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If you’re an online coach, you’re always on the lookout for ways to grow your business. Find out how you can grow your coaching business with a quiz!

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At Interact we’ve been fortunate to work with 1000’s of coaches on creating quizzes for list growth. A quiz is the perfect tool for coaches because it allows you to engage potential customers, segment them into appropriate groups, and follow up in a personalized way automatically. I’ve seen coaches more than double their email list growth by implementing a full quiz system, and today I’m going to walk you through exactly how to set that up for yourself using an example from one of our customers who has absolutely killed it using a quiz for business growth.

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Step 1: Identify the different types of people you can help as a coach

As a coach, you can provide different types of help to people based on what they are looking to improve. For the example coach we’ll be following in this article, we’re going to take a look at the work of Kayla Hollatz, she’s a brand strategy coach and quite a good one at that. For Kayla, she has a quiz titled “What’s Your Brand Voice?” that leads to one of several different outcomes with the brand voice styles. Based on those styles, Kayla is able to follow up with each style in a personalized way and offer coaching to improve.

For your coaching business, you’ll want to think about the various different people you can help. For example, if you’re a life coach, you could help people that are stressed, people that are having trouble with work-life balance, and people who are having trouble being motivated (all examples, this is not real). So then you’d be able to create a quiz called “What’s Your Biggest Struggle in Life?” that leads to one of those issues (you can also use Interact to stack-rank the issues all in one result)

Step 1.5: Write a quiz title

I have this as a sub-step because it’s really just an adaptation of your different quiz outcomes translated back to a title. For quiz titles, you want to use the format “Which (Blank) are You?” and if you already have the different outcomes set up you can easily create a title by inserting the different outcomes into the (Blank).


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Step 2: Create questions that help determine which type of of person a quiz taker is

The key with writing quiz questions is to make them lead a quiz taker down a path towards the outcome they should be getting without making it too obvious that that’s what is happening. We’ve got a whole guide on quiz questions you can use to work on creating questions for your quiz. The biggest thing to keep in mind is that a quiz should emulate real life and you should write questions as if you were asking them directly to an individual.

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Step 3: Write your call to action text so it gives personal help based on a person’s quiz type

Once a quiz taker answers all your quiz questions you’ll be able to ask for a name and email address (or other info if you want it) in order to see the quiz results. This is an excellent opportunity because quizzes have an average 50% conversion rate, meaning that half of the people who start taking a quiz end up opting in at this step, which is insane.

To get that kind of conversion rate you’ll want to make sure that your quiz call to action is relevant to the quiz, like the example below, where Kayla lets people know that if they opt in they’ll get personal help and advice based on their brand voice style, which is useful because you can use your unique style to make more sales and increase conversions.

You’ll also want to give people a clear indication of what kind of information you’re going to send them to alleviate any fears about what you’re going to do with their information.

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Step 4: Create email sequences for each quiz type

It’s recommended that you send a series of emails that are specific to each quiz outcome you offer. However, you can actually get away with just sending one personalized email that references the person’s quiz result and then have the same sequence for all quiz takers. If you are able to create unique sequences for each result, here is how to go about doing that.

Email 1: Your Quiz Type Is…

This email is simply a re-iteration of the quiz outcome that the person has already seen on your site. However, by sending it in email form you can connect the dots and let people know who is going to be emailing them. You can also expand on the quiz outcome and interweave some of your own offerings.

Email 2: Here’s how to use your gift of (quiz outcome)

This email provide personalized suggestions based on the person’s particular quiz outcome, and gives you an opportunity to give some light-weight coaching via email. You can also up-sell paid packages with this email

Email 3: Anecdote or list of resources for (quiz outcome)

This email should share a story of a famous person who is the same type as what the person got on their quiz outcome, or you can share a story of one of your customers who has succeeded through coaching.

After the welcome sequence you can add to a regular email cadence.

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Step 5: Do a website take-over with the quiz

We’ve seen coaches consistently double or triple their opt-ins by adding quiz links strategically throughout their sites. Below I’ve created a diagram of all the places you can add a quiz link. A quiz sprinkled throughout the navigation of your site will attract more opt-ins because it’s a naturally appealing call to action that has value for the quiz taker, as opposed to an ebook or resource guide that doesn’t have the same draw that a quiz does.

You don’t have to take very recommendation from the below image, but the more links to the quiz the more opt-ins you’ll get.

home page takeover

Step 6: Set up a Facebook ad for the quiz

For paid traffic that isn’t already on your site, set up a Facebook ad that exactly emulates the way the quiz looks and run it towards an audience that you already have created. If you don’t have an audience yet, use Facebook pixel to create an audience based on your website traffic and then run the ad to a lookalike audience similar to the visitors to your blog.

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Quizzes are driving very consistent and absolutely incredible opt-in results for coaches. It’s one of the top-performing categories for Interact customers and you can use the method outlined here to do the exact same thing.

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Create a Quiz to Grow Your Coaching Business Now

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