How to launch your quiz

Here are the top 3 ways people successfully launch quizzes into the world. This comes after you’ve already set up your optimized lead generation quiz.


Announce the quiz to your email list. Make the subject line “New Quiz: (Quiz title)” or some very similar variation of that. Then write a few sentences about why you created the quiz and who it is meant to benefit.

Even if people are already on your list, they can benefit from your email follow-ups if they take your quiz and opt-in for the email automation at the end of the quiz. It’s also a great way to get increased engagement from your list.


1: Quiz overview post: announce your quiz to the world in your voice.

Announce your quiz to your followers in your style. Go with your first instinct, whatever feels right for the quiz will perform the best because you know your people and you know what would resonate with them.

Pro tip: Use a manychat (or similar tool) automation so people can comment the word QUIZ and the automation will send them the link to your quiz.

2: Make a post about each of your results

Describe each result of the quiz in your voice, the way that makes sense to you.


Here is a pre-optimized template you can fill out to make a LinkedIn post about your quiz launch.

I’ve helped (number of customers) earn (dollar amount) by (what the quiz helps with)

Now there’s a quiz that can help you (what the quiz helps with) in 2 minutes.

Find out if you are a (result, result, or result)

Then learn how you can use that information to (reach a goal related to the quiz)

Try it now and let me know which result you get!

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