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Create a style quiz using Interact Quiz Maker

One of the original quiz examples I always used to cite was the ones you’d see printed on the back of Cosmopolitan Magazines. Those quizzes were so popular that people have told me they used to buy Cosmo just to take the quiz.

A theme Cosmo used to run with a lot was the “What’s Your Style?” quiz, which had a lot of variations.

“What’s Your Jewelry Style?”

“What’s Your Makeup Style?”

“What’s Your Decorating Style?”

“What’s Your Fashion Style?”

And so on. These quizzes have an amazing appeal because they promise to let you know what best fits your unique personality in one avenue or another. They are also the perfect segue into selling products because all you have to do is say “Now you know your style, here are some products to buy that match your personal style.”

I’ve had the unique privilege of seeing 1000′s of these style quizzes over the years, and based on all those examples, plus a bunch of internal number-crunching we’ve done, here is our recommendation on how to create your own style quiz to sell products and build your email list.

Quiz Cover

The first part of your quiz that people will see when they take it is the cover. In this case the “Don’t judge a book by its cover” rule does not apply, because people will for sure judge your style quiz by its cover. Not to worry though, we’ve got you covered, here’s exactly what to put on the cover.

1. The quiz title

There’s really only one quiz title to rule them all (sorry, had to throw in a Lord of The Rings reference). The title template is “Which (Blank) are You?” and it comes in many flavors. You can do “Which Engagement Ring are You?” or “Which Celebrity Fashion Style Fits Your Personality?” or “Which Makeup Brand is Your Soul Mate?”

There are so many ways to go with it, but the key is to make the quiz about the person who is taking it, so having it in the format of “Which (Blank) are You?” is perfect because it promises to tell people exactly the type of whatever it is that your quiz is about.

Pro Tip: Need help determining your title? check out our list of quiz titles you can use

2. The quiz cover photo

There are two routes you can go with your cover photo, they work equally well, so it’s up to you on which one you like better.

Option 1: Use a photo of one person. We did a study and found that people click on quizzes with a cover photo featuring one person more than any other type of photo. This is for all quizzes built on interact, and style quizzes in particular

Option 2: Use a high quality product photo. Like the photo below, you can use a nice product photo as the cover of your quiz and we’ve found that to be equally effective to the one person smiling cover photo.

3. The quiz short description

Below the cover photo of your quiz on the first screen there is a short description that tells people what the quiz is about. I’ve got a hack for you on how to write this short description that will get more people to start taking your quiz.

Here it is. You start by saying “Are you more of a (blank) or a (blank)?” where the blanks are two different outcomes of your quiz. So it would be like “Are you more of a Ruby or an Emerald?” if you were doing a gemstone quiz. Then you say something snarky like “It’s super important that you find out, there are a ton of practical things in your life that depend on it…” So it’s sort of a joke, but also will always get people curious enough to start taking your quiz.

4. The “Take Quiz” button

I always leave this as “Take Quiz” because that’s what people are here for (you can change the text if you want, though). Don’t forget to change the button color to match your call to action buttons on your site as well.

style cover

Questions Part 1

I’ve dedicated three parts to the quiz questions section because it’s so incredibly important that you get this right. Quiz questions are your opportunity to get to know the person on the “other side of the internet” and establish a connection with them so they’ll want to opt-in to your list and also so that they’ll take your product recommendations and actually buy something later.

Pro Tip #1 – Write Text Questions with Image Answers

I put this first because as long as you follow this one it’s actually pretty hard to mess up your quiz questions. The reason for setting it up this way is because we process images extremely fast, whereas text is more difficult to read and comprehend, especially if you have 6 or so options for each question, that’s 7 things to read…but if you have a text question with image answer it’s only one thing to read and 6 things to look at, which is much easier to process.

Bonus: You should write a total of 7 questions with 6 answers choices per question. This is the optimal amount of questions and answers because it will take people about 2 minutes to complete, which is the perfect amount of time to get someone very interested in seeing their results, but it’s not so long that they’ll get bored and leave.

style question 1

Pro Tip #2 – Ask Real-Life Questions

Ask questions as if you were sitting with someone in real life. I know sometimes that is hard to do, so here’s a trick to get it done. Think of an actual person who you’d like to have take your quiz, like a friend or a client, and write the questions to that person. Then when you are done writing the quiz questions, send the quiz to that person and ask them if they can tell that you wrote it. If they can tell you wrote it you did a good job and put your personality into the quiz questions, if they can’t tell then you should up the personality level of the quiz questions and make sure to let loose a little more.

style question 2

Pro Tip #3: Follow the Tipsy Rule

You know when you go to get a glass of wine with a friend and after you’ve had a bit to drink you start to get more real with each other and then the conversation gets interesting? That’s what you want to aim for with your quiz questions. Ask them as you would if you had a bit to drink and are being candid with your questions. A quiz is supposed to be fun, and if you get stuck being overly professional, your quiz takers will just click away and go back to Facebook scrolling or watching dog videos.


style question 3

Opt-in Form

After someone answers all the questions of your quiz, you’ll have the option to show them an opt-in form that connects to your email list so your quiz will help build your email list. On quizzes these opt-in forms average a 50% conversion rate, meaning that half of the people who see them will get on your list, and email subscribers are worth an average of more than $1 each in the style industry, so that’s a lot of money sitting on the table if you don’t use the quiz to collect emails.

So here’s how to craft an opt-in form that gets you a 50% opt-in rate.

1. Tell people they get to see their style right away. You should make it clear that if someone opts-in they get to see their style right away. Too often quizzes make you wait to see your outcome, and in a world of instant gratification it’s hyper-important to make sure people know they get to see their results immediately if they do you the honor of opting in to your list.

2. Give people an incentive beyond just seeing their results (a discount on selected products or personalized product recommendations). The simplest way is just saying “You get a discount on recommended products” or at the very least “We’ll send you personalized product picks based on your personality.” Both of which are awesome incentives that are well-worth opting-in for.

3. Let people skip the opt-in if they aren’t interested. Think about it this way – you walk into a clothing store and they say “We’ll give you 10% off if you get on our email list.” You say “No Thanks” and they say “Okay then, you can’t buy anything here.” How absurd is that interaction? But in reality that’s the same thing as requiring people to opt-in to your list. Leave it optional.

style opt in


After someone opts-in to your list, or skips the opt-in form to go straight to their results, you get the opportunity to reveal someone’s style personality as well as link out to relevant products or articles for that person. These are my recommendations for optimizing this opportunity and getting the most social shares from people who take your quiz.

1. Keep it up-lifting. Did you know that the most shared emotions are positive ones? Especially when it comes to anything about yourself, people are much more willing to share on social media if the share makes them look good in front of their friends (which makes perfect sense).

Now you might ask, how do I make sure every single result is positive?

2. Be concise. 3-4 sentences is enough. Since 50% of your quiz takers will take the quiz on their phones, you want to make sure you don’t overwhelm anyone by being to verbose.

3. Link out to relevant products. Call to Action buttons in quiz results have 10% average click-through, meaning that if a hundred people take your quiz, 10 of them will go check out their product recommendations if you include a link for that. Combine that with the fact that personalized product recommendations sell 230% better than non-personalized ones and you have a recipe for making a lot of money, but only if you put a link in those results!

style results


You can embed your quiz right into your website using an iframe code, just like you would with a YouTube video. This allows you to take full ownership of the quiz experience, and if people want to take your quiz they’ll have to come to your website where they’ll see your other product offerings and incentives. If you need some assistance on this step, check out our guide on how to embed your quiz.

style embed


Interact has some built-in options for promoting your quiz and getting it in front of the right audiences. Check them out below.

1. Popup on your website

When I used to work at a Pinterest marketing agency and went on a ton of fashion websites, I saw first-hand the power of the popup. Many brands were converting 10% of visitors into subscribers. Now you can use a quiz as a popup, like the example below. You can also set a timer to determine how long after someone is on a page they see they popup.


2. Announcement Bar on Website

If you’re looking for a less-intrusive option on your site you can use the announcement bar for your quiz. I like this one because it doesn’t get in the way but it still draws attention and is very effective for list building.


3. Facebook ad:

Want $0.10 subscribers from Facebook? Use a quiz. That’s all I can tell you, we hear so many stories from our customers who are getting new subscribers from Facebook for absurdly low costs using quizzes. When you make your ad it should emulate exactly what your quiz looks like and you can disable the cover photo of your quiz so when someone clicks the ad and lands on your quiz they’re taken straight to the questions.

facebook ad style

In Conclusion:

Style quizzes are a part of society at this point. They can be used for drawing people into your brand, list building, and selling more products. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure exactly how to do that, and hopefully this guide is helpful in pointing you in the right direction to get started.

Make your own style quiz using Interact Quiz Maker

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