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There has never been another time in the history of the world where it has been so easy to travel wherever you want. Of course some places are cheaper and closer than others, but the fact of the matter is that you could visit anywhere in the world with about a day of travel. That’s pretty spectacular.

I’m a huge travel buff, and love going near and far to get my fix of different places and cultures. I just wrapped up planning my honeymoon that is slated for the summer, and right when I started thinking of where I might want to go I was bombarded with far too many places to try to slim down. I figured there are so many different places in the world with completely different experiences, how could you find out where you might want to go if you’re open to almost anything?

A quiz is a perfect solution to this problem, and in the eyes of a travel company this could lead your next client booking a destination with you that they have been suggested to visit through this quiz. Well, how do you go about making a quiz such as this and what kind of questions could you ask?

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If we’re going to go about this in the right way, our goal should be to match the personality of the quiz taker to a destination. We basically want to assign a few destinations to a certain personality, and then in turn write out a few questions that can make a general statement about our user to properly match them up. Another great idea is matching an action with a location, such as ‘eat you way through Parisian cuisine!’ or ‘ride elephants through the jungles of Thailand’ to make the result a bit more intriguing.

So we need to make some classic personality question examples, but also add a travel twist so the questions aren’t so random. Here are five different questions I came up with that match these criteria, and we’ll talk about their different answers you can choose from below. But first, take the quiz for yourself and see where you should travel!

1. What is your ideal activity when traveling?
2. What color attracts you the most?
3. Where will we find you in your hometown?
4. Your perfect day consists of…
5. What’s your favorite type of food?

Let’s talk about some creative answers we can come up with through these questions.

In number one, this is a pretty straightforward question and can give us a large insight into what this person might want to do. Some good base answers might be sitting on the beach, hiking, eating, having a full night’s sleep or adventuring. Each of these answers gives a pretty straightforward description that could run through the users head, and I would say it’s pretty easy to just pick one. But just stating those answers might not be the most interesting way to answer the question, so let’s tag these answers with a bit of a unique travel twist. Here are the answers I came up with:

-I’ve always wanted to ride an elephant
-Don’t bother me, I’ll be reading and relaxing
-Throw me in the water with the sea life!
-When’s lunch? Dinner? I want the local eats.

Each of these answers gives a little different unique perspective, and they aren’t just a boring ‘I like eating’ or ‘I like snorkeling.’ They show a bit more personality than that, which is definitely a good thing.

Question number two, ah yes the simple one asking for a favorite color. Why should we ask this? Well the goal here is to see if we can relate it to a certain area or activity. So we could relate blue back to the ocean, or green to the jungle or forest, orange or yellow to the beach and red to some festive food. This is one of those classic personality quiz questions, but we’re actually going to add some text on top of it to further help our readers pinpoint what they should answer.

-Blue like the deep blue sea
-Green as the trees, please
-The sun is yellow
-I like my steaks red in the center

These different statements call for an answer to the original question, but ask it in a bit more of a creative way that actually might sway our readers to help us out a little bit in deciding what we should pair each answer to.


Question number three, the hometown information. We could take a couple of different approaches to this question, but I’m thinking we want to learn more about what this person likes to do and help match that to what they may like while traveling.

-Right in the water surfing!
-At my local coffee shop with a great book
-Up in the hills on a relaxing hike
- Cozied up at home watching my favorite TV show

Each of these answers describes a specific action, and the taker of the quiz shouldn’t have a tough time figuring out which one they would want to be doing the most at home. This allows us to gain some key info on their personality that will help us match with a travel location.

Question number four asks the user to describe their perfect kind of day. I won’t lie, this is a tough one to try to nail down. Basically the goal here is to create four different scenarios to match four different personalities, yet make it short and concise. Here’s what I came up with when I took a shot at it.

-With my best friends doing basically anything
-Just put me anywhere outside, I’ll be fine
-Cooking or going out, I’d love to be surrounded by food
-I don’t need to leave my home, I’m happy just relaxing here

Each of these items can give us yet another clue into the individual’s personality, and mainly what type of traveler they may be. This could help us opt someone as more of an outdoorsy and go-get-it type, or someone that might stick around the grounds of the hotel and relax type. This is definitely information we’ll want if we’re looking to match them up with a location and an activity.

And finally question number five, asking us about food. This could be a no brainer to what location we would pin him or her, so here are some easy answers.

-Sushi all night!
-I love my Thai food
-Any type of BBQ!
-That Euro cuisine please

I feel like I don’t quite need to get into which destinations each of these foods relate to or why I chose them, so I’ll let you figure that out.

Alright so we have the questions nailed down, but what are our four destinations you can get? Let’s break down the four different personality types we are getting from the quiz and match them to a location.


For the adventurer – Thailand. There is plenty to do here when it comes to the outdoors, including riding elephants, kayak rides on the ocean or in the rivers, or beautiful hikes to local peaks. Thailand is a fantastic country to visit for the adventure type.


The culinary explorer – Japan. Alright, so you may have thought I through a curveball there, shouldn’t we be talking Europe if we’re going with food? Well my locations this time around are leaning towards Asia a bit, and Japan has wonderful cuisine that is unique from sea life all the way to delicious BBQ. Many different cities in the country offer a wide variety of food, which is why I have no issues with suggesting that you eat your way through Japan.


The relaxing classic – Hawaii. Yup, pretty self explanatory. If you’re looking to hang with yourself or your significant other and just chill by the beach with not much to do, then Hawaii is your go to place. Now don’t get me wrong, there exists plenty of adventure on the island, but it is quite the destination for just posting up and taking it easy.


And finally for the quieter traveler – Sweden. Yup, this one might be a curveball to you, but Sweden offers some unbelievably pleasant cities with amazing atmospheres. Delicious food, massive public parks and incredible coffee leads me to believe that Sweden might be one of the most peaceful and relaxing places I’ve ever visited. I would easily recommend it to anyone looking to try get away from his or her life a bit and find your niche coffee shop or park bench by the lake to relax and breathe easy.

So what we’ve done is nailed down a personality that can be discovered with just five easy questions, and matched them up with destinations in which they follow suit. This was an incredibly easy quiz to make, and could be really useful to find out where someone might want to go based on what interests them. We could also easily follow up with them with more information on their destination, especially if we collected their email at the end of the quiz.

Using quizzes on a travel site creates a fun, engaging way for us to give advice to a user in a no pressure way. That’s why I love the avenue that quizzes can take in this context; it really illustrates great advice in a simple way.

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