How to effectively follow-up with Quiz Leads

Check out this post on how to effective follow up with quiz leads through automated email sequences. You can provide value and connect!

Make a Quiz to Connect with People Now

Here’s our recommended flow for following up with quiz leads using your autoresponder.

1. (Immediate) “Thank You For Taking Our Quiz”

2. (3 Days After Opt-in) A resource applicable to the person’s quiz result. For example – “10 Tips for (Your Personality)”

3. (7 Days After Opt-in) A story that shows who you are as a company. For example – “How we helped someone with the same personality as you”

4. (10 Days After Opt-in) A soft call to action. For example – A webinar invite, an invitation to book a consultation, an option to give more information for another resource, etc.

Going forward: You can add people to a regular newsletter or mailing, just make sure to keep it relevant to the reason they opted in in the first place.

Here is a graphical example of how this could work for a standard personality quiz built by a life coach.

how to follow up with quiz leads to close sales

Make a Quiz to Connect with People Now