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At Interact, our goal is to help you create great content for your audience to create a more immersive experience, get new leads, and eventually increase your bottom line. One of the ways we do this is by getting our brand out of the way so that you can keep all of your marketing unified under your style and your logo.

Every single Interact pro account has the ability to add their own logo to a quiz rather than have the Interact logo. (you can also upload a blank logo if you prefer a completely clean look)

upload logo


In addition to just adding your logo, you can also change all the colors of your quiz – including the background color, call to action button, and font color. Using this set of design elements in tandem, it’s possible to match the style of virtually any website or blog.

When it comes to sharing your quiz out and making sure you don’t lose prospects, we’ve taken steps to make sure your quiz takers get the best experience and interaction with your brand that’s possible.

If you share a quiz on social media (Facebook, twitter, G+, etc) using a direct link, or from the results of your quiz, it will share a page that looks like this.

red cross quiz page


Notice the distinct lack of related quizzes or other content around the quiz. By default, on all Interact pro plans the share links will go to dedicated pages like these where there’s a quiz and nothing more shown. That way you don’t risk losing customers who begin taking other quizzes or going to interact.

If you choose to embed your quiz in a web page like this one, you can send social traffic back to the blog post.

red cross blog



In your interact dashboard, under “edit quiz” you can change the link that social shares point to. Just type in the URL of your blog post where the quiz is hosted and the link will point back to your domain.

This is the best way to make sure you don’t lose any of your prospective customers because they are now on your domain and can click on your related articles or sign up/purchase.

Gif of how to change that social share link.

social share link


If you haven’t created an Interact quiz yet, get started here. For more information on how to create the best quiz, check out our learning center

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