How to make a quiz online in less than 5 minutes

So you want a quiz on your site to start collecting optins, but don’t want to go through the process of writing it, figuring out how to implement it, and connecting it to your email program. In our research, it turns out that it takes nearly two days of having a programmer work to get […]

Make Your Own Quiz For Free

So you want a quiz on your site to start collecting optins, but don’t want to go through the process of writing it, figuring out how to implement it, and connecting it to your email program. In our research, it turns out that it takes nearly two days of having a programmer work to get a good quiz set up, two days that are expensive and time consuming. That’s why we’ve created the easiest way to create and implement a quiz.

Step 1: Come up with a subject

There are a couple of things to get right when it comes to the subject of your quiz. First and foremost, the quiz has to be relevant to your audience. Luckily, you can set up a quiz to appeal to a range of people instead of just a few, but that doesn’t mean you can sacrifice the relevancy overall. To discover what kinds of quizzes your audience is interested in there are a couple of things to do.

-Scour twitter by typing “quiz + your subject” into the search bar

-Send out an email with a survey asking people which kind of quiz they might be interested in (out of a few options)

Once you’ve got a subject for your quiz, grab the quiz template that most closely resembles it. At Interact we’ve got a lot of templates available so there should be one that matches what you’ve got in mind. By using templates, you can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes to create a new quiz (less than 5 minutes, I promise)


Step 2: Come up with a title that draws people in

Once you’ve got your quiz template, it’s time to start editing it to match your style. We’ve found that quizzes do best when they are written in the same style as the site from which they originate. Feel free to use your voice, your humor, your snarkiness.

Much ado has been made about how to write titles and the result is that there’s no magic formula, although some things do work better than others. Generally you want a title that’s very personal for a quiz and promises to reveal something about the quiz taker if they’ll take the time to answer the questions. Check out this graphic showing the way that Buzzfeed has named their quizzes in comparison to others and you can see that making things obsessively personal is a sure-fire way to get clicks.

I personally still like the Upworthy method of writing down 25 possible headlines and then choosing the best two or three and split testing them. By writing down an enormous number of possible titles, you’ll be forced to think outside the box and get creative.

quiz titles


Step 3: Lay out fun quiz questions: The sweet spot for the number of questions on a quiz is between 6 and 15. When writing quiz questions, be absolutely sure to avoid cliches. By cliches I mean the “never, sometimes, all the time” set of answers. The modern quiz has to constantly fight against its natural association with school. The last thing you want it to remind people of their schooling days when they are taking your quiz.

Once you’ve selected your quiz template, you can edit the questions to match your style of writing. All questions are editable but you don’t have to edit them.


Step 4: Connect your email list to collect optins (optional)

One amazing feature about Interact is the ability to collect optin email addresses before showing the results of your quiz. Interact quizzes integrate with all the major email marketing programs. All you have to do is sign in to your account and select the list you’d like to use. I would personally recommend setting up a new list just for your quiz. That way you can send targeted emails to quiz takers who optin based off the quiz itself.


Step 5: Set up your quiz results so people want to share them

I’m proud to announce that after working with over 1000 quizzes, we’ve finally figured out the optimal way to set up quiz results. First, you want a compelling image (celebrities work great). Second, you want a short description (that is always positive) and third, you want a headline to each quiz result that’s highly shareable. The goal with the results of a quiz is to get your quiz takers to share what they got so you can drive more traffic back to your quiz.

For the image, faces work great because people like to see other people (isn’t that funny). For the short description, use persuasive writing techniques to make your description as believable as possible without being insincere. For the headline to your result, refer back to writing headlines.

All results can be edited in the same module where you edited your quiz questions in the previous step. Many templates will already have images and descriptions, so all you have to do is edit if you’d like to.


Step 6: Embed your quiz everywhere

When you finish creating your quiz, you’ll be taken to a page that has an embed code and social share buttons. I would encourage sharing the quiz on all platforms possible. Sometimes a quiz will be very popular on facebook, but flop on twitter or vice versa. We’ve got guides for embedding your quiz into a facebook tab and into a wordpress post to make thing easier.

So that’s it. Create a great quiz in just five minutes and use it to get more optins for your site. You can get started now at and if you have any questions at all just email Happy quizzing!



Make Your Own Quiz For Free

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