How to Make a Quiz About Which Credit Card You Should Get

Nowadays there are hundreds of different credit cards, with many reasons why a single consumer would want to obtain of them. Different types of rewards, points, cash, or low APR are many of the different avenues in which banks try to get you to use their services through credit cards. If we were attempting to […]

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Nowadays there are hundreds of different credit cards, with many reasons why a single consumer would want to obtain of them. Different types of rewards, points, cash, or low APR are many of the different avenues in which banks try to get you to use their services through credit cards.


If we were attempting to make a quiz that would analyze a users answers and choose a certain credit card or type of credit card they would want to obtain, we would have to ask them plenty of questions about what they’re interested in and what rewards and bonuses they might be wanting to get out of the card. Ultimately there are a lot of different reasons that someone will get a credit card, but we can zoom in on a few to get a really good idea. Let’s see how we might go through this process with making a quiz in mind.

First, we need to cover the bases of things we need to learn about the consumer who is taking the quiz. A few of the things we want to know might be:

  1. What kind of rewards are they looking for in the card?
  2. Do they ever carry a balance?
  3. Do they know/what is their credit score?
  4. How many credit cards do they currently have?
  5. Which bank do they currently bank with?

When we lay out what we need to know about the consumer, it makes it easier for us to create the questions that will be on the quiz. These things we need to know can easily be translated into questions with multiple answers.

Which creditcard to use?

1. What kind of rewards are you looking for in a credit card?

2. Do you ever carry a balance?

3. Do you know what your credit score is?
Not sure
Under 600

4. How many credit cards do you currently have?

5. Which bank do you currently bank with?
Bank of America
Wells Fargo
A Credit Union

These questions are let us know who their bank relationship is with, whether or not they have a good credit score, and generally what they’d be looking for in a card. With this in mind, we can shorten their pool of credit cards, but a few more specific questions might help us out in choosing a card or two specifically for them.

If they like to travel, knowing which airline they mainly travel with who obviously be a huge help, and could even almost point us straight to the card we should recommend to them. If they’re looking for just cash rewards, then we can zone in easily on the cards that offer that. If they want general points they can shop with or transfer around, we can make assumptions based on that. Knowing whether they spend the most on travel, groceries or gas can also lead them to view specific cards. Here are a few ways we can word out those questions.


1. What will you use the rewards for?
Gift Cards
Money Back

2. What airline do you mainly travel with when you fly?

3. Which of these do you spend the most amount of money on?

So far, we have 8 pretty solid questions to ask our quiz takers to learn all we can about them and spit them out a credit card or two. If we were to settle with the questions we currently have, how to we curate the answers to match as well as we’d like?

Well we need to pick our answers first. Maybe we are part of a specific bank and so we need to list the credit cards our bank has to offer. I’m going to go across a few different types of banks, with some credit cards that I’ve had or enjoyed as examples.

Let’s have each answer spit out one card for simplicity’s sake. Sometimes in cases like this quiz, we might want to have the answers suggest multiple cards with each person’s results, but for sake of the example we’ll only do one.


Here are the list of cards you can get using our quiz.

Chase United MileagePlus
Chase Southwest
Chase Freedom
Citi AAdvantage
Amex Gold Premier Rewards
Amex Delta SkyMiles
Bank of America Cash Rewards
Wells Fargo Rewards Visa

So let’s talk about how we would do the matching. Since we’re only going towards one specific card, answering only a couple questions a certain way would land us on a single card.

If they are interested in cash rewards, they would get points that would turn them towards the cash cards we have listed and make it harder for them to receive a points based card. From there, we could look at current banking relationships and which category they spend the most in to determine which card they should get. Some cash cards offer extra percentage back for certain categories, so we could appeal to the user that way.

If a quiz taker states that they carry a balance, we could almost immediately go to our Capital One Low APR card, since that is the card we’re focusing on for people who need that option with their credit.

If a person states they travel, then we can use which airline they choose as a means for giving them a certain card. If they generally travel across the board, we could point them towards a points card that has available transfer partners to certain airlines as it’s a more general travel point card and is a bit more flexible.


So now that we have the logistics out of the way, how can we build the quiz successfully? With a combination of images, proper words and making sure the user understands each question well, we can create a quiz that ensures completion.

When we start building the quiz, we are creating a personality quiz. What that basically means is that every question we have doesn’t have a completely correct answer, but an answer that pertains to the person taking the quiz.

When we’re writing our quiz title and description, we want it to catch the reader’s attention in a clear way. Normally having the title state a question that the user might be asking themselves is a great way to make sure they click through. With the description, we want to provide some reinforcement to our title.


We then can create the questions and add correlated responses to them. It’s mostly obvious which answers should point to which card, but there are also some to think about a bit more. If someone indicates that they have a lower credit score, I set up the quiz to point them towards the Wells Fargo rewards card, as this gives them a more likely chance to qualify. If your credit score is average, in the upper 600s or low 700s, you could really go for any of these cards in the right circumstances so I actually have them correlate to no response at all.

After sorting the responses, we have a great quiz that can be used to see which credit card correlates to your needs! Give a try below or try making one for yourself here.

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