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Sometimes you just want to know if you’re right without having to wait. Instant gratification is the name of the game, and Interact will let you make that game. In this short tutorial, I’ll walk through just how to set up your first correct answer quiz.

1. Choose the multiple choice option. 

Correct answer quizzes fall under the multiple choice category. You can do either true/false or a full set of multiple choice answers. Technically your questions can have unlimited answers, but I recommend sticking with 4-6 responses to each question. That will give you enough options to have good alternatives and make the quiz somewhat difficult without inundating people with tons of answer choices.



2. Set up the quiz design

Design makes all the difference (ok, not actually all, but a lot). A good looking quiz is more likely to get shared on social sites and on average gets a lot more views. If you want your quiz to “go viral” make sure it’s attractive.



3. Select the “show correct answers” option

There’s a radio button to show correct answers immediately after each question. There’s also an option to show all the correct answers at the end of a quiz, but right now we’re worried about giving immediate feedback so we’ll focus on this option. All you have to do is select that option and move on to the next step.



After writing each question, you’ll have a chance to explain yourself. This is your opportunity to tell people why the correct answer is right (and they are so very, very wrong). Seriously though, let people down easy, insulting your quiz takers is a sure-fire way to ensure it never becomes a popular quiz.


4. Preview and publish. 

Once you’re happy with your quiz, just publish and embed!



To make a correct answer quiz, head to

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