How To Make A Quiz About Your Favorite Country (Mine is North Korea)

Before you start reading, why don’t you take the quiz down below before we break it down. See how much you actually do know about the DPRK! Recently North Korea has created quite a stir in the media. With Sony’s database systems being hacked and the release of a lot of information with it, the […]

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Before you start reading, why don’t you take the quiz down below before we break it down. See how much you actually do know about the DPRK!

Recently North Korea has created quite a stir in the media. With Sony’s database systems being hacked and the release of a lot of information with it, the government itself had determined that a group of North Koreans were behind the attack and tightened up sanctions against the country because of it. All was from a movie called ‘The Interview’ into which two comedic characters played by James Franco and Seth Rogan are recruited by the CIA to assassinate Kim Jong Un on their trip to the hermit kingdom to interview him.

This is a widely talked about subject as it seems about once a month North Korea is doing something to get themselves into the media. Whether they detail a desire to nuke the United States, the fact that they have developed more rockets, or hack into the secure databases of South Koreas banks, you can expect the country and Kim Jong Un to pop up on your daily news reading at least once.

With all this attention, I feel like there is a lot of different material we could create a North Korean quiz on. You could do bizarre facts about the country, the lives of the people there, the way they have been building in Pyongyang, or the erroneous true facts about the Dear Leader himself, Kim Jong-Un. I’m going to go ahead and choose the last idea I presented, because an interesting, fun, shareable quiz could easily be created with that idea. So let’s collect ourselves to make a quiz called ‘How well do you know the Kim family?’

To make this quiz, first we need to get some great facts on the Kim dynasty. If you aren’t familiar with who that is, the father of present day North Korea is Kim Il-Sung, who ruled the country at its beginnings after the Korean war. The second is his son, Kim Jong Il, and the third and current leader of North Korea is his son, Kim Jong Un. There are many great facts about all three of the men, so let’s write them down below and see how we could make questions out of them. Now I’m not saying many or any of these claims are true, but we’re going to list them like they are.

1. Kim Jong Il never flew.
2. Kim Jong Il is 5 feet 2 inches tall.
3. He drank $750,000 worth of cognac each year.
4. Kim Jong-Un admires and is ‘great friends’ with Dennis Rodman.
5. Kim Jong-Un became head of the state at age 28, and is currently the world’s youngest head of state.
6. Kim Jong-Un has a Nike sneakers fetish.
7. Kim Jong-Un attended school earlier on in life in Switzerland.
8. There are estimated to be 34,000 statues of Kim Jong Il in the country.
9. Kim Jong Il holds the record for best score in a round of golf, 38 under par with 11 holes in one. He then immediately retired from the sport.
10. He is known as the supreme leader, dear leader, and generalissimo.

Alright, so now that we have ten facts about the Kim family, let’s go ahead and turn them into questions we could ask in a quiz.

1. What kind of travel was Kim Jong-Il deathly afraid of?
2. What was Kim Jong-Il’s height?
3. How much cognac did Kim Jong-Il drink yearly?
4. Which basketball player does Kim Jong-un admire the most and calls himself a ‘great friend’ of?
5. At what age did Kim Jong Un become the head of state in North Korea?
6. Which sneaker brand is Kim Jong-Un’s absolutely favorite?
7. Where did Kim Jong Un attend elementary school?
8. How many statues of Kim Jong-Il are there estimated to be in the country?
9. What is the score of Kim Jong-Il’s best round of golf?
10. What is name you wouldn’t call any of the leaders?

Now when it comes to the results, on a quiz like this you have to have a little fun. Since the subject matter is unique and slightly ridiculous, we can create a bit of humor into what we call people who get certain scores. Let’s just take a look at the two extremes.

Let’s start with the lowest of answering between 0 and 2 correct. I found an image of DPRK citizens crying after Kim Jong-Il’s death a few years ago. This is a bit of a humorous image to us, because we couldn’t fathom over crying or being that upset when a leader of our country has passed away, but to them it was a 100% serious matter. Since this is the lowest answer, I called the individual a Shameful Citizen. North Korea has been known to have shamed its citizens when they do something wrong, and so that is how I perceived the country would treat the individual who didn’t know anything about their leaders.

On the top part of things, those who score between 9-10 correct, I called them Pyongyang Elites. All of the people who live in the capital city are ‘privileged’ citizens since they are blessed to live in such a highly sought after place.

So now that the quiz is laid out and we spent the time creating it, one of the bigger issues we’ve seen in marketing is getting the traffic to be funneled through your website. If this quiz becomes quite popular, it will most likely be shared many times on Facebook. The thing is though, how can we manage to get that traffic coming from Facebook to our website rather than simply taking the quiz, seeing the result and then leaving?

The unique thing we have about this quiz is its subject matter. North Korea can be a really interesting topic for people because of how bizarre the country is to us in the western world. After some of the mind-blowing facts we present in our quiz it might be easy to get someone to continue on to our website with an interesting link.

Maybe something along the lines of ‘Liked these mind-blowing facts you just learned? Well we’ve got more’ as a link. This continues to satisfy the users want for my facts after they might have been taken a bit aback by what they just read about the country, and how it couldn’t possibly be true.

It’s a problem that we often run into with people who may want to try to link back more to their website rather than just collecting emails through the quiz themselves. Another option would be to embed the quiz into an article on your site, instead of just having the quiz stand-alone. This makes sense in most circumstances, as in order to take the quiz the users have to go to where it is in your site. Therefore the quiz is surrounded by your content, your ads, and branded to look as if it’s just another thing in your site. This is most attractive to many of the people that use our software, because it gives it the perception of blending in, and not some random third party iframe that is set inside of the site.

This speaks to continuity, which creates a smooth reading and user experience from the moment a consumer comes to your site. That way the traffic comes in and stays in, and isn’t immediately directed somewhere else once they’re finished with the quiz or when they start it. Having them surrounded by your content gives you the most control, and that is what we should all be aiming for in marketing platforms such as this.

So in wrapping up, what we’ve created here is a fun, interactive, and actually interesting quiz. You have a great subject matter that is being talked about widely these days, fun results when you finish, and a few methods to have users link back to your website when they’re done, or try to keep them around for even longer. Combining all of these things is sure to create a successful quiz campaign.

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