How to drive SEO traffic with quizzes

Quizzes are an untapped goldmine for SEO traffic. Not only do quiz keywords have super high traffic, but the intent behind that traffic is to solve a problem. Most quiz search terms are just questions that your customers are asking, they just add “quiz” to the end of their question.

If you can effectively answer their questions in quiz form, and build quiz pages that are SEO optimized, you can tap into a huge amount of search traffic that has little to no competition. Now with InteractAI you can even create quizzes in a minute so you don’t have to reformat your existing content into quiz format, the AI can do it for you.

I want to show you an example of how to create an SEO-optimized quiz page, and then we will dive into how you can do keyword research to find quiz-related terms in your industry.

How to create an SEO optimized quiz page

1. Choose a quiz idea that is relevant to your audience, don’t go keyword searching. Most quizzes do have search volume, but if you make a quiz specifically because you’re just trying to get search traffic it won’t convert well. You can use our quiz title generator to find quiz ideas for your business

2. Create a page on and write 2-300 words of description for the quiz. This will give search engines and people an overview of what your quiz is about because interactive quizzes embed via iframe and are not indexable. Here’s an example of Gretchen Rubin’s Habits for Happiness quiz. You can see the quiz is embedded via iframe below the text description and instructions for the quiz. The H1 of this page is the title of the quiz.

ai optimized quiz page

3. The questions of the quiz keep the quiz taker on the same page. This way you’re increasing on-site time and signaling to search engines that your page is quality and people like it. The average quiz takes 2-3 minutes for someone to complete, so you can really get great engagement with quiz pages.

gretchen quiz question 2

4. At the end of the quiz questions you have the option to turn on an optional opt-in form if you use Interact Quiz Maker. If you choose not to use your quiz for subscriptions you can leave this off and continue on without it.

quiz opt in on site

5. Once someone completes the quiz, you can redirect to your own landing pages to show the quiz results. This is generally best practice if you have complex results pages. If your results pages are more simple you can use the built-in results that Interact has to offer.

quiz redirect to landing page

This is the easy part, simply go to ahrefs, or your favorite keyword research tool, and type in (your industry) + quiz so for example “therapy quiz” and the tool will give you high traffic terms that are related to your industry and quizzes.

The crazy part about quiz search terms is that they often have little to no competition. Even if the volumes aren’t super high, the indication that there is some traffic is a good opportunity.

Again I always recommend starting with a quiz idea that works for your audience, then finding related terms that have high traffic to target with your quiz page.

ahrefs therapy quiz terms

The best quizzes for SEO

Once you’ve got an idea of what keywords related to quizzes in your industry have volume, I recommend brainstorming common questions that you get which can be answered in quiz form. Here are some prompts to get started?

  1. What are your customers or potential customers always asking you?
  2. What are common issues that you help customers solve?
  3. What are your most popular topics to write/speak/make videos about?
  4. What questions do your customers seem to get stuck on?

By answering those questions you’ll come up with a list of great ideas you can turn into quizzes. If you already have content about those questions/ideas, just plug it into our AI quiz maker. If you don’t have content, then just do a brain dump for 10 minutes with all of your thoughts about the topic, then the AI quiz maker will sort it out for you and turn it into a quiz.

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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