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Quizzes as lead magnets are highly effective. Brands are using interactivity to engage potential customers and generate leads in droves. With Interact all of those leads are automatically connected to email marketing and marketing automation programs for instant, personalized follow-up, which makes them deliver strong ROI.

We get a lot of questions about how exactly to go about setting up a quiz for lead generation, so below is a guide that covers all of the content guidelines for the ideal personality quiz designed to capture leads.

We got tons of leads–more than any other “lead magnet” we’ve tried and we’ve tried a TON. – Hayley M. // Wildly, Co.

Quiz Idea

The first key to any quiz idea is to make it about the person taking the quiz. We are all narcissists to some degree and we want to know about ourselves. Thus, the ideal title for any quiz is “Which (Blank) are you?” so anything along the lines of “Which Style are You?” or “Which Famous Human Rights Hero are You?” is perfect.

The second key to a good quiz is finding a mix between entertainment and practicality. Because you’ll be using the quiz to capture leads, you don’t want to stray to far from your core business with the idea but you also don’t want to make it boring. The sweet spot is when you find a quiz that does both perfectly – I.E. a company selling digital training courses for salespeople running a “What’s Your Negotiating Style?” quiz. (P.S. that one’s available as a template on interact)

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Quiz Questions

The questions of an interactive quiz are what makes the quiz “human” and a huge part of the reason why quizzes work so well to generate leads. Within the questions you are able to have a scripted conversation with the person who is taking the quiz and build up a rapport that can be utilized to ask for a lead once that person finishes your quiz.

In order to make the most of your opportunity to connect directly with potential customers through quiz questions, here are the rules of engagement.

1. Speak like a human

No one wants to answer robot questions. We actually ran a study and found that the more you use personal pronouns like “I, you, and we” the more views your quiz will get on average. That’s because we use those types of words a lot in our daily lives and it feels much more natural to answer a question like “How would you describe yourself?” than it does to answer a question like “Describe yourself”

2. Let people talk about themselves

40% of the words we’ll say in our lifetimes are about ourselves. That sounds narcissistic, and it is, but doesn’t make it any less true. There are actually neurons that fire off in our brains when we talk about ourselves that give us good feelings. We really like to blab about our own person, and your questions should encourage people to talk about themselves.

3. Have 6-10 questions

You want people to spend 2 minutes on your quiz, which is about how long it takes to answer 6-10 questions, depending on how long the questions are and what format they are in. If you anticipate mostly mobile traffic (which a lot of quizzes get), then you’ll want to keep the number of questions closer to 6.

4. Use image answers

All 100 of the top 100 Interact quizzes have at least one question with image answers. This format provides visual representations of each answer choice which makes the quiz so much more appealing at a glance and easier to progress through.

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Quiz Lead Capture form

After a quiz taker answers all the questions, they’ll be presented with a form to opt-in in order to see their results (often it’s an optional form). This is where you get an opportunity to capture contact information and send it to our integration partners.

1. Give people a reason to opt-in that’s not just to see results

It can be a discount, advice based on your personality, or a free consultation, etc. Whatever it is, just give people some incentive other than just seeing the quiz results.

2. Tell people how/why you’ll be contacting them

It’s better to be up-front about what you’ll be sending to people or how you’ll be contacting them after they opt in then to leave it ambiguous. You only want people to opt-in because they like your business.

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Quiz Personalities

After someone opts in, or even if they choose to skip that step, they are immediately taken to see their quiz results within the same quiz module. This is where the real payoff comes for the quiz taker, who has built up anticipation as to which personality they are. In order to make sure people are satisfied with their personality type, follow the rules below.

1. Have a good hero image

This is the first thing people will notice when they see their quiz results, and it’s very important that the image not only accurately represents the personality type, but also that it is just a high quality photo (when people share their quiz results, this photo also gets shared)

2. Write a short description

You want the short description to be 3-4 sentences, and always positive. You can make every result positive without lying by only focusing on the good aspects of a personality when you write the description. For example, if you tell someone they are a big truck, focus on the strength and durability of the truck, not the lumbering, slow nature of a big truck.

3. Include outbound links to personalized pages

Quizzes are highly effective at helping people experience your website in a personalized way. You’ll want to point people to a relevant resource that matches up to their personality.

4. Have social share buttons prominent

Quizzes are highly share-able, people will post their results to Facebook and Twitter given the opportunity, give them that opportunity.

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Promotion Strategies

A quiz can only convert people into leads if they actually see the quiz. We’ve identified two primary channels through which to promote your quizzes and below is exactly how to utilize both options.

1. Facebook ads

The #1 way people promote quizzes today is through Facebook ads. Because people on Facebook are already inclined to take quizzes (2 of the top 5 publishers on Facebook for 2015 were quiz-heavy content sites), they will click on quizzes posed as ads. Below is how to best utilize quizzes as ads to generate leads.

1. Target an existing audience

The best and most consistent results we’ve seen when promoting quizzes on Facebook is to run them as ads against an existing audience you have set up within Facebook advertising tools. This way you can quickly see the increase in conversions you’ll get from running a quiz (and with Interact you can integrate with Facebook to track conversions on quizzes from Facebook ad clicks).

2. Promote a page on your website where the quiz is embedded

You always want to point people back to a page on your website where the quiz is embedded to take the quiz, rather than sending them directly to the quiz by itself. This way you’ll give people the opportunity to navigate to other pages should they choose to, and it increases brand awareness.

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2. Website link

Quizzes are being used in a highly effective way as simple website links that are placed on the home page of sites. You can think of them as a replacement or augment to the standard “subscribe to our newsletter” box that every website has (but most people instinctually overlook).

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