How to Create and Run an Effective Giveaway

Did you know that you could run a giveaway with Interact? Here’s how you create and run an effective giveaway for your business!

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Giveaways are incredibly effective for driving new contacts into your email list. The appeal of getting something for free is often enough to get new contacts through social media or your website, and they come at little cost to you as a brand. Below we’ll go through the basics of getting a giveaway up and running your website or blog to build your email list and generate social buzz around your brand.
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Part 1: Customizing the design of your giveaway to match your site’s branding

Using Interact, you can create a giveaway that matches your site’s branding. This is important because you want potential entrants to feel comfortable putting in their information in order to enter, so the giveaway should look and feel like part of your site, just like the example above.

You can customize the font, colors, and cover photo of your giveaway, and even upload an image as the background of the giveaway.


Part 2: Setting up the terms and entry methods for your quiz

The “behind the scenes” of a giveaway is where you’ll set up the timing for when it will run, how to enter, etc. Here are the important parts:

1. When the giveaway will run. This is where you set the start and end dates of the giveaway. Interact will automatically set a timer that counts down to the end date to create a sense of urgency for potential entrants.

2. Additional ways to enter. The primary entry method for giveaways is through an email address, so you can build your email list. There are also additional social ways to enter, these include liking on Facebook, sharing on Facebook, Sharing on Twitter, Following on Twitter, Pinning on Pinterest, and Following on Pinterest.

3. Add your terms and conditions (required). You must upload your own terms and conditions document to your giveaway. Third party providers can help you create terms and conditions that follow all legal guidelines.

Here’s a Docracy link you can use to customize a terms and conditions template


Part 3: Connecting the giveaway to your email marketing program to collect new email subscribers

At Interact, we always focus on building your list. Email lists are extremely valuable, especially when you know something about the subscribers who are on your list. In the case of giveaways, you can connect Interact to your email marketing or marketing automation program and select a list that you want new contacts to be added to. These new contacts that come through the giveaway will be marked by the giveaway they came from, so you can follow up accordingly.


Part 4: Embedding and sharing the giveaway

Once your giveaway is all set up, you’ll be presented with a variety of options for sharing it and embedding it in order to get it in front of your target customers. Here’s how that works.

1. Live preview: you can see exactly how your giveaway will work before sharing it or embedding anywhere

2. Iframe embed code: The primary way our customers share quizzes is by embedding them on their own websites using our iframe code that works exactly like a YouTube video

3. Direct social share options: You can click the social share buttons to share your giveaway directly to social networks


Part 5: Primary entry method for giveaway entrants

Once your giveaway is embedded on your site, it will look like part of the page and people will be able to enter by putting in their contact information.

on site

Part 6: Secondary method for giveaway entrants

Once someone enters, they’ll be presented with additional entry options that involve sharing and following on social media.

social share

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