How to make a Coffee Match Maker Quiz

Coffee match maker quizzes generate leads at an average conversion rate of 36.7% and incraease coffee sales anywhere from 2x to 10x. It’s not something you want to miss out on, and with this guide it’s extraordinarily easy to create your own coffee match maker quiz.

  1. Copy the “Coffee Matchmaker Quiz” template into your interact account
  2. Style the quiz to match your brand
  3. Modify/swap out questions + logic
  4. Modify/add links to results
  5. Connect your email integration + segment leads
  6. Create follow-up email sequences for each quiz result

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Copy the “Coffee Matchmaker Quiz” template into your interact account

Click “Use this template” to load the pre-built coffee match maker quiz template into your interact account.

Style the quiz to match your brand

Once the quiz loads into your account, you can add your own brand styles and logo so it matches your company. Here are the most important elements to change.

  1. Change background color, leave it white or choose background color of your website
  2. Change font to match your website font
  3. Change button color to match your website button color
  4. Add your logo so it’s private labeled
  5. Change cover image using unsplash search function
quiz styles

Modify/swap out questions + logic

coffee match maker quiz question

Here is a list of coffee quiz questions you can pull from to build your quiz. We recommend 4-7 questions for a coffee match maker quiz. Below is a screenshot of how the logic works. Each answer choice correlates to one or more of the quiz outcomes (Coffee Matches). Whichever coffee match has the most correlations at the end of the quiz is the one that’s shown as your coffee match.

coffee match correlations

Which flavor profiles appeal to you?

  • Savory and rich, umami all the way
  • Call me strange, but I’m into bitter
  • Sweet, sweet, sweet, oh and sweet
  • Salty, give me some crunchy salty things

Which tasing notes sound good to you?

  • Apricot and Spice
  • Chocolate and coconut
  • Nutty and rich
  • Citrusy and sharp

Do you like your coffee black or with cream and sugar?

  • Black
  • With cream and sugar

Do you like the classic coffee taste or want to branch out?

  • I want my coffee to taste like coffee please
  • Give me some variety! open to trying new things

How do you make your coffee at home?

  • Coffee maker
  • French Press
  • Pour Over
  • Chemex
  • Cold Brew
  • Aeropress
  • Espresso Machine

Do you tend to like lighter or darker roasts?

  • Light roasts mostly
  • Light to medium
  • Medium to dark roasts
  • Dark roast all the time
  • I don’t know, help me pick

What type of coffee do you typically enjoy?

  • Single origin
  • Blends
  • Espresso
  • I don’t know

What is your coffee making experience level?

  • Beginner, just beginning to brew at home
  • Intermediate, I know my way around coffee making
  • Advanced, I heat my water to the exact degree and measure my beans

Have to ask, regular or decaf for you?

  • Regular
  • Decaf
  • Both

Let’s talk about texture, how do you like your coffee to feel?

  • Light and delicate
  • Heavy and syrupy
  • Somewhere in the middle

For aftertaste, what do you want your coffee to feel like?

  • Light with little or no aftertaste
  • Strong, with that rough-tongue feeling after
  • Somewhere in the middle

How strong do you like your coffee?

  • Very strong, the strongest
  • Mostly strong
  • Somewhere in the middle
  • Lighter/weaker
  • I’m not sure

Modify/add links to results

For each result, modify the text as you see fit and add links to your products. You can offer a discount for quiz takers which is both a great way to track ROI for your quiz and to increase sales.

Your Coffee Match: Ethiopian light roast

Here’s boilerplate copy you can modify a bit for your quiz (included in the Coffee Match maker quiz template)

Light, bold, bright, strong. Seemingly contradictory words, but for you they all make sense in tandem. Your life is all about living in the “yes and” space where you enjoy the highs and the lows, the ups as well as the downs.

This coffee reflects that personality because while it’s a light roast, it’s also strong and bold, not backing down to its counterparts.

Want to give it a try? Use code QUIZ15 for 15% off your first order

light roast quiz results

Your Coffee Match: Colombian Organic Medium Roast

Here’s boilerplate copy you can modify a bit for your quiz (included in the Coffee Match maker quiz template)

Like a point guard or team leader, you’re someone who can survey all the options and make your best choice from a higher vantage point.

This medium roast is a like a two-way player on a sports team who can adapt to any situation and thrive. It’s got notes of deep, rich dark chocolate but also lighter elements that brighten up the roast.

It can scale up and down depending on how your day is going, and fits right into any situation.

Want to give it a try? Use code QUIZ15 for 15% off your first order

medium roast result

Your Coffee Match: Arabica Organic Dark Roast

Here’s boilerplate copy you can modify a bit for your quiz (included in the Coffee Match maker quiz template)

Resilient, strong, and confident. These three words describe your coffee tastes, and more than likely your personality. The dark roast match is perfect for those who see life as an ever-ascending set of challenges to persist through and grow in.

Our dark roast is refined and robust, not gritty or lacking in refinement like you might imagine. It’s meant to be full-bodied and complete, without overwhelming the palate.

Ready to try it out? Use code QUIZ15 for 15% off your first order of Arabica Dark Roast

dark roast result

Your Coffee Match: Espresso Especial

Here’s boilerplate copy you can modify a bit for your quiz (included in the Coffee Match maker quiz template)

You are a purist, nothing can stand between you and the quality of the beans you enjoy. That’s why the Espresso Especial is a perfect match for you. It’s our purest roast and is meant to be enjoyed simply.

The Espresso Especial is on the lighter end of the spectrum for Espresso, we refined it many times to bring out the subtleties of the beans without sacrificing the full bodied nature of excellent Espresso.

If you’d like to give it a try, use code QUIZ15 for 15% off your first order of Espresso Especial

espresso result

Connect your email integration + segment leads

With most coffee quizzes, folks are using Klaviyo, so I’ll put a screenshot of what that connection looks like below. We have a full guide on integrating interact quizzes with Klaviyo, so I won’t go into too many details but the long and short of it is that you add people to a list in Klaviyo and then update a custom field with their quiz result (Coffee Match) so you can then create segments and trigger flows for each quiz outcome based on which segment someone is in.

In this case as you can see I’m adding everyone to my “Newsletter” list and then updating a custom field with their quiz result so I can trigger the welcome sequence based on that quiz result custom field.

coffee match maker quiz integration

Create follow-up email sequences for each quiz result

For each of your quiz results (recommended coffees) we recommend a 3-email welcome sequence before merging your new subscribers back into your main email list. Here is the templated content you can copy and paste into your emails, then modify to match your needs.

If you prefer to DIY, here’s the structure to follow.

There are three emails and they follow this structure.

  1. Send the person’s quiz results in an abbreviated version via email
  2. Tell the story of the roast that is recommended to the person
  3. Send a brewing guide for the recommended roast

Each email is ideally 1-2 paragraphs, with a call to action at the end, to either buy the roast with a discount, reply to the email, or check out a blog post.

Subject: Your Quiz Result is: [Ethiopian Single Origin]

Thanks for taking our quiz! based on your answer choices you got [Ethiopian light roast] as your result. That is a great outcome, one of our customers’ favorite roasts. With notes of honey and milk chocolate, it’s a great addition to every morning, or whenever you enjoy your coffee.

If you’d like to pick up a bag of the Ethiopian light roast, here’s a code for 10% off your first order [code is LIGHT]

Email 2: Send after 3 days. Tell the story of the recommended roast

Subject: The Story of your Ethiopian Light Roast

Hi [Name],

When you took our quiz, the recommendation was for an Ethiopian Light Roast, and I wanted to share some context on where that roast comes from. We’ve partnered with the Altelier Family in Ethiopia for the last 20 years to craft the perfect roast that we now deliver to you.

When we first met the Altelier family, it was through mutual friends, and we immediately connected over our shared OCD over getting coffee just right. On their end, it looks like decades of honing in growing practices that lead to the beans coming out in perfect uniform each crop. But there’s also so much art infused in the process because they use very little commercial equipment and still hand-trim the plants to ensure they’re in tip-top shape.

So basically by the time it reaches your cup there is a lot of thought already put into the coffee. And that’s why the Ethiopian Light Roast is always a fan favorite.

Still on the fence about trying the Ethiopian Light Roast? Get 10% off your oder with code [LIGHT]

Email 3: Send after 7 days. Send a brewing guide for recommended roast

Subject: Ethiopian Light Roast Brewing Guide

Hi [Name],

Wanted to share with you the best method we found for brewing a perfect cup of Ethiopian Light Roast.

The best preparation is a pour over, with water brewed to exactly 203 degrees (or boil water, then wait 90 seconds before pouring). Then follow these steps.

  1. Grind beans to fine-medium grind
  2. Wet paper filter before adding grounds to wash out the paper-y taste
  3. Add 3 tablespoons of grinds per 8 ounces of coffee
  4. Pour just enough water to wet grounds and let them “breath” for 30 seconds
  5. Then pour half the water needed to brew your coffee and let nearly filter through
  6. Finally, add the rest of the water and let coffee filter all the way through grounds
  7. Pour your cup and enjoy immediately! (once it is cooled off enough 🙂

Let us know how it goes! Just hit reply or post on Instagram and tag us @cozycoffeeco and we’ll re-share your post!

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