How to Make a Conditional Logic Quiz (Step by Step)

Quizzes with branching logic, conditional logic, or skip logic functions can exist in any industry. I want to show you step-by-step how to create one. Conditional logic quizzes can be incredibly advanced and you’ll be using the same methods I’m showing in this guide if you want to get really complex. 

For this guide I’ll show you a quiz with three branches to help someone find the right growth plan. We’ll start by looking at how the logic is built and then work backwards to actually creating the quiz and setting it up for lead generation. 

Here’s the guide in video form if you prefer that. 


  1. How to set up conditional logic 
  2. The best idea for your conditional logic quiz
  3. Writing the results of your conditional logic quiz
  4. Writing questions for your conditional logic quiz
  5. Creating an opt-in form for lead generation
  6. Promoting your conditional logic quiz

Create a branching logic quiz

Quickly set up conditional questions that branch based on people’s responses

How to set up conditional logic

We’ll start at the end and work backwards. Here’s what a finished product looks like for a conditional logic quiz mapping. In this case I have three main branches off of my quiz that lead to three distinct results. If someone doesn’t match up with any of my outcomes then I send them to a “I can’t help you result”

Here’s how the conditional logic flow works. 

  1. The first three questions are the same for everyone, you see them in order no matter what. I’m using these questions to gather information, not create branches. 
  2. For question 4:
    1. If you choose the first answer you move on to question 5
    2. If you choose the second or third answer you get the result “Know your customers”
  3. For question 5:
    1. If you choose the first answer you move on to question 6
    2. If you choose the second or third answer you get the result “Create a growth engine”
  4. For question 6:
    1. If you choose the first answer you get the result “You win! I honestly can’t help you”
    2. If you choose the second or third answer you get the result “Win back your time”

In practical terms the way my quiz works is that is a “Growth plan Generator” and my goal is to point people towards the right action so they can grow their companies. The first three questions of the quiz are just me learning about who my audience is. 

The fourth question asks if my quiz taker knows their customer very well. If they don’t then I recommend getting to know their customer as the Growth plan for them. 

The fifth question only shows if they know their customer very well. If they get there I will ask if they have a content creation plan in place. If they don’t then I recommend creating a content creation engine. 

The sixth question only shows if someone knows their customer very well and already has a content creation engine in place. If they have both of those things then I recommend winning their time back. 

If they don’t struggle with any of these three areas, which are the main areas I help with, then I don’t recommend anything because it is not an ideal fit customer for me. 

There are of course many iterations of conditional logic quizzes you can create. We’ve seen drone companies recommend one of 80 different drones based on branching maps. We’ve seen website builders recommend one of 148 templates based on branching. Our own branching logic quiz at interact recommends a quiz template with 48 different outcomes. 

If you want to test out our branching logic quiz builder you can sign up free and see if it works for your needs. 

The best idea for your conditional logic quiz

This is the question on everyone’s mind when they think about building a quiz. It’s why that is the quiz title we use for our own quiz at interact. The answer is simple. Whatever your customers come to you looking for an answer to is the title of your quiz. 

In this guide I’m going to be using my own business, where I help founders and marketers grow their businesses, as an example. For me, everyone has the same question “How do I grow?” and more specifically “What should I focus on to grow?”

Every business is different and your process will be, but the premise is the same. Whatever question your customers have on their minds, that’s the question your quiz should answer. 

Once I’ve identified the biggest question, my next step is to brainstorm quiz title ideas, for this I will write out 25 options and choose the one that resonates most either by instinct or testing with customers. 

Brainstorming quiz titles

  1. Where should you focus to grow your business?
  2. What should you focus on to grow your business?
  3. Where is your time best spent to grow your business?
  4. What does your business need to grow?
  5. How will your business grow?
  6. What strategy will grow your business fastest?
  7. What’s the best way to build your business?
  8. How should you spend your time to grow your business?
  9. Focus matters: Where should you put yours to build your business?
  10. What strategy is best to build your business?
  11. Tell me about your business and I’ll give you one strategy for growth
  12. Tell me about your business and I’ll give you my recommendation for how to grow
  13. Describe your company and I’ll tell you how to grow it
  14. Answer a few questions and I’ll tell you how to grow your business
  15. Looking to grow your business? Find the best path to growth
  16. Trying to grow your business? This quiz will tell you where to focus
  17. Not sure where to focus? Take this quiz to find the best growth strategy for your business
  18. Business growth quiz: identify the best growth strategy for your business
  19. What’s the best growth strategy for your business?
  20. Growth plan generator
  21. Identify the best way to grow your business
  22. Marketing plan generator
  23. How will your business grow?
  24. What’s the most direct path to grow your business?
  25. Stuck on growth? Take this quiz to find out how you can break through

Need a little help with your quiz?

Download the free guide on finding the best quiz topic and title and attract the right audience

Short description hook

There’s also a short description on the cover of your quiz. This is meant to entice people to take your quiz. Give a preview of the possible outcomes and build intrigue about what the quiz has to offer. 

Here’s what I wrote: Answer a few questions and our AI-human will generate a growth plan for your business.

Quiz results

The results of your quiz are the unique recommendations you want to make based on how someone progresses through the branches of your conditional logic quiz. Depending on which path they take you can show the result that is most relevant. 

In my example I have three results. I’ve listed them below so you can see how I formulate them. I have a video in each result along with 2-3 short paragraphs and then a button to learn more. That’s a solid format if you’re using your quiz as a popup. Generally you want to give some information in quiz results but not go too crazy. To learn more about creating quiz results check out our video on the topic. 

Result 1: Know your customers 

You’ll save yourself countless hours and grow faster if you have an extremely clearly defined strategy for defining your ideal customer and knowing who they are fully. Literally nothing else matters until this is done. 

Video: How to define your ideal customer fully

Result 2: Create a growth engine

You’ve got a solid handle on your customer base and now it’s time to grow! The basic growth marketing plan I’ve identified is at the core of any business growing with content is this. 

First, you identify all the questions your ideal customers have, things they’re trying to do, and what they care about.

Second, you create content consistently across the permanent platforms (Search, Video, Audio) answering those questions, solving problems, and talking about topics of interest. 

Watch the video above for an overview and if you’ve opted in I’ll be sending out more details over time. 

Video: Build a growth engine from scratch

Result 3: Win back your time

Time is the most valuable asset you have and you can’t ever get it back once spent. This is especially prescient for entrepreneurs because your time is always pulled in a million directions. Delegation and honing in on what matters are the two most important elements to winning your time back. 

I’ve covered the basics in the video above and will be sending out a lot more time management learnings in the newsletter. 

Video: Get time back as an entrepreneur

Result 4: You win! Honestly you’re further ahead than I am

You’ve surpassed me, so maybe I should work with you? I want to be honest when I am out of my league and if I’m in the minor leagues you’re an all-star in the major leagues. Feel free to hang out on my list and read content but I don’t want to waste your time trying to help with things I’m still learning. Cheers!

Quiz questions for your Conditional Logic Quiz

When writing out a quiz there are two types of questions you can include. 

  1. Questions that help with the logic of the quiz
  2. Questions for gathering psychographic information (interests, values, etc.)

In my quiz I have three psychographic questions and three questions for the logic. I recommend a mix like this so your quiz is engaging and draws people in while also getting to the point. Generally you don’t want more than 10 total questions in any quiz. 

  1. What stage of business are you at?
    1. Haven’t started yet, idea stage
    2. We’re live but don’t have customers yet
    3. We have revenue under $500k
    4. We’re in the $500k-$2M range
    5. We’re north of $2M/year in revenue!
  2. What’s your preferred method of growth?
    1. Inbound, self-service all the way!
    2. Sales-led with lots of in-person interactions
  3. What type of business do you run?
    1. I sell coaching or courses (internet products or services)
    2. I sell E-Commerce products
    3. I work in SAAS or B2B
  4. Do you know exactly who you sell to?
    1. Yes, I could talk for an hour straight about my ideal customer
    2. Sort of, I know roughly who they are
    3. Not really, we sell to lots of people and it’s not clear
  5. Do you have an inbound content engine?
    1. Yup, detailed, running smoothly, putting out 3-6 content pieces a week
    2. Somewhat? We put out blog posts fairly regularly
    3. That’s a no, we barely get to content after everything else
  6. Are you personally overwhelmed with work?
    1. Nah I’m good, get to do my favorite hobbies and take breaks all the time
    2. It comes in waves, sometimes good sometimes not so much
    3. Yah pretty much constantly, overwhelm is my middle name

Quiz Opt-in form Call to Action Best Practice

When someone finishes your quiz you’ll have a chance to ask if they’d like to opt-in for email follow-up. On average 40% of people who reach this step end up opting in so it’s a great lead generation tool. You’ll also be able to segment people based on which result they get in the quiz. 

We have a full set of best practices for opt-in forms but high level you want to let people know what benefit they get if they choose to opt-in and make sure it relates to the topic of the quiz. So in my case I tell people they can get my growth marketing newsletter if they choose to subscribe and the quiz is about building a growth plan so that makes sense. 

Opt-in form Headline: Get my weekly growth newsletter

Opt-in form Sub-Head: I’m leading growth at my company from $2.5M to $10M and send a weekly subscriber-only newsletter with what I learn. 

Website + Social Promotion

There are a whole variety of ways to promote your quiz. I won’t go in-depth here, click that link to check out the whole breakdown. What I do recommend is featuring the quiz prominently on your website. Either as a delayed popup, slide-in, or announcement bar/menu item. The best traffic to see your quiz is people who are on your site because they’ve shown enough interest to want to engage further and check out what you have to offer. The perfect spot to show a quiz and take the relationship to email. 

Go and make your own Conditional Logic Quiz!

With interact you can create a conditional logic like the one I showed or something much more complex. We also have strategy experts available if you want to speak with someone about mapping out your quiz. 

Using conditional logic is a great way to offer up the right thing to the right person at the right time, it puts you on par with the big players in tech without big spend.

Offer the right thing at the right time to your audience

Create your own quiz with conditional logic and customize to your customer’s specific needs

What is the best quiz for you business?

Quizzes are super effective for lead generation and selling products. Find the best quiz for your business by answering a few questions.

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