How to make a quiz for your marketing business

This guide will follow an example from, a site that does marketing for small brick-and-mortar businesses, and made a great quiz. Part 1: Creating/Writing the quiz Topics: Picking a topic for your quiz is different than coming up with ideas for blog posts because a quiz can encompass so much more. You can use […]

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This guide will follow an example from, a site that does marketing for small brick-and-mortar businesses, and made a great quiz.

Part 1: Creating/Writing the quiz


Picking a topic for your quiz is different than coming up with ideas for blog posts because a quiz can encompass so much more. You can use a quiz to help readers find the perfect blog post to read, learn something about themselves, or answer a question.

In general, the best quizzes are introspective and answer important questions.


Quiz titles are responsible for drawing in 80% of your audience. Now I know people throw around stats like this all the time, and it’s hard to believe, but give me a second to explain. A vast majority of quiz traffic (over 75%) comes from Facebook and Twitter, and when you share quizzes on those networks the quiz title is pretty much all you see. (well, except for the massive image)

rachel ray facebook (sorry for the Rachael Ray reference in an article about marketing and sales, but let’s not kid ourselves, she is an excellent saleswoman). So titles are super important, but how do you come up with one? The key is to use the quiz logic to your advantage in order to create the most compelling of titles. Only quizzes have the ability to really delved into what your audience is doing and give them a personalized result, and your title should reflect that.

Let’s look at the example below from our Booker case study, it’s titled “What’s Your Holiday Theme?” and is a quiz to help spa owners decide what way they should decorate their businesses. The quiz title works well because it helps the Booker audience with something that’s important to them (holidays are a big season for pampering), and it also ties into the current season (holidays).

If you can get your quiz to answer a real, burning question on your customers’ minds, you’ve got a winner, and if you pair it with a current event or big happening, double points! (we’re not actually keeping score)

booker 1


Each question should be its own game, serving as entertainment without any outside help. That way, when you pile a few questions together you get a full interactive and enjoyable experience that delights your readers. To make sure his happens, do these things.

  • Make it fun: A great quiz question is one you want to answer just because it’s enjoyable. The example below is a great example of this. All it says is “Which Photo do you like best?” and then goes on two show some fun and goofy pictures. The great thing about quizzes is that you can use the correlations within the personality scoring system to make this a question that legitimately leads to different results.
  • Speak to a person: One thing that a lot of people forget when writing quizzes is that they aren’t talking to an audience. Only one person will take your quiz at a time, and it’s more like a conversation than a public address. I always tell people to think of one person who they know would really like their quiz and speak directly to that person. Writing like this will set the tone for your entire quiz and ensure the questions are on point.
  • Get personal: Continuing off the last point about speaking to a person, don’t be afraid to ask personal questions in your quiz. People like talking about themselves (60% of what you’ll say your entire life is about yourself), and quizzes that ask personal questions do very well.

booker 2

Lead generation:

If you skipped to this part because your boss won’t stop telling you to “Get more ROI from content,” then I have good news for you. Quizzes can achieve 50% opt-in rates, but that’s only if you do it right. Let’s look at the example from Booker and go over best practices for a lead generation form on your quiz.

The call to action on this quiz is two-fold. First, if you opt-in you’ll get a holiday guide for free, which is great because it ties into the quiz content that surrounds it. Second, you’ll get to see your quiz results, which works well because you’ve already invested time into taking the quiz and don’t want to walk away empty handed.

Now the original reason why quiz calls-to-action work so well is because quizzes are a form of gated content (where there is an opt-in “gate” before the quiz results). However, that alone won’t get you an amazing conversion rate, you should also sweeten the pot with a freebie offer that is correlated to the topic of your quiz.

booker 3


This result is the reason someone clicked on your quiz, answered all of your questions, and maybe even put in their contact information – but no pressure.

Actually, writing quiz results is pretty simple, you just have to be a nicer version of yourself (not that you’re not already a nice person). Quiz results should be very positive, and we have data showing that positive results end up getting shared more (you wouldn’t post a negative result on Facebook, would you?)

To stay positive, pick out one or two things that are genuinely good about each quiz result and focus on them, avoid anything that might be negative. This way you can remain honest and also feed people’s desire for affirmation (we all have it, don’t lie to yourself).

The other thing to remember with quiz results is to include a link for more information. Once you show someone a quiz result, they are very curious about what it all means, and would actually welcome a link to click on, don’t miss that opportunity to continue engaging with potential customers!

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Part 2: Sharing/promoting the quiz

So I’m just going to drop this here and leave it for you. We have a separate guide that runs through all the ways to share a quiz on various social networks as well as embed it on your site, but the important thing to remember is this diagram below.

setting up a quiz with Interact will allow you to achieve a “closed loop” sharing system which is extremely important with so much quiz traffic coming form social networks.



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