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Here’s our recommended flow for following up with quiz leads using your autoresponder.

1. (Immediate) “Thank You For Taking Our Quiz”

2. (3 Days After Opt-in) A resource applicable to the person’s quiz result. For example – “10 Tips for (Your Personality)”

3. (7 Days After Opt-in) A story that shows who you are as a company. For example – “How we helped someone with the same personality as you”

4. (10 Days After Opt-in) A soft call to action. For example – A webinar invite, an invitation to book a consultation, an option to give more information for another resource, etc.

Going forward: You can add people to a regular newsletter or mailing, just make sure to keep it relevant to the reason they opted in in the first place.

Here is a graphical example of how this could work for a standard personality quiz built by a life coach.

how to follow up with quiz leads to close sales

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