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Whether you’re brand new to the world of quizzes or consider yourself a certified whiz, one thing’s for sure—it’s a process! 

And though it may feel overwhelming at first, the benefits far surpass the fear of the effort. 

With a quiz, you can gather valuable information from your audience, generate leads, collect zero-party data, and segment your list to reach the right people. 

All of that from one little quiz? Yep. 

If you’re just getting started, the entire process might feel a wee bit daunting. Results? Categories? Funnels? Integrations?! Where should you even start?! 

Plus, if you’re like most people, you wish you already had a quiz on your website, generating qualified leads and nurturing your community.

But fear not, my friend! Your trusted Interact team is here to support you in building a high-performing quiz in less than two weeks!

With a well-thought-out process and a ton of support from our Quiz Collective community, you’ll be ready to launch your quiz into the world asap! 

Read on to learn how to launch your quiz before your trial period ends. 

Table of contents: 

How to get started

Ever heard of the saying, Start, and the pressure will be off? This one definitely applies to quiz building. 

Just starting the process can often be the hardest part—which is why you should lean on our templates inside the Interact builder!

Our templates are already built out. All you’ll have to do is add your bio and change the call to action. Then, you’ll be ready to integrate your quiz with your email marketing platform to start collecting leads!

And even if you plan on writing your whole quiz from scratch, our conversion-focused templates will inspire your process.

Using our templates (or even just browsing them) will not only create a solid foundation for your quiz, but it will also help ease the pressure of starting from scratch. 

This isn’t to say you can’t still have total creative control, though! 

Even if you decide to go with a template, you can always change the content to match your unique personality and offers. 

Plus, with a template, you can save some of that creative reserve to focus on how you plan to showcase your services, to turn those new leads into clients and customers.

Check out the image below to see how you can select a template suited to your business. All you have to do is check the boxes that relate to your business, and the builder will bring up the templates that best match your needs!

The Interact Quiz Course

Now that you’ve selected your template, we highly suggest checking out our Quiz Course! This comprehensive course is your step-by-step guide, from ideation to execution. You’ll learn everything here, from how to come up with a top-notch title, to how you can launch and promote your quiz to gain the most traction from your audience. 

Your less-than-two-week crush-that-quiz timeline:

It’s all about execution! 

Have a clear plan in place so you’re ready to rock come the end of your trial. 

Check out this super easy and handy guide on how you can make a killer quiz in less than two weeks.

Day 1: Choose your topic and title 

The quiz title is the first thing quiz-takers see, so it’s your chance to make a solid first impression. 

Do your best to showcase the transformation you promise or the unique problem you’ll solve for users. It’s a good idea to pose your title as a question, so quiz-takers feel seen and understand what’s in it for them. 

The title-question can be specific to attract a niche audience, or you can keep it broad so it’s accessible to a larger group of people. 

For example, If you’re looking to promote your services as a relationship coach and want to reach a broad audience, your quiz title could be something like, “What’s your personal attachment style?” That way, quiz-takers are clear on what they will learn about themselves by taking your quiz. 

Looking to target a more niche audience? Let’s say your business specializes in sleep therapy. You might title your quiz something like, “What specific sleep behavior is keeping you up at night?” You’ll target your audience more precisely with this title, and you’ll gather more meaningful information that could benefit your biz long term.

Day 2: Choose your results

Your quiz questions will flow naturally if you write them after your results. Plus, getting a result is why someone takes your quiz in the first place. 

Your results are where you follow through on the promise you made in the title and description, so nailing it down first and foremost will help smooth out the entire process! 

There are several ways you can come up with your result categories, and in section 2 of our quiz course, our girl Chanti Zak breaks down how to choose results that will resonate with your audience. 

In it, you’ll learn: 

  • What to include in your results to leave a lasting impression
  • How to get quiz-takers to say, This gets me! after reading their results 
  • How to create an outline for your results based on your unique audience’s needs

Day 3: Choose your questions

Start brainstorming your questions and segmentation strategy. If that sentence just totally stressed you out, don’t worry! You can find allll the information you need in section 3 of our quiz course.

In it, you’ll:

  • Nail down your segmentation strategy
  • Learn what types of questions you should ask
  • Learn how to write questions that people actually want to answer
  • Write 7 to 10 questions for your quiz
  • Correlate your questions and results

Once you’ve got it all written out, don’t forget to correlate your questions to their corresponding results. 

Check out the below image and read section 3 of our quiz course for detailed instructions.

Day 4: Integrate your quiz with your email marketing platform

Connect your quiz to your email marketing or marketing automation system to automatically add quiz leads to your existing system. We have native integrations for most platforms—and we have Zapier for the rest! 

Need a refresher on how to integrate with your mailer? Head on over to section 4 of our quiz course

Inside this comprehensive section, you’ll learn everything you need to: 

  • Set up your quiz to generate leads
  • Write a compelling opt-in form
  • Integrate your quiz and segmentation strategy with the rest of your marketing platforms

Day 5: Customize your branding

Now that you’ve finished the leg work, have fun amping up your quiz with images, color choices, and customizing fonts. With Interact, creating a beautiful, on-brand quiz is easy.

Day 6: Share your quiz for feedback

At this point, we recommend sharing your quiz with the Quiz Collective to get constructive feedback to optimize it even further. 

What’s the Quiz Collective, you ask? A super engaging and supportive community, complete with resources, live office hours, and an expert crew who will help make your quiz awesome. 

Below are just a few of the amazing and informative resources you can lean on inside the Quiz Collective: 

  • Expert copywriting support 
  • Facebook Ads support 
  • Tech and integration support 
  • Weekly live office hours where you can ask quiz experts all the questions you desire 
  • An engaged channel dedicated to quiz feedback from both quiz experts and a supportive community of like-minded entrepreneurs 
  • And more! 

Day 7: Take a break 

It’s easy to overthink the process, so putting down your quiz for a while is important. Once you’ve popped your quiz into the Quiz Collective for feedback, give yourself a day or two to not even remotely think about your quiz. Then, come back on Day 8 with fresh eyes and maybe a new perspective! 

Day 8: Finish your edits 

Welcome back! Now that you’ve had a break, head back into the Quiz Collective and consider all that valuable feedback you received. Are there any additional tweaks and changes you can make? 

Remember: a completed quiz is better than a perfect quiz, so try not to be too hard on yourself here. Besides, your quiz will continue to evolve as you learn more about your audience.

Day 9-10: Write your welcome email

So, you combed through all that juicy feedback and really optimized your quiz. Congratulations: it’s finished! Now what? 

It’s time to write your email welcome sequence. If you’re wondering, What the heck is that?! You can relax. It’s simply ONE welcome email to help you build that email list.  

Oh, and don’t stress about writing it from scratch. We’ve got templates to support you! Head on over to the welcome email sequence section of the Quiz Collective, where we’ll guide you through creating a three-part welcome email sequence to nurture your audience. 

Day 11: Embed your quiz on your website

Now that you’ve done the hard work of creating a fun, informative quiz that seamlessly integrates with your email marketing strategy, it’s time to spread the word…

The best place to start? Your website!

Adding your quiz to your website will massively increase your visitor-to-subscriber conversion rate. And better yet, you know that quiz-takers who join your email list from your website are interested in your business, so they are warmer leads than ad traffic.

Are you stressed about launching and promoting your quiz? Don’t sweat it. Head on over to section 6 of the quiz course for an easy-to-follow and in-depth guide. 

Day 12: Blast that bad boy on social media 

It’s time to put your quiz out there for all the world to see! We suggest researching where your audience is likely hanging out, and then capitalizing on that low-hanging fruit. Need inspiration? Not sure where to start with social media posting? The Quiz Collective has lots of social media templates to get you started.

Day 13: Rest and enjoy life

Congratulations, friend! In less than two weeks, you created, edited, and optimized your quiz so it’s ready for its closeup! Give yourself a well-earned pat on the back and enjoy a little extra R&R to unwind. 

When you’re good and ready, we suggest giving your quiz one final look over and implementing any last-minute feedback you received in the Quiz Collective. After that, you’re ready to rock! 

Hot tips 

And just like that, you’re ready to create and launch a quiz in less than two weeks. It may not feel like the easiest thing to do right now, but with the right support and execution, you’ve totally got this! 

Keep these hot tips in your back pocket for your quiz-writing journey: 

  • Be conversational. You’re more likely to connect with your audience when you speak in your own voice. It will also go a long way to building know, like, and trust.
  • Your quiz should be on-brand. If you’ve got a fun brand, make your quiz fun. If your business is on the serious side, that’s cool, too. Just make sure that the quiz experience matches the experience you want to create for your audience across the board.
  • A finished quiz is better than a perfect quiz. Sure, maybe you’ll get it perfect on the first try, but chances are, the longer your quiz is out there, the more you’ll learn about your audience. 
  • Continue to let your quiz evolve! The more you learn about your audience, the more equipped you’ll be to send the right message at the right time to the right people. It’s all about letting your quiz naturally evolve through feedback, listening, and refinement along the way—so go ahead and relax and enjoy the process!

Don’t forget: You’ll have dedicated support throughout your quiz-building journey! Join us in the Quiz Collective (it’s included in your Interact subscription!) for all the tools and resources you need to get your quiz out there in good time. You’ve got this! 

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