How to make a car quiz like Top Gear

  The British Top Gear show does a segment each week in which they display one obscure part of a car and the guys have to guess what kind of car it is based on that one small piece. The entire thing is amazing fun and it’s been a part of the highly watched show […]

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The British Top Gear show does a segment each week in which they display one obscure part of a car and the guys have to guess what kind of car it is based on that one small piece. The entire thing is amazing fun and it’s been a part of the highly watched show for years running. However, if you don’t have the audience and production power of Top Gear, doing a segment like that really isn’t practical. Luckily, it’s now possible to replicate this quiz concept on your own website using Interact quizzes.

Today we are going to go step-by-step through the creation of a car quiz that rivals the draw of Top Gear’s original.

Step 1: Gather your images

All the best quizzes use great images, and since cars are beautiful works of art it only makes sense to include lots of them in your quiz. To help, we have an entire list of stock image websites that are completely free. On Stock Exchange in particular I found close-ups of all kinds of cars, don’t ask me why they have those, but it’s awesome.

When planning images for your quiz, account for having 6-10 questions, that’s the sweet spot in terms of quiz questions, any more and it’s a long quiz, any less and you leave people wanting more. Make sure to pick large images so they have quality and then scale them down to 900x400px using photoshop or paint on your computer.

red ferrari

Step 2: Design your quiz

We provide a full suite of options for designing each quiz you make with Interact. This provides you with the flexibility to match your site’s styling or go crazy and make a red quiz like I did in the example below. Not a whole lot to say here except to make sure you use the “custom logo” option so that when your quiz goes wild on social media and gets reposted all over the place it will still be attributed back to you.

Another important thing to think about when designing your quiz is all the devices people will access your content from. Mobile and tablet traffic accounts for roughly half of all quiz views and a busy design is confusing on those smaller devices. Try to keep it as simple as possible.

design quiz

Step 3: Write your content

With our example quiz this isn’t exactly difficult, you put pictures of cars into the Interact quiz builder and then create options for the result (car buffs please don’t hate me for this example question). The difficult part here is coming up with alternative wrong answers that are reasonable enough to be seen as potentially correct. Shouldn’t be tough for ya’ll with the expertise. I always recommend that you write at least a total of four answers (one correct, three incorrect) for each question. That will make it a fun game but not so many options that people get bored reading all the choices.

car question


Once you have the question set up you can preview and publish to see what it will look like in production. This is a good chance to see how your images and questions all fit together on a page. You can always make adjustments to your quiz as you notice ways to make it better.

question car

Step 4: Connect it all up

Now comes time to do the “grunt work” of inputting the rest of your questions and images to the Interact system. This is actually really simple and you just follow the same principle as the first question that is above.

One thing we haven’t covered is what to put in your quiz results (the part where you give an overall score, etc.). Because we are giving people their outcome after each question in this quiz, the results are not as important, but they are still a good gateway to get quiz takers onto your website and clicking around. To keep the engagement high even after the quiz is over, include a link in each quiz result to check out more content. For example, if someone scored poorly, point them to the beginner’s guide to cars, if they scored highly, point them to the latest car news.

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Step 5: Share and embed

Your quiz can go anywhere which is nice because successful quizzes end up on forums, social sites, blogs, and everywhere in between. It’s always good to start by embedding the quiz on your own site, which can be done wit a simple iframe or javascript embed code. I have an example below of the quiz we’ve been working on embedded into the Interact blog. The cool thing about doing this is that you can change the social share links to point back to the webpage where your quiz is embedded so you never lose any traffic to the black hole that is social media.

blog quiz

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