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Quizzes are an excellent way to increase interaction with your conference attendees and ensure that they have an excellent time. I don’t have to tell you that a conference takes a lot of time and money to put on, and all of that focus is really driven towards the people who are attending, without them your conference would be quite dull.

I’ve found that it often works best to show examples of quizzes that have worked for others in order to explain how new customer should use quizzes for their own events. Without further ado, here are 3 pretty genius ways event producers have used quizzes, and how you can follow in their footsteps.

1. EdNET conference

The education networking conference held annually in Baltimore, Maryland, attracts education professionals and renowned speakers from around the world. It is a massive production put on by MDR, and takes place over a long weekend.

As part of the promotional campaign for 2014′s conference, EdNET put together a fun quiz titled “What type of EdNET attendee are you?”

ednet 1


The quiz is fun, and more importantly, it caters to conference goers. The questions are somewhat specific to EdNET, but very specific to conference attendees in general. It’s also just a fun quiz to take, the questions make you think a bit and are certainly a welcome distraction from conference attendees workdays.

ednet 2


At the end of the quiz, you are presented with your attendee type, along with a link to sign up for the conference. This quiz was a smart marketing strategy, it seems difficult to get social conversations about a conference going before the conference actually starts, but this quiz did just that.

ednet 3


In addition to just giving quiz takers’ their results, EdNET used the quiz analytics to create the fun infographic below, as a further method for promoting the upcoming conference.

ednet quiz

2. Kansas City Public Library

Public libraries put on a lot of events that more people should go to. From building awesome things to learning amazing facts about history, they run programs all year round and most are completely free to the public. It’s a shame that more kids don’t get involved in these programs, preferring to stay at home and play games.

If only there was a way to integrate a game into getting kids into library activities…

There is, it’s a quiz, I’ll tell you about it.

The Kansas City Public Library is quite possibly the coolest library of all time. The home page of their website is a quiz that gets switched out every week. These quizzes are personality type quizzes that help people find the right activities to attend or books to read – it’s awesome.



If putting quizzes on the front page of your library website wan’t cool enough, the library takes it a step further by writing quiz questions that are the perfect blend of fun and goofy, but they also genuinely help you find the event that fits your personality.

kckpl 2


After answering a series of questions, which really just feels like a game, you are presented with the type of event that best fits your personality. There is also a link to go register for that event. Kansas City Library runs a new quiz every single week, constantly providing up-to-date information on their events in the least boring way a library has ever announced events.

kckpl 3

3. Mindware Educational Seminars

How do you go about promoting an educational seminar that also takes you on a Safari through Africa? with a quiz of course. From Mindware Educational seminars comes an excellent example of using a quiz for an event that is a bit off the wall (it’s in Africa).

mindware 1


The quiz builds hype by asking people how much they know about the locations where the safari will take place. As you know, a big part of any conference is the personal experience, and in this case that experience is extra special.

mindware 2


After clicking on pictures of animals (which is really fun), you are presented with a result that just tells you how well you did on the quiz and then provides a link to register for the seminar. This quiz is simple, but it provides a fun experience that’s sprinkled with information about the seminar. It’s a great mix of entertainment and selling.

mindware 3


We’ve really enjoyed working with conference promoters to create fun experiences for attendees. Quizzes are just plain fun, and when you can tie them into events they are even better. We are continuing to learn new ways to use quizzes in the event industry, and hopefully our examples help spark your creativity.

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