How to Improve Funnel Conversion Rates Using A Quiz

Looking to make your funnel work harder? Find out how a quiz can improve your funnel conversion rate!

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A quiz funnel is a great way to segment your list and sell more of your product/service. It’s also a great remedy for poor funnel conversion rates.

In this article, we are going to discuss:

  1. Why you would want to create a quiz funnel;

  2. Why people have poor funnel conversion rates;

  3. How segmentation helps improve funnel conversion rates;

  4. The best types of quiz for segmentation;

  5. Designing questions with your end goal in mind;

  6. Redirecting people automatically to a custom results page;

  7. How to segment your audience within your email marketing tool dependent on their answers;

  8. How to drive traffic to your quiz funnel;

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Why would you want to create a quiz funnel?

Quizzes are such a popular option for lead generation vs your typical lead magnets. They provide the user with interaction, which is more likely to engage them for longer than a piece of paper with bullet points. It’s easy to save a PDF to your downloads folder and lose it between the other 1000 PDF’s you downloaded in exchange for an email address!

Everyone is creating checklists, PDF’s, eBooks and it’s the same thing each time. To create engagement, you must create something different and a quiz allows your content to stand out like the diamond in the dirt!

A good quiz engages your reader until the end, but a great quiz allows the marketer to take the information provided and segment the audience based on how the prospect answered specific questions.

As a marketer, you want to include a quiz as part of your marketing strategy to help you build a strong list of prospects who are more likely to convert to buyers. A quiz can work regardless of whether you are selling a physical or digital product.

You may have several different product offerings or you may have several services that cater to people with specific wants and/or needs. A quiz can help you separate quiz takers into groups and provide each group with a solution; based on how they answered the questions.

Segmentation can be the difference between a failing sales funnel and a thriving sales funnel.

Why people have poor funnel conversion rates

Your sales funnel should be adapted to where your prospect is in the buying process. It should mirror the journey a customer would take from where they are now, to where they want to be using your product.

Create a quiz that focuses on the main problems your prospect has in their stage of the buying journey. Tie your questions and results to your products/services. This allows you to use their answers to shape the way you interact with your audience after they take the quiz.

Remember, in order to convert your prospects, you want to create a highly engaging quiz that piques their interest.This means, not only should your quiz help you identify who to sell what to, but it should also be engaging enough that the prospect wants to complete the quiz from start to finish.

Path of a funnel from lead magnet into the funnel to sale

People will be at various stages of the sales funnel. The main stages can be summarized as follows:

  • Awareness – This is where the prospect is aware that they have a problem and they know that there are solutions, but are not quite sure which solution is right for them.

  • Interest – The prospect is looking for solutions. They are aware that your product or service may be able to help them.

  • Decision – The prospect is considering solving their problem with your solution and considering their options.

  • Action – The prospect finalizes their decision by purchasing your product or service.

You need to understand where your prospect is in their buyer’s journey in order to create an effective quiz. Once you understand this, you will be able to shape your quiz to perfectly match the audience.

Quizzes are generally used in the ‘interest’ phase. This is where you are helping the prospect understand why your solution should be a consideration for their current problem.

Once you have uncovered where your buyer is in their journey, you can now dig deeper and look at things such as:

  • What frustrations are they facing during this particular moment in their life?

  • What words or phrases are they using to describe their situation?

  • How do they want to feel (or look)?

You can create quiz questions that help answer the above. After completing research, you should be able to position your questions in a way your ideal prospect would resonate with.

Here is an example of an Interact quiz that is being used by a social media agency:

What social media platorm is best for your business with percentages example results and take quiz button

The quiz was created to help people understand which social media networks they should be using for their business and which ones may not necessarily be worth spending their time on.

In this example, by figuring out which platform each prospect should be using, they can now focus on offering the prospect more information on the platforms that they should focus on and prevent delivering information on the other platforms that are just a waste of time for them.

This increases the chances of prospects only receiving and engaging with content that they want to learn more about.

Instant conversion rate improvement!

How segmentation helps improve funnel conversion rates

Chances are, you are offering different products or services. Maybe you offer one type of service but in three different ways. For example, you may specialize in Social Media Management for one specific platform but people can work with you in three different ways:

  • Done for you services

  • Group coaching

  • A DIY course

Even though your list is interested in the same platform, the way you would market to each method mentioned above would be completely different.

Sending an email to your whole list may increase your chances of more people opening your email, but it would heavily dilute your engagement rates, because not everyone who opens the email is interested in what you have to say.

You want to create a healthy balance of a good open rate and a great engagement rate. The only way to do this is by sending heavily customized emails to each segmented group on your email list.

 This is why quizzes can play a huge role in the success of your sales funnel. Quizzes allow you to determine what content to send to who.

The best types of quiz for segmentation

There is no ‘one quiz fits all’ for segmentation. There are several different types of quizzes that you can use. Actually, all types of quizzes can be used for segmentation, but my favorite type of quiz for segmentation is the personality type quiz.

The personality type quiz involves you creating several different avatars that represent the type of person that you can help.

Here is an example of a quiz by Kayla Hollatz. Here is an example outcome. This is one of many:

woman wearing hat with headline The Educator and description of that personality type

So how did she decide what outcomes to use for her quiz? Let’s take the example we used previously. Imagine you are a business who offers three ways to work with you:

  • Done for you services

  • Group coaching

  • DIY courses

You may create a quiz called ‘What kind of implementor are you?’. The purpose of the quiz is to find out which type of service the prospect would benefit most from. You would need to create an avatar for the type of person who would require your done for you services, your group coaching and your DIY coaching.

The question and answers you create would be based on the traits of each avatar. Not only can you use the personality quiz to put people’s traits into buckets, but you can also use the personality quiz to help people pick which product is right for them.

Once the prospect has completed the quiz, the outcome should help them understand whether they would benefit more from done for you services, group coaching or DIY courses.

Designing questions with the end goal in mind

It’s important that you are asking questions that have a purpose. It can get easy to get caught up in the fun part of creating a quiz and creating questions that sound fun but serve no purpose.

You need to ensure that each question helps you understand the traits of your audience and helps you add them to the right bucket for their avatar. You are going to use their answers to shape how you position your products and how you provide solutions for their problems.

Start backwards. After a prospect completes your quiz, what do you want them to do? What do you need to find out from them before they get to the solution?

Answering these two simple questions can help you create better and engaging content.

An example question may be:

When it comes to completing tasks that are taking too much time, what are you most likely to do?

This question is designed to help you understand how a prospect responds to tasks that need to be completed. You can then have the following answers for your quiz taker to choose from:

  1. I am more likely to outsource the tasks

  2. I am more likely to ask for help

  3. I prefer to figure it out on my own

These questions can help you identify, which service your prospect is most likely going to benefit from. You can see, if a person selected answer 1, they may be more likely to proceed with your done for you service. If a prospect selected answer 2, they may likely benefit from your group coaching program. If they selected answer 3, they may benefit more from your course.

Do you see how crafting the right questions, can help you improve the success of segmentation?

Redirect people to a custom results page with your offer

This is where things get really fun. After a prospect has completed your quiz, they will receive a certain outcome. The outcome will help them discover the answer to their problem.

The quiz you create is usually an entry point to your funnel. This means, once the quiz has been completed, you want to send the prospect somewhere else. You could get them to join an email list, or maybe you could upsell them to a small product or subscription. You can take people directly to a resource, a sales page, or a product page. This can help you increase sales directly after participating in your quiz. The opportunities are endless.

Within Interact, you have the option to redirect people to the exact same page, no matter their answers. Although Interact gives you plenty of space to write your quiz results, it also allows you to go a step further and create the ultimate custom funnel experience by redirecting people to a custom landing page.

Here is a snippet that is taken from a custom landing page:

icon of a man with Guardian quiz results and description

Redirecting to a custom landing page allows you to provide information specific to each answer. Creating unique content will allow you to have higher conversion rates from your email list if your end goal is to sell a product.

If we go back to our example, you could do the following:

  • Done for you services – If a prospect receives an answer that proves they are most likely going to benefit from your done for you services, you can take them to a sales page that invites them to book an appointment

  • Group coaching program – If a prospect receives an answer that proves they are most likely going to benefit from your done for you services, you can send them to a sales page, inviting them to join your group coaching program.

  • Do it yourself courses – If a prospect receives an answer that proves they are most likely going to benefit from completing one of your self paced courses, you can redirect them to a sales page to buy your course.

Do you see how this works?

Add people to the right email list based on their answers

In order for you to get the most out of your list. You want to segment the quiz takers into different lists so that you deliver unique content to them. Creating content that speaks to each audience is an important step for any successful sales funnel.

This is where many people get it wrong. Once a quiz taker completes a quiz, they often forget how powerful it is, to follow up with quiz takers and speak to them and their needs.

Most email marketing tools allow you to segment your list via the use of segments, tags or lists. Whichever one you want to use is dependant on what is available within your email marketing tools and whichever model suits your needs.

Using the example that we have followed throughout this article, we would have three different lists for each of our services (done for you, group coaching and courses). Now that we have these lists (or maybe you are using tags or segments), you can now customize your message based on how each segment is likely to resonate with and respond to.

Drive Traffic to your quiz

Promoting your quiz to the right people is going to be the most important part of ensuring that you get as many people into the quiz as possible. Whether you use free or paid methods, the two most important things you are going to want to focus on is the title and image of your campaign.

You want to ensure that your quiz title is catchy and engaging. You have to grab their attention quickly. You can use tools such as the CoSchedule headline analyzer to help you create engaging titles for your quiz.

blue background with Coschedule Headline analyzer

The next thing that you want to do is ensure that you are using an eye-grabbing image to make them stop and look. Whether a prospect is using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, there are going to be 100’s of images they are viewing your content on their timeline.

How can you make yours stand out from the rest?

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on images, you can use sites such as Pexels and Unsplash to find amazing images or you can even use images of yourself and add some graphics.

You can even use a video to go a step further and give a bit more information about why people should take your quiz. A great example of a marketer that has done this for his Interact quiz is Ben Angel.

Facebook ad from Ben Angel with video of man talking

You can then go on to promote your quiz using multiple methods such as:

  • Embedding the quiz on your blog

  • Sharing the URL on social media platforms

  • Using paid methods such as Facebook ads that leads directly to your quiz.

In Conclusion

Creating a quiz can be a fun way to engage your ideal audience, but to get the most out of your quiz, you want to create an effective quiz funnel, that segments your email list so that you can target them with the right offers and increase your sales funnel conversion rates.

  • You need to ensure that you map out your customer journey so that you can understand how your quiz will help your prospects.

  • You must understand what will happen once the prospect completes your quiz. What are you going to offer them?

  • You need to design questions and answers that help you understand the needs of your clients.

  • You must ensure that you create an engaging social campaign to get people to complete your quiz.

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