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A style quiz will help you quickly figure out your style. Just answer some questions, and find out if your style is boho or classic, for example. 

In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to make a style quiz and share it with your friends. But I won’t stop there. 

Here’s what I’ll cover:

Let’s go.

Why do people want to know their personal style?

Some people don’t care about their style. They wear the same clothes every day to avoid having to choose between outfit A or outfit B.

Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg, among others, are considered the pioneers of this trend. Matilda Kahl, an art director, wrote an essay titled “Why I Wear the Exact Same Thing to Work Every Day” to explain her decision. 

But most of us aren’t interested in adopting a monotonous wardrobe. And others who’ve tried have failed miserably.

In her essay “I Tried to ‘Steve Jobs’ My Wardrobe and Hated It,” author Iman Balagam described her experience repeating outfits as feeling “lost and devoid of personality.” She wrote:

And while simplifying my decision-making process has made time for more productivity, do I really need to be more productive? Why can’t we enjoy things for the sheer joy it brings, rather than the result (or lack of) it yields.

[…] I did not realize that my self-esteem would take a hit if my outsides no longer matched my insides.

And Balagam isn’t the only person who finds herself through fashion and style. Mecca James-Williams, a stylist and contributing editor for The Zoe Report, who has dressed stars including Solange Knowles, former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, and Orange Is the New Black’s Samira Wiley, shared:

I’m a strong advocate for personal style because it’s a way that you can strengthen your relationship with yourself. Outside of just looking good, it’s another avenue in which you can practice self-care, self-love.

Most of us want to find our style because style is more than what we wear. It’s more than being comfortable in our favorite outfit.

In a study on dress and identity, dress scholars Mary Ellen Roach-Higgins and Joanne B. Eicher found that clothing is about how we live and share our personal stories with the world. 

They wrote:

We have explored the relation of dress, as a means of communication, to the process whereby individuals establish identities and selves and attribute identities to others. […] dress has a certain priority over verbal discourse in communicating identity since it ordinarily sets the stage for subsequent verbal communication. 

The type of clothes you wear—and the kinds of accessories you use to either jazz them up or tone them down—as Roach and Eicher defined it, sends nonverbal cues to other people. It shows how much power you wield, how much influence you have, how smart you are, and how much you earn. 

More than anything, style is a taste of your inner self. Psychology Today explained: 

Style if a little excursion into self-expression through clothes. It is self-knowledge and self-confidence expressed through what you choose to wear, a life-affirming expression of your character and spirit. […] Fashion comes from outside. Style comes from within. […] Fashion is surface. Style is substance. 

Harmonizing what you wear with how you feel is a celebration of your history, memories, love, and appreciation. It encourages a sense of great personal pride. 

And that’s the reason why most of us want to find our style. We want to express ourselves through our style—a journey always worthwhile taking.

So, what is the quickest and simplest way for you to find your style? Let’s move on to find the answer.  

Why you should take a style quiz

Google “how to find my style,” and you’ll receive billions of search results in less than a minute. 

There is a ton of advice out there to guide you through figuring out your style. Here is the typical pattern:

  1. Pull your favorite items out of your closet. Think about why you love them. 
  2. Observe family, friends, and people around you for fashion inspiration. Spend time on Instagram and Pinterest to learn how celebrities and those you follow dress. Capture photos or download all the images of the styles with which you most aline. 
  3. Put the images on a mood board. Choose images that make you feel great and keep them on your phone, so you can look at them when you’re shopping. 
  4. Experiment with your current wardrobe and add unique pieces that show off your style personality. 

Sounds pretty easy, right?

But there is a problem with the above method: It takes a lot of time and effort. Even worse, you may face decision fatigue because there are so many pictures on Pinterest and Instagram, which can lead to confusion. 

There must be a better way. 

There is! It’s called a style quiz. 

A style quiz includes seven to ten questions ranging from your favorite skirt to what you often listen to or where you want to go for your next trip. These questions are designed to help people pinpoint their style. 

Here is an excellent style quiz created with Interact quiz builder.

With a style quiz, you’ll no longer go down a Pinterest rabbit-hole trying to figure out what your personal style is. You also won’t need to spend months pinning pictures of outfits you like but will never wear.

Just take the quiz, choose your answers carefully, and then boom, you’ll know your style. In minutes! 

Types of style quizzes

Style quizzes, just like clothing and accessories, come in different varieties. 

Here are five popular style quizzes you can find on the internet: 

1. Personal style quiz

Your style refers to the particular way you express yourself, whether through clothing, writing, or interior design.

In the fashion world, “style” is usually shorthand for “personal style,” or how individuals express themselves through aesthetic choices such as their clothing, accessories, hairstyle, makeup, and the way they put an outfit together. 

For example: 

Some ideas for your first personal style quiz:

  • How Trendy Are You?
  • What Kind of Fashionista Are You?
  • Do You Have a Good Sense of Style?
  • A Black Dress and a Floral Print Dress: Which One Is Right for You?
  • Should You Choose Dresses With a Pop of Color for Your Wedding?

2. Clothes style quiz

A clothes style quiz (also a fashion style quiz) helps you choose a clothing style that suits you most. For example:

Some ideas for your first fashion style quiz:

  • Take Our 60-second Quiz to Find Your Perfect Leggings
  • Is Your Style Minimalist or Eclectic?
  • What Jacket Fits Your Personality? 
  • This Free Quiz Reveals How Your Floral Dress Should Look 
  • Are You Dressing Appropriately for Your Body Shape?

3. Makeup style quiz

There are so many makeup products out there, but only some of them are right for you and your style. A makeup style quiz will help you discover what kind of makeup look suits you. 

Some ideas for your first makeup style quiz:

  • Find Your Perfect Lip Color
  • What’s Your Perfect Eyelash Style? 
  • What Eyebrow Shape Is Best for You?
  • What Nail Art Should I Get? 

4. Jewelry style quiz

Does nothing in your jewelry box go well together? Or maybe you want to try the latest jewelry style but worry you’ll make the wrong choice and regret your decision?

One way to identify what style of jewelry you’ll most likely enjoy for years to come is to take a jewelry style quiz, like this one:

Here are some ideas for your first jewelry style quiz:

  • What Is Your Engagement Ring Style?
  • What Kind of Bracelet Are You?
  • Which Next Piercing Should You Get?
  • What’s Your Perfect Diamond Shape? 

5. Handbag style quiz

Gone are the days when only women love handbags. Men are now obsessed with handbags, too. As Andrew J. Blecher, a spokesman for Saks Fifth Avenue in Chevy Chase, Maryland, and proud owner of three man-bags, explained, “It goes hand-in-hand with the idea of the ‘metrosexual’—the guy who’s well-dressed, who’s well-groomed, who knows what it means to take care of himself.”

A handbag style quiz—like the one below—will be useful to everyone in the market for a new handbag.

image9 25 1
Source: Awessories

Some ideas for your first handbag style quiz:

  • What Does Your Handbag Say About Your Overall Style?
  • What Do Your Handbag Preferences Reveal About Your Personality Traits?
  • Free Quiz: Which Handbag Matches Perfectly With Your Color Palette? 

Now, let’s learn how to make a style quiz. 

4 tips for creating a compelling style quiz 

To create a style quiz, you’ll need an Interact account. If you don’t have one, click here to sign up now.

Interact sets you up to create a quiz from scratch or customize a premade template. When you access the Interact quiz builder, you’ll see something like this:

image7 32

On this dashboard, you’ll find many tools to create your style quiz. Here are just a few of those tools, for example:

  • Add a quiz cover, questions, and answers
  • Insert images as questions or answers
  • Choose design elements, like fonts and colors
  • Customize how your quiz is shared across social networks
  • Use lead generation features to turn your quiz into a lead-generating machine 

When creating your style quiz, remember to follow these tips: 

1. Pay attention to the quiz cover 

The quiz cover is the first thing people see when they take your quiz. They will judge your quiz by its cover, so ensure you make it as compelling as possible. 

In the Interact quiz builder, your quiz cover will include the quiz title, cover image, a short description, and the call to action (CTA) button (AKA the “Take Quiz” button).

The quiz title

Your quiz title appears in larger text above the quiz cover image. There is no rule about length, but quiz titles are typically brief. Check out the cover of “What’s Your Beauty Style,” for example. 

image5 26 2

The quiz title gives you a chance to reinforce your message. Highlight what people will get from taking your quiz or just state exactly what the quiz is. 

Quiz title tips:

  • Always add a quiz title. If you leave it out, the “Untitled Quiz” default title will be used, making your quiz unprofessional and untrustworthy.
  • Don’t simply write “Personal Style Quiz” or “Dress Style Quiz.” People have probably seen a version of this already; a vague or generic title won’t differentiate or enhance your quiz. You can include those phrases into your quiz title but try to tweak them. For example, instead of “Sunscreen Style Quiz,” use “Take This Personal Style Quiz to Find Your Ideal Sunscreen.”
  • Your title should be consistent with other parts of the quiz cover.  
  • Use tools like CoSchedule’s headline analyzer to mathematically and creatively structure strong, high-performing, and attention-grabbing titles.

Need inspiration to make your first quiz tile? Check out 50 quiz ideas and titles for every industry.

The quiz cover image

Visuals are what grab our attention. Use an eye-catching cover image for your quiz. 

When searching for a cover image, remember your image must be relevant to the people viewing it. If your image doesn’t resonate with your audience, it’s unlikely they’ll take your quiz, let alone share it with others. 

Here is an excellent quiz cover image from Healthnut Nutrition:

image3 7 1

Why this cover image works:

  • It includes a real person’s face, which is effective because individual cells in our brain fire only when we see a face
  • The woman in the image looks as though she’s contemplating something, connecting the image to the quiz title. 
  • The background image provides good contrast with the otherwise neutral colors. 

Irrelevant images reduce people’s trust in your quiz, the quiz results, and your business. 

For more tips about designing a perfect quiz cover image, check out these articles:

The short quiz description

The third part of your quiz cover is the quiz description. Here is an example:

image6 24 2

Get the most from your quiz description by:

  • Adding specific details, such as a quiz teaser. If you’re recommending products or offer discounts on the results page, mention it here.
  • Keeping it short but sweet to entice people to take your quiz immediately. 
  • Creating some sense of urgency and social proof, if possible. For example, “Over 5,000 people have already taken this quiz to find their style. What are you waiting for?” Or, “Take this quiz to discover your fashion style and get a 30% coupon code in your next order. The deal is about to end—Take the quiz right now!”

The CTA button

Site browsers usually ignore generic CTA buttons, like “Take Quiz.” 

Get creative and make your quiz CTA button high-converting. For example, use power words like “Now” to create a sense of urgency or “Free” to trigger emotional responses

Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Take This Quiz Now
  • Take This Free Quiz
  • Let’s Do This/Let’s Start 
  • Find/Discover/Reveal Your Style
  • Find/Discover/Reveal Your Personality 

2. Write text questions with image answers 

If you use only text for your quiz questions and answers, it may backfire.


Because we have short attention spans and tend to be lazy. Using too much text can overwhelm people, who then won’t continue with your quiz. Too much text can also make your quiz look cluttered and unappealing. 

To avoid this, combine text questions and image answers. You’ll reduce text while ensuring people understand your question and answer options.

Look at the below quiz created by blogger Jessica F. Walker. There is no need to use text in her quiz answers because the images alone convey the meaning. 

image1 42 1

You can also use GIFs to make your fashion quiz fun. Beauty by Earth did an excellent job of applying this technique. 


3. Ask real-life questions 

Ask quiz-takers the questions they want to answer. 

Think of an actual person who you’d like to take your quiz; for example, maybe it’s a specific friend of yours. Then, write the questions for that person. 

Once you’ve created your style quiz, send the quiz to that friend and ask them if your questions helped them find their personal style.

If you want more tips for asking the right questions, check out these article:

4. Create a high-converting result page 

The result page is where you reveal a quiz-taker’s style. It’s also a great place to recommend products, link to relevant articles, or encourage quiz-takers to share your quiz. 

To optimize the result page, keep these points in mind:

Recommended reading: How to Create Quiz Result Landing Pages That Dazzle Your Audience.

By now, you’ve created the perfect style quiz to share with your friends. Time to party!

Pro tip: If you want to collect quiz-takers’ email addresses, add an opt-in form to your quiz, or implement marketing techniques to promote your quiz. Check out the below tutorials. 

Style quiz FAQs

Here are quick answers to common questions about style quizzes. 

How do I make a quiz that will help someone improve their personal style?

Sign up for an Interact account. Then, follow the tips in this tutorial to create your quiz. If you need more help, talk to our certified consultants. They’ll assist you with quiz strategy, quiz content creation, email follow-ups, and social media marketing.

How do I make a quiz that will help someone find their personal style?

Create a personal style quiz and then share the quiz with them. It’s as simple as that!

What does it mean for someone to find their “fashion personality”?

Finding your fashion personality means you know:

  • How to put outfits and accessories together
  • What to wear for your lifestyle
  • What outfit and accessories to pick based on how you’re feeling
  • How to save yourself from a style rut
  • How to show off your identity through what you wear

What are the different types of fashion styles?

Fashion styles have different types, for example: 

  • Vintage style: A culmination of fashion from the 20s to the 70s. It can be flapper dresses, pinup clothing, retro swimwear, or indie clothing. 
  • Bohemian style: A non-traditional style that uses extravagant and wild patterns on exotic textures. 
  • Chic style: A style characterized by being trendy and fashionable. Strong colors, which aren’t extravagant, go hand-in-hand with this style.
  • Artsy style: A non-traditional style that invokes the independent creativity of a person. 
  • Sexy style: It’s all about showing off your best features. 
  • Casual style: A combination of elegance with comfort. 

How do I create a style quiz for free? 

It’s simple: Use the Interact quiz builder. Interact offers a forever-free plan that allows you to create unlimited quizzes with full access to over 800 quiz templates

Also, if you want to try premium features, Interact offers a 14-day risk-free trial. Get your Interact account here

What is the best free online quiz-maker?

Interact quiz builder! Over 55,000 companies have worked with us—Eventbrite, edX, Forbes, American Red Cross, HelloFresh, to name a few. 

Give Interact a try, and you’ll know why these companies chose us over other quiz sites.  

How can someone use clothes to show off their personality?

First, you should take a fashion style quiz to find your personal style. After that, you’ll have a clear image and description of your style. Use it to organize your wardrobe and whenever you go shopping. 

How can someone use clothes to improve their appearance?

Here are some tips:

  • Understand your personal style and dress to reflect it
  • Feel free to mix items but keep them aligned with each other  
  • Wear outfits that are suitable for a particular event 
  • Dare to experiment and find some colors that express your personality
  • Don’t forget accessories like watches, belts, and bracelets 

Create your style quiz now!

There you have it—everything you need to know about style quizzes and how to make one. It’s time to create your quiz with Interact and share it with your friends. 

Don’t forget to post the quiz on your social media accounts so your followers can also use it to find their personal style.

Happy quiz-building!

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