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If you have a beer brand, a beer quiz is a great addition to your website. Find out how to make a beer quiz that people will love!

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Quizzes and beer, they go together like, well, quizzes and beer. You know the idea for quizzes actually began in a pub? People would gather together and take trivia quizzes  together, drinking and guessing the night away. That was all before the internet, and now you don’t have to wait for pub quiz night to indulge in a quiz and beer session, you can take internet beer quizzes all the time.

Okay in all seriousness though, this is a practical guide for any beer brand to create a personality quiz that will not only be a smash hit on your Facebook page, but can also grow your email list and drive direct sales.

I’m going to use this awesome quiz from Mahou beer company to illustrate how this is done. We’ll go step-by-step together so you can see how it’s constructed and we’ll learn from it together.

Quiz Cover

This is where it all begins, this is the hook to get people into your quiz. It’s also what most people will see when they first find your quiz on Facebook or your site. The most important parts here are the quiz title and the image that appears on the quiz cover. I highly encourage having fun with the image, and it should ideally include people drinking beer (or having a good time, surrounded by beer, since you can’t show people actually drinking it).

I’ve also put some title suggestions below that work super well.

Beer Quiz Titles:

1. What Kind of Beer Should You be Drinking Right Now?

2. What’s Your Beer Personality?

3. Are You Drinking the Wrong Beer?

4. Which (Insert Brand Name) Beer is Right for You? I.E. Which Ballast Point Brew is Right for You? (and that rhymes, boom! Ballast Point I’m looking at you, if you sign up please send me free beer)


Question 1

I’m going to put some commentary on every single question of this quiz because it’s just so good. I also think it’s super helpful to see exactly how a quiz flows from start to finish so you can use your own unique writing style to create one without having to think of all the logistics.

So this is question #1 “Which colour of Beer attracts you the most?” and it has four possible answer choices. There are a couple of things I’d like to point out about why this is such a great questions.

First, the image they created for the question is awesome. You don’t have to create custom graphics for your quiz, and in fact we have a pixabay integration and a giphy integration so you don’t have to supply your own images at all, but if you do, this quiz really exemplifies an excellent way of creating custom graphics.

The biggest thing that makes quiz questions effective is how they can help you connect with the person taking your quiz. You want to make them feel comfortable, heard, and included in the process of the quiz. Using fun pictures and illustrative language helps accomplish this goal and get people hooked into your quiz so they’ll be more likely to share their results and opt-in to your list if that’s an option you’re promoting on your quiz.

Second, the last answer choice on this quiz question really stands out to me. It’s a small thing, it says “Who cares?!” Which you could easily just overlook as just another answer choice, but it’s important because it adds some personality to this personality quiz (see what I did there?). The more you can draw people into your quiz by speaking in a way that comes off naturally and like your own goofy self the better your quiz will do.

question 1

Question 2

This question is very practical for figuring out the type of beer someone should drink because it asks about how cold you like your beer. This is the type of question that almost turns your quiz into a Chatbot bartender, or a robot bartender, which is a way cooler way to think about it.

In a quiz you want to have a mix of questions that are very practical and questions that are designed to build rapport. This question kind of does both, because again, pay attention to the last answer choice “Anyway. I just want my Beer!” which is another one of those small things that just makes it clear someone was having fun making this quiz, which translates directly over to people having fun taking your quiz.

question 2

Question 3

Love the graphic on this one, and the picture is a great way to take a practical question about alcohol content and turn it into a fun question because of the visual.

This is a trick you can use to make a great quiz because when you add some personality to the images it can counteract the need to ask for practical information in order to make an accurate quiz.

question 3

Question 4

This one is key to figuring out what kind of beer drinker a person is. Your taste profile says a lot about the types of brews that best fit you. You’ll start to notice that a lot of these questions are actually really important to figuring out someone’s taste profile, and even though they may not be the most professionally formatted, they really are real questions you’d ask someone if you were trying to determine what kind of beer they should drink.

This is an important point because people often get hung up on how to make a quiz that’s not just for silly fun, but rather for actual marketing and that really gets to the point. The way to do it is to make a personality quiz that has real questions in it, like this one.

question 4

Question 5

This one gets more personal, and doesn’t just ask about taste profile preferences in beer. You should have at least a couple of questions like this in your quiz because this type of question makes the quiz more personal, and when you add some personal questions in the mix people tend to take their results more seriously.

question 5

Question 6

Another personal question to wrap things up. Again, I’d say shoot for half and half of personal questions versus pure taste profile questions on a beer quiz.

question 6

Email Capture Form

This is an optional step you can add at the end of your quiz. If you choose to set this up you can collect email addresses from the people who take your quiz and send those emails directly to your email list, we integrate with all email marketing platforms.

Quizzes have an average conversion rate of 50%, meaning that half of the people who get to this step will eventually opt-in to your list. This is taking into consideration the people who skip this step as well, so it’s a very high overall conversion rate. In interact you can turn this feature on with just one click so it’s a simple addition to any quiz.


Result 1

After the opt-in form, or if you choose to not have that on and just show people their results right away, you are going to show people their outcome on the quiz.

There are really two ways you can go with this.

#1: Go specific. This would be where you’d recommend one specific type of beer as the result of your quiz. So if you’re representing a certain brand and want the outcome of your quiz to be a particular brew you offer, this would be the way to go.

#2: Go broad: You can assign a personality type to someone, their “beer personality” that will describe their taste profile more than a specific brew. Use this one if you don’t have the setup in place to show a certain type of beer or just want things to be a bit more general.

This Mahou quiz has generic results, where they assign a personality rather than a specific beer, and they did an excellent job with it because the results are hilarious.

The first one is “May the froth be with you!” and it basically says you have a very refined beer pallet. The link in this result goes to Mahou’s beer selection so you can see in more detail about those. I’d recommend going more specific when you make a quiz and link it out, point to a particular set of brews, or just one.

result 1

Result 2

The next result is “Ale is well” which basically means you are the type of person who loves beer because it brings people together for a good time. This result is perfectly put together for a quiz, I love how jovial it is and it really makes you smile. That’s one of the things that makes quizzes so great, and you should aspire to emulate that in your own quiz content.

result 2

Result 3

The last result is “Lager than life!” which is basically a result saying “You have fun no matter what” which is awesome, and makes this quiz result way more fun.

result 3

Quick Note on Personality Quiz Scoring: The way personality quizzes work is through correlations between the questions and the outcomes. Here’s an overview of how personality quiz scoring works.

In conclusion: I’ve seen some awesome beer quizzes, and they are so much fun that you can’t help but want to find out your beer type. Now you can follow this guide to build out your own beer quiz quickly and easily so you don’t have to be concerned with all the details, click below to get started.

Make your own beer quiz using interact

Make a Beer Quiz Now!

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