How to make a celebrity personality quiz

No matter what business you’re in, a celebrity personality quiz is always popular! Find out how to create a quiz that your followers will love.

Make a Celebrity Personality Quiz for Free!

A quiz popped up on Yahoo the other day that I thought was so clever. It was “Which celebrity said this?” and it was entertaining, shocking, and weird all at the same time. I work with quizzes all day, so normally am not that impressed by anything, but this one was just so cool that I couldn’t resist taking it, and that reminded me of the draw that celebrity quizzes have.

Back a few months ago we did a study to find out if celebrity quizzes were statistically more popular than non-celebrity quizzes, and they are, by a large margin. Now there could be a lot of reasons for this, but in general if you are bringing in famous people that makes your quiz much more relatable and that’s what’s important in the end.

However, the question becomes, how do you make a celebrity personality quiz that doesn’t suck? It’s much easier said than done, trust me. Luckily one of our customers made a near perfect one that can act as a template to your quiz.

1. The cover

Celebrity covers are pretty easy because you can just use pictures of celebrities, but let’s go over the basics here.

1. The title. Basically just say “Which celebrity (blank) are you?” you can replace the blank with pretty much anything. “Which celebrity is your soulmate?” “Which celebrity’s style should you have?” “Which celebrity’s decorating style should you have?” (for a decorating business). This title works well pretty much every time, so just use it.

2. A great cover photo. We actually did a study  and found that people tend to click on pictures of one person who is smiling (pictures of women slightly out-performed men). Make sure you have a nice high quality picture of a celebrity (and be sure to acquire the rights to it as well).

3. Short description and button. The goal of a quiz short description is to reiterate what you’ve established with the quiz title as far as building up anticipation for the quiz itself. So if your title is “which celebrity are you?” the short description should be something like “think you know? well you don’t but it’s imperative that you find out.”

4. Your logo. This just adds to people trusting/recognizing your brand. Quizzes get shared on social sites (over 75% of overall traffic comes from social). So when that happens your logo will help spread the word about your brand.

1 copy

2. The questions

1. Writing the questions. Writing quiz questions should be like talking to a friend at the pub. The questions should be natural, perhaps a bit overly personal, and fun. If you find yourself getting bored by the questions, you can be sure that others will find them boring. If you are wondering, go with the more edgy option.

2. Answer images. Put images on your answer. Answers with images are about as different from a school quiz as you can possibly get, and that’s the ultimate goal. Pick good images that actually fit in the space and look nice. The top 100 interact quizzes of all time have at least one image question (every single one has at least one).

2.5. Answer text. Same drill as the questions. Keep it short, use your personality, be nice.


3. Collect information

We could all use more subscribers, a healthy email list can propel your marketing efforts and virtually guarantee that you have an audience for new content. I won’t talk your ear off about the importance of a list, you probably already know about that, but I will go over the best practices for collecting new email subscribers through your quiz.

1. Your logo. This is automatically placed here when you upload a logo for your quiz. Make sure you use a nice clean logo, not pixelate or weird version. Remember that you are asking people to turn over their personal information, so you must reassure trust.

2. Honest reasons to ask for information. When it comes to lead generation, honesty is by far the best policy. You should tell people exactly how often you will be sending emails and exactly what you will be sending. This example could be improved if Unidays had also included some sort of incentive for subscribing, like a discount or promotional offer.

3. Privacy policy link. Yes, it’s not on this example, but it’s important to include a link to your privacy policy so people can read through your terms if they wish.

3 copy

4. The Results

Everything else leads up to the quiz results (that’s not a metaphor, it actually all does). But figuratively, quiz results are where you get an opportunity to have people share your quiz and amplify its reach on social media. If you do it right, we’ve seen up to 20% of quiz takers share their results, which is impressive, so listen up.

1. The title. A lot of times with celebrity quizzes you can just make this the name of the celebrity. You can add some flowery words but that’s not necessary. When people share their quiz results it will look like “I got (my result)(title of the quiz)” so the result title is in there.

2. Big ol’ picture. I mean, just look at that mug of Kanye West, how could you not share your results after seeing that? But really, this picture is important, so follow the size guidelines on that.

3. Result description. Be nice, but not cheesy. People tend to share their results more when they are complimented, but if you just lie to everyone that doesn’t help at all and actually decreases sharing.

4. Share buttons. Obviously you need these, you can customize the text that says “share your results” if you’d like as well.

4 copy

5. Follow up

1. Send thank you emails. If you collect email addresses, people expect to get a welcome email almost immediately. Don’t worry too much about bothering people by sending this extra email in addition to your weekly email, it’s more weird if you don’t send a confirmation than if you do.

2. Share the quiz again. There are a lot of good reasons for sharing content more than once.  What it boils down to is that social networks have restricted how many people will see each of your posts, so sharing multiple times will reach more people without really bothering anyone.

Make a Celebrity Personality Quiz for Free!

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