Answers—When you create your question answers, make sure they make sense. When you think of a question, imagine how your users would respond to it. Then, write down whatever you come up with. 

You don’t have to use only true/false or yes/no answers. As you can see from the relationship quiz template above, each answer is written as a scenario. A question format like this is relatable and fun. 

You can also use the Image answers setting to add more engagement. Or, allow your quiz-takers to choose multiple answers under Answer Settings

image18 14 1

5. Design your results page 

You’ll find Results in the toolbar on the left. 

image3 4 1

Your result pages are the most important part of your quiz. But why? 

Once a quiz-taker sees their results, they can either exit out of the page and never think about your quiz again . . . OR they can click on your CTA. And we all know which option is best for your business.

Overall, your results pages should have these features: 

  • A detailed description of the user’s results 
  • Free resources to learn more about their results 
  • A quick bio of who you are 

If you need more guidance, we’ve got you covered. Continue reading for a step-by-step guide to building a results page. 

Results title—Just like your cover page and questions, your results page should be fun and positive. Make sure your quiz-taker is excited to read more about their results. 

And don’t forget to add a result image! 

Results description—The results description is the most exciting part of a quiz because the quiz-taker gets to learn all about their results. Notice how the beginning of the description is brief, but then it gets more personal as it continues. 

This structure does two things. One, it grabs the reader’s attention as soon as they start reading. And two, it saves the best part for last. So, a reader will feel inclined to read the entire page. 

image2 7 1

These relationship tips have been created specifically for the quiz-taker. Also, notice how the title uses the word “personalized” to make the reader feel seen.

Results bio—And now you can write a little about fyourself! This is your chance to tell your audience who you are and how you’ll help them improve their relationship game. 

Keep in mind that this bio isn’t ALL about you; it’s also about your reader. So when you describe yourself, make sure it’s focused on your audience’s wants. 

Ask yourself these questions as you write your bio: 

  • Is your bio adding value to your reader, or is it only about yourself? 
  • Are you adding positive and inspiring content for your user? 
  • Did you add an image of yourself or your business?
image24 10

Free resources—We all love free things, right? So why not offer quiz-takers some of your best free content! 

image19 9 2

Free content invites your audience to learn more about your services. When a quiz-taker reads through your awesome content, they’ll build trust with your brand and look at you as an authoritative figure.

Call to action—And last is the call to action. At this point, your audience has read through their results, received free content, and learned about your business. Now they’re ready for your CTA. 

This is your chance to get your leads excited about your services, email list, or other content. Make sure to describe what your CTA is about above the button. 

You’re almost there! Let’s get to your answer correlation. 

image21 6 2

6. Correlate your answers and results 

Now that you’ve written your questions and answers, you can correlate them. And if you’re interested in using branching logic, check out our in-depth guide on how to make a conditional logic quiz

To correlate your results, head back to your first question and click Edit Result Correlations

image6 6 1

From here, you can correlate your questions to the correct results. 

image8 15 1

For example, the answer, “Oh look, here we are celebrating our 7th anniversary,” correlates with “Lover of Love.” 

So if a user continues to answer questions that correlate with “Lover of Love,” they’ll get that result. 

When you’re done, click Save at the bottom and correlate the rest of your questions. If you want to preview your quiz, click on the “eye” icon at the top left. 

image29 3 2

And you’ve finished your relationship quiz! That wasn’t too bad, right? 

Create a relationship quiz funnel 

Do you know what would make your relationship quiz thrive? 

A quiz funnel! Think of a quiz funnel like a marketing funnel, but for quizzes. Take a look at the example below: 

image17 2 1

Your relationship quiz sits at the top of your quiz funnel because it generates leads. It introduces new people to your business. 

So, once an online user takes your quiz, guide them through the rest of the funnel to ultimately make a purchase. 

You might be thinking, This sounds great, but how do I get started? 

We’ll take you through every step of your quiz funnel, so you understand exactly how to meet your business goals! 

First, let’s start with awareness. 


When someone takes your relationship quiz, they’ll become aware of your brand. They’ll find out who you are, what you do, and how you’ll help them achieve their goals. 

But here’s the thing: an online user will only get to this stage IF they find your relationship quiz online. This is why promoting your quiz is so important! 

So, how do you promote your quiz, anyway? 

Social sharing and website ads are the most common ways to promote your quiz (which we’ll talk about later) but you can also create a landing page and run Facebook ads

When you promote your quiz, keep these tips in mind: 

Always promote your quiz on your site—If someone visits your site, then they’re already interested in what you do. Make sure your relationship quiz is available and advertised on it. 

Know where your audience hangs out online—Does your target audience hang out on Instagram? Then run an Instagram ad about your quiz! 

And if they don’t hang out on Facebook, then forget about Facebook ads because you won’t get more leads there. 

Are you getting the gist? Promote your quiz where your audience will see it. 


Your relationship quiz will give a TON of value to every quiz-taker. After taking your quiz, they’ll think, I like this business. How can I learn more about what they do? 

And this is where your email list comes into play. 

Your email list is the golden gate to your best content, product sales, and resources. Once someone subscribes to your email, you can send them whatever you want! 

This is why we highly suggest using a quiz email opt-in. 

When a new user takes your quiz, ask them to enter their email in the opt-in form to see their results. From here, you can send follow up emails with an email sequence. 

If you want to create an email opt-in form on Interact, head to your relationship quiz settings, and then toggle Lead Generation to on. 

image1 40 1

From here, you can fill out your opt-in form settings and connect your form with your email marketing platforms, which we talk more about in our list building guide


When a new user hits the consideration stage, they’ll be ready to receive your best content. 

Anything you send to your email list should provide value. And by valuable content, we mean: 

  • A blog post about the quiz-taker’s relationship quiz result 
  • An e-book explaining their relationship strengths/weaknesses 
  • A podcast about their relationship style 
  • A video about each quiz result 

On top of that, you should send more information about your business from time to time. For example, one of your emails could tell your own story (as long as it relates to the reader). 

Oh, and one more thing, don’t forget to segment your email list! This is one of the best parts about using a quiz funnel—it’s easy to divide your email list by each quiz result. 

Segmenting your email list lets you send personalized content for each quiz result. For example, let’s say you created a love style quiz. If a user scored “Fearless lover,” then you could send them content about this specific result. 

We talk more about segmentation in our guide: How to Power Up Your Market Segmentation Strategies for More Leads and Revenue

The goal of this stage is to keep your audience interested. As they receive more jam-packed emails, they’ll be more likely to buy your service. 


This is where your hard work pays off—your readers are about to make a purchase! 

If someone makes it to the purchase stage, then all they need is a push in the right direction. You want to get your audience excited about your call to action. Tell them what they could gain from your services and show them with: 

  • Raving testimonials 
  • Limited-time offers 
  • Backed-up statistics 
  • Customer success stories 

Don’t be afraid to rev up the sales copy. This is your time to convince and convert! If you’re not sure what your purchase emails should look like, take a look at our email sequence guide. 

Once your online users buy your product, head over to the last part of the quiz funnel. 

Follow up 

It’s one thing to have a one-time customer, but what about a long-lasting customer? 

Long-lasting customers buy your current and future products over and over again. They refer you to their social circles. 

So after someone signs up for your course or buys a product, you should ALWAYS follow up with them. Here are a few ways you can do that: 

  • Ask for a review or testimonial
  • Offer a refer-a-friend discount 
  • Offer an invite to your community of clients, like a Facebook group 

And just because you’re following up doesn’t mean you need to send daily emails. Follow up with an email sequence that keeps your customers updated on new products, services, and content. 

As you can see, a quiz funnel will do wonders for your relationship quiz and business. The biggest takeaways from building a quiz funnel are:  

Promote your quiz—Your quiz funnel won’t do very well if nobody knows about your relationship quiz. Promote your quiz on your website and social channels. 

We’ll teach you how to promote your quiz in the next section! 

Create an email opt-in form—Your relationship quiz should ALWAYS have an email opt-in form attached! This is the easiest way to get quiz-takers into your email sequence. 

And don’t forget to segment your email lists by each quiz result. There’s nothing better than personalized content. 

Retain your customers—When someone buys your service, don’t leave them hanging. Instead, invite them to join your community of clients, or send them a thank you email. 

Keep your customers happy, and they’ll keep you happy. It’s as simple as that. 

Feel free to check out our complete guide on building a marketing funnel with your quiz for more tips and strategies. 

How to promote your relationship quiz 

So you’ve built your relationship quiz and created a quiz funnel. Now it’s time to put these strategies into practice!  

This section will teach you how to promote your relationship quiz on social media and your website. Want to know the best part? You can do all of this with our quiz-making software! 

Let’s get started with social sharing. 

Enable social sharing 

Sharing your quiz on social media will get the word out to your followers. But how do you do it? 

Well, there are two ways to go about it with Interact. The first one is adding social sharing buttons on your relationship quiz. So when a user takes your quiz, they can share their results with their friends. 

In your quiz settings, head to Social Settings

image15 1 1

We’ll go through each of these settings with you. 

Our quiz software will automatically embed social sharing buttons on your quiz. So when a user takes your quiz, they can share their results easily. With that, make sure to keep the Hide Social Share Buttons on Results box unchecked. 

In the second setting, choose which social channels you’d like your quiz to be shared on. 

And the third setting lets you choose where you’d like to place your social sharing buttons. A user will most likely share your quiz after they take it, so we suggest placing your social share buttons on your quiz result pages. 

image26 3 2

In the fourth setting, just add the link to your quiz. But here’s a quick tip—embed your relationship quiz link to a website page. That way, you’ll direct users to your website and get more traffic. 

Next, you can change your social sharing image. If you decide to change your image, make sure it relates to your quiz topic. 

You can also change your social share heading in the sixth setting. This heading appears next to your social sharing buttons. You can keep it simple, like “Share Your Results” or customize it if you’d like. 

And for the last setting, you can decide what your social media post will say when others share it. 

Once you’re done, click Save settings. Go ahead and preview your quiz to make sure your social sharing buttons show up. 

Share your quiz on social media 

The second way to promote your quiz on social media is through your channels. This way, your followers can take your quiz from your social accounts, like below: 

image12 12 2

Jenna Kutcher posted her Secret Sauce quiz on Pinterest and Instagram, which helped lead to 5,000 email subscribers each week! 

It’s easy to share your quiz on social media. To get started, head to your Interact dashboard. Next to your relationship quiz, click Share & Embed

image7 14 2

From here, you’ll see the link to your quiz. Click Copy Link, then you can share it on your social media accounts. 

image11 16 2

In this tutorial, we’ll use Facebook as an example. 

image22 14

This looks pretty good. So now all you have to do is add a Facebook caption and click Post to Facebook

Pretty easy, right? Now let’s talk about how to promote your quiz on your site. 

Add a pop-up ad on your site 

We know, we know,  pop-up ads might sound annoying, but they actually work! A pop-up ad will notify every new site visitor about your relationship quiz. 

And because your quiz is fun and unique, your audience will be excited to take your quiz, not annoyed. 

You can add a pop-up ad to your site in a couple of steps. But before you add a pop-up, make sure your quiz is already embedded on your site

Go ahead and find the Share & Embed option next to your quiz, on your dashboard. 

image7 18 2

Instead of clicking Share Link as you did with social media sharing, choose Popup

image9 11 1

You’ll notice a bunch of code at the top. Just copy and paste this code on your website. If you’re having trouble, you can talk to your developer or head to our help center. 

Once you’re done, activate your quiz by switching the toggle button. And at the bottom, you can customize your popup and preview it. 

image25 12

And that’s it! Your quiz pop-up ad is all done. 

Wrapping up 

And you’ve made it! Now you have all the tools to create the best relationship quiz ever.  Let’s go over everything you’ve learned about promoting your business with a quiz. 

What a relationship quiz is and why you should make one—A relationship quiz helps users identify and improve their relationship patterns. This is a great way to promote your relevant services. Or, you can always create a quiz just for fun. 

How to choose your relationship quiz topic—Consider your quiz audience when you choose a quiz topic. What questions do they need answered? 

Different types of relationship quizzes—You can create a relationship quiz for singles, couples, and marriages—there’s no limit! 

How to create a relationship quiz with Interact—It’s easy to create a relationship quiz with our software. And you can make one right here

How to create a quiz funnel—With a quiz marketing funnel, you’ll guide your audience to buy your product. All you need is a quiz funnel strategy and email list. 

How to promote your relationship quiz—Social media and your website are sustainable ways to promote your quiz. And feel free to promote your quiz over email, too! 

If you want to make your relationship quiz even better, check out our guide, 85+ relationship quiz questions. And if you haven’t created an Interact account yet, then what are you waiting for

What is the best quiz for you business?

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