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Two types of quizzes to help consumers save time online or in-store shopping

I was in the market for three appliances recently so I hit the stores excited to see what was new in the appliance arena. After roaming down the long and winding washer-dryer alley, my initial excitement fizzled to confusion. When did laundry machines get so complicated? Steam or no steam? Stainless steel or diamond drum? Cold wash or tap cold wash? Information overdose shut down my hard drive and clouded my judgment. All the fancy features started to sound like bells and whistles and I began to focus on the easy stuff: What color would look good in my laundry room? Not the best way to choose reliable appliances, for sure.

When I got home, I devoured the sites of different brands to help me figure out what I needed and what all these fancy features meant. While online shopping is more convenient, if you’re anything like me (and Lord help you if you are) you can spend hours sifting through all the content on your favorite appliance brand’s website. And if you’re not loyal to a brand, well, good luck with that!

This got me thinking about how a simple quiz could guide me in the right direction. I’ll describe two ways in which a quiz can help consumers asses their needs and filter through the variety of models so they can avoid feeling overwhelmed by all the options, whether they are shopping online or in-store.

An e-commerce quiz that highlights popular features  

If you have an e-commerce business or your site caters to consumers who like to gather information before heading to the store, then a quiz can help add some quality interaction between your product line and the consumer.

If I go back to my experience with laundry appliances, a quiz could have helped me filter some of the online information in a more digestible fashion, especially since some brands offer appliances with features that would rival those of a subcompact car.

Here’s how a quiz can sub for a good salesperson or better yet, replace the salesperson who doesn’t know his LG from his ABC.

Which washing machine is right for you

Remember, the idea is not to confuse consumers with all the features and models available in the quiz questions, but to clarify some of the superior options and  suggest a few models that might interest them.

I focused the questions on some of the main features that distinguish the models. Washing machines come in two basic categories so the first question narrows down the options for the consumer and helps them focus.

Washer category


The next question gives some concise information about some of the great features available in the different models. The quiz offers the details in bite-size portions.

Washer features


If the consumer wants to read more about one of the features, they can go back to the site and seek that specific information once they know that feature has value for them.

The next question narrows down the options some more.

Washer colors

Price is also a factor with big-ticket items and every consumer appreciates being directed to options that fit their budget.

Washer price

And finally, the quiz can incite consumers to enter their email to get informed about potential savings and seasonal rebates before giving them their results.

Email call to action

This extra information about potential savings is not about a particular model, and the consumer may have missed it on the website, so this would be an opportunity to send it to their inbox.

And now for the results:

Results - meet your models


The quiz is brief yet it focuses on the most popular features along with some of the more common things that customers want to know.  And there is a follow-up opportunity at end allowing the client to take the next step.

An assessment quiz to help consumers assess their lifestyle needs 

My own recent shopping experience got me thinking about what other kind of information a consumer might need that could also go into a quiz.

When it comes to big-ticket items like appliances, let’s face it, most people want to keep their appliances for a long time so they need to make the best choices from the start.

In my case, the last time I bought a washer and dryer, the Maytag man commercial was big. Not only did I need to figure out the right size, features, color and price, but I also needed to assess my laundry needs in my current lifestyle.

I had visited a few stores and soon realized that not all salespeople are well-versed about the features and benefits of the different models. And not one of them asked where I planned to put my washer and dryer. I put a deposit on a top-load washer only to go home and find out that the overhead space wouldn’t allow the lid to open all the way.

Look how this assessment-style quiz helps the consumer think about things that will affect their choices and influence their decisions based on their own particular laundry needs.

1.cover laundry lifestyle

Photo credit: © Christy Bright
Photo credit: © Christy Bright


3. dryer question






5. location washer

6. Assessment Results Tips

This type of assessment quiz helps the consumer think first about what their needs are and reduces that overwhelm factor that can happen when browsing a bunch of models online.

These are the type of questions that a salesperson won’t necessarily ask but that can offer valuable insight and help the consumer find the features that speak to them and forgo the features that speak to their wallet. All that value delivered in a quiz. No salesperson required.

Another spot for a quiz

In one store, I came across a computer screen where I was able to watch a how-to video on the different features of a stove. I thought this would be a great spot for a quiz allowing consumers to take the quiz as they browse or while they wait for a salesperson.  They can stock up on some of the right questions to ask by taking a simple quiz.

A consumer can take the quiz on this screen as they browse.
A consumer can take the quiz on this screen as they browse.


Which quiz would work best for my e-commerce business?

If you’ve got an e-commerce business and you want to help consumers discover some of the most popular products, create a quiz that helps them filter through the products more easily by highlighting the most sought-after features. Or create an assessment quiz that will help online shoppers assess their needs and feel better informed about their choices.


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