How to implement a VIP Day in your business 

A VIP day service is becoming more and more popular in the land of online service providers, and this article will cover the reasons why! I’ll dive into the benefits, what your VIP Day can include, and how to promote it with a quiz. If you’ve ever had the experience of being a VIP, you know it comes with perks. 

When you wear the VIP badge of honor, you get all kinds of special treatment. Backstage passes, first-class seats, or, in this case, an entire day dedicated to getting a project done seamlessly. 

Let’s dive in.

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What is a VIP Day? 

First, what is a VIP Day, and who are they for? In short, it’s exactly how it sounds! When a client purchases a VIP Day, it’s like skipping the long line, keeping their electronics in their bag, and ending up with a first-class seat. 

VIP Days are virtual or in person-events that allow businesses to spend an entire day with one client. They’re value-packed, transformative, and should leave the client with either a finished project or a tangible new skillset. 

For example, instead of spending weeks tackling a project with a client, during a VIP Day, you spend one focused day accomplishing the same amount of work. When your focus is solely on that one client and one project for a full day, magic happens! 

So, who should include VIP Days as part of their business model? While this type of service can span multiple professions, coaches, service providers, and consultants who thrive in a 1:1 setting typically offer them. Offering a VIP Day is an excellent option for any service-based business looking to: 

  • Scale their business and sell more high-ticket offers 
  • Help clients achieve more in less time
  • Achieve more freedom in their schedule and work less 
  • Work more closely with clients to get the quickest win possible 
  • Create more efficiency and specificity in their offerings and services

A VIP Day is also a great transition for service providers looking to merge into the world of teaching courses but who don’t have time to learn all the new systems. With VIP Days, you’ll work smarter but not harder while positioning yourself as an authority in your field. By offering more with less, you’ll free up space to work on other projects or learn that next system to help scale your business! 

Benefits of a VIP Day 

VIP Days are mutually beneficial for both the service provider and the client. As a business owner, implementing VIP Days can lighten the daily load and allow you to offer more value in a shorter period. Because these are high-ticket events (four figures and above), you have a higher earning potential and can create more freedom and ease within your schedule. 

And let’s not forget about those client benefits! A VIP Day is like a “yellow brick road” for your clients. It promises that by the end of a three- to eight-hour day, they will have exactly what they need to succeed. 

Here are just a few examples of what a client could expect to learn during a VIP Day: 

  • How to build their own sales page 
  • How to build a website in a day 
  • Building out a CRM system 
  • Creating welcome packages and pricing guides 
  • Creating branded collateral 
  • Building out a social media strategy 

…and so much more. 

You can take a VIP Day in any direction based on your skillsets and services. When deciding what to include in your VIP Day, consider what your clients ask for most. What are their unique needs and pain points? What questions are you always answering? What problem do they come to you with consistently? 

If you start with the customer journey in mind, you really can’t go wrong. Clients will love the focused attention and walking away with a complete project. 

What to include in your offer

Now that you know more about these extra-special days, let’s look at how you can create your own VIP Days! 

First, decide what you’re offering and how you want to structure your day. Remember that with a VIP Day, you’re running on a tighter timeline but still offering a ton of value. The goal is to make your VIP Day as efficient as possible. 

There are a few ways you can structure a VIP Day to make it worthwhile for your client. Below are three examples. 

Behind the scenes — Otherwise known as a done-for-you-service, this is where you do everything needed for your client. You might schedule a quick call in the morning, complete a project for them during the bulk of the day, and, finally, debrief at the day’s end.

Who is this service for? Clients who need to get a project off the ground fast and lack the time or bandwidth to do it. 

Blended — Otherwise known as a done-with-you-service, this is where you meet your client in the middle. You’re not necessarily offering a commodity (like done-for-you), and you’re also not offering a “do-it-yourself” model. A blended VIP Day includes teaching your client specific skills while you work together on a project. This model is valuable because you can give real-time feedback and course-correct as you work. 

Who is this service for? Clients who want to do the work themselves but need support because they aren’t sure where to begin. 

Show and go — Think of this option as “bookended,” meaning you structure your day with a morning call to cover high-level strategy with your client before sending them off with clear instructions or “homework.” Then, you reconvene for an end-of-day debriefing. 

Who is this service for? Clients who are confident in their ability to do the work but need step-by-step instructions to stay the course! 

And remember, these are all options; you can structure your VIP Day however you see fit! The bottom line is that your client walks away with something tangible that would otherwise take them weeks or even months to achieve. 

Here’s an example of what a VIP Day schedule might look like: 

Example of what a VIP day schedule can look like

How to promote your VIP Day 

Now that you’re ready to launch your VIP Day, it’s time to start nurturing your audience! 

As the saying goes, The money is in the list. Email marketing is one of the best and most effective ways to connect with your audience, generate leads, and make more sales. 

Email is where you can give your audience the details of what’s included in your VIP Day. Do it in a non-salesy way since you are already connected and trusted. 

So, how do you build that list and get more eyes on your offers? The best way to do it is to build out a sales funnel that will turn your audience from occasional visitors to paying customers. Check out this blog on how to create a sales funnel. 

You‘ll create awareness with and nurture your audience through your sales funnel, eventually driving them to book your VIP Day. You should include some sort of lead magnet, and a quiz is a perfect option for that! 

Using a quiz to promote your VIP Day is ideal because your customer will learn something about themselves in the process. By taking a quiz, they’ll discover their specific needs and whether or not a VIP Day is their best path forward. 

Once you get your quiz-taker’s email, the next step is to nurture them toward your offer. A strong email sequence will inspire your audience to take the next step and book their exclusive day with you. You can learn more about creating nurturing emails by heading to The Quiz Collective, an online community for Interact members with resources, live support, and email sequence templates to help get you started! 
And don’t forget to lean on the power of social media to promote your VIP Day! Social media is a perfect gateway to generating interest from your audience. Make sure your posts are interactive and lead your audience to the next step through a clear call to action. You can also include polls or questions in live stories to gauge what your audience wants to learn from you.

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