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Pubs and trivia go together like beer and pretzels. Here is how you can create your own pub quiz for your website with Interact!

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The pub quiz is a staple in European pubs, in the UK alone. more than 22,000 quizzes occur each week, and quiz nights consistently bring in the largest sales for many pubs. A few times recently, customers of Interact have contacted me asking how to turn their pub quizzes into online versions they can share with people who don’t make it to the in-person events.

After giving some tips, we had our first success story from Trainer Baade in Germany, their 40-question online pub quiz was taken 7,847 times and 45 people chimed in to comment on the quiz – not bad for an online secondary, and they also reported that the quiz increased the in-person attendance for subsequent quiz nights at their actual pub.

So it works pretty swimmingly, now let’s get down to how creating a pub quiz to put on your website and social media actually works. There are a few steps to perfection.

Step .5: Come up with a quiz idea

You may already have a quiz done but just want to put it online, in that case skip this step. If you are looking for a quiz idea, here are a few that our customers have come up with for your use.

-Famous faces quiz: “Do you know who this is?” can be applied to politics, sports, or entertainment

-Sports quiz: “How much do you know about your team?” is just one example, you can also quiz people about the events that occurred within a year for a sports league.

-News quiz: There’s always news, so this is an evergreen topic for your pub quizzes, especially online where it’s easy to aggregate news and make questions about it.

Step 1: Formulate the questions for an online format

In an actual pub, teams write their answers in, but online you can’t do and provide the correct answers immediately (you don’t have someone there to score every quiz). That means in your quiz you’ll need to come up with answers that are incorrect along with the correct answers that are obviously one of the choices for each question. It helps to have a good knowledge of the subject when thinking of wrong answers, but if you really don’t know about the subject, just Google it and find some similar but wrong answers for each question.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 4.31.33 PM

Step 2: Input questions and answers to Interact

This part’s not rocket science once you know what kind of questions you want to ask. The Interact quiz builder just have an input where you type in the question and the possible answers, checking a box for the correct one. (just like the screenshot below). The difficult part is writing questions if you don’t yet have them, and I’ll go into that below.

input quiz questions

Tips for writing quiz questions

This is a bit odd because I usually tell people to follow the Pub Rule, which says that you shouldn’t ask any quiz question that you wouldn’t ask in a pub, but since we’re already talking about a Pub Quiz here, that doesn’t really make sense. So here are the real tips I have for writing your quiz questions.

-Act like you’ve had a few: No one wants a well-scripted Pub Quiz question – brashness and a bit of goofiness are definitely in order for a good set of questions.

-Use images: there is a strong correlation between images in quizzes and the amount of traffic they end up getting. Make sure you use high quality images, we have a list of free sites for finding images here if you want a hand with that.

-Shorten it up: In a live Pub Quiz setting there’s a lost of alcohol and competition to keep people interested. Online, when only one person is taking a quiz at a time, you don’t have those same benefits so you need to shorten the quiz up. Ideally that means around 10 questions, but sometimes it can be more (our example quiz here has 40)

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 4.31.45 PM

Optional, show correct answers after each question

One additional thing you can do for each quiz question is tell people whether they got it right or wrong immediately after they answer the question. Sometimes this helps keep people interested throughout a quiz, but other times it prevents people from finishing your quiz, so if you really need people to get to the results I’d recommend not showing this screen.

When you do show this screen and reveal the correct answers immediately after each question, you get a chance to explain why that answer is either right or wrong. This is an important place to be somewhat thorough as you don’t want to piss people off by not fully explaining the correct option.

quiz correct answers

Step 3:  Show the results of the quiz

Based on how people answered the quiz questions, Interact will automatically calculate and print out the score of what the person got. Then you also get a chance to add an image and give the result a title and description. With the Pub Quiz format, it’s not imperative to really include anything except that link I mentioned. You want to make sure and link out to your website.

If we are talking about a real pub putting real Pub Quizzes on their social media profiles, these links pointing back to your site can get people to your domain and in the door for your next physical event, without them people might not ever associate the quiz with your site or Pub.

pub quiz result

Step 4: Share on your website and social profiles

We have a whole tutorial on how to embed your quiz. We also have a guide on how to share your quiz. I’m going to embed the quiz that we’ve been following right here in this post because that’s by far the best way to see how it really works. Feel free to take it, but it’s in German.

The advantage to having the quiz embedded on your site rather than using a link we provide you with is that you get to have all the interaction (comments and such) be on your website where people can search around, read other posts, or buy things from you. The screenshot below is from the Trainer-Baade quiz we’ve been following (that’s embedded right above us). You can see it was quite popular with the comments and people really enjoyed it.

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 4.33.14 PM

That’s the basics of making a successful online Pub Quiz. If you’ve run them successfully in person it should be a breeze for you, and adding them to your online presence can really boost your in-house attendance and in turn bring in more revenue.

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