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All examples in this article are from interact quiz maker

Before we begin I want to clarify what a “This or That” quiz actually is. It’s the type of quiz where you are presented with two options and then are asked to choose the right one or the best one.

In this article I’ll show you how to create one of those quizzes you can use for your own brand.

To help make this a bit simpler I’ll focus on two types of “This or That” quizzes so we can see how each works.

The two types are.

1. “Which Food Is Healthier?”

2. “Which Style Do You Prefer?”

The first type here is one where each question actually has a correct answer (one of the food types is actually healthier in each question), in the second type there is no correct answer and it is simply asking for preferences.

Part 1: Making a “This or That” quiz where each question has a correct answer.

The first example of “Which food is healthier?” is setup such that each question actually has a correct answer. In the interact quiz builder this type of quiz is called an “assessment” and after you create a new quiz that’s the type you’ll select.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 9.19.18 PM


Once you get in the builder you’ll create a new question on the left sidebar and then create one of your “This or that” questions. I’m doing one here that asks whether an english muffin or a bagel is healthier for you.

Screen Shot 2018-07-02 at 9.25.16 PM


You’ll be able to indicate which answer is correct and then provide an explanation of why the correct answer is the right one. You can then provide an explanation of why the correct answer is the right one (did you know that one half of a bagel is the same amount of calories as an entire english muffin?)

set correct

Here’s what that will look like on the quiz, you’ll be able to show whether someone got it right or wrong and then provide the explanation all on the same dialogue.

correct answer

For the results of this type of quiz, you can show different outcomes based on how many of the answers someone gets right. You can then provide a call to action button that is unique to each result and points to a page on your website that can provide more information for the person based on their level of expertise.


Optional feature: You can set up your quiz to collect email addresses and grow your email list by adding an email capture form that comes up after the last question but before the results are shown.

optin form

Part 2: Making a “This or That” quiz where each question does not have a correct answer (opinion)


In the interact quiz builder this will be done under a “personality” type quiz, which mainly means that the outcome of the quiz is based on the “personality” that you choose the most answers correlating to.¬†personality

So if I want to make a “Take this quiz and we’ll find your ideal style” quiz where every question asks for my preferences and then the outcome shows me my style, let’s walk through setting that up. When you set up a question you’ll be able to add images representing each answer choice.


Then you can set up correlations to your results based on which answer choice someone chooses on the quiz.


You can also set up your quiz results to show the personality and have a unique call to action linking to products or recommendations based on that personality.


Optional Feature: You can ask people for an email address in order to reveal their results.


All examples in this article are from interact quiz maker


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